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David Horowitz: "People Called Liberal Today Are Vindictive Bigots" | Huckabee

David Horowitz: "People Called Liberal Today Are Vindictive Bigots" | Huckabee

dated in 1968 things were pretty bad pretty divided in this country I must tell you that I remember it well our things worse now than they were in 1968 or is it just that we have 24/7 cable coverage and social media that makes it seem worse far worse they're just far worse I couldn't imagine when I was a radical in the 60s supporting a terrorist jew-hating organization like Hamas but the left does that I couldn't imagine conducting an attack on white people which the left is in full throat doing now back then the problem is and the other reason that it's much worse is that the left has gone for 50 years through the institution's so you know they dominate the media our schools are gone our schools our indoctrination and recruitment centers for the far left I mean they're teaching kindergartners and first-graders that white people have skin privilege as though black people don't have skin privilege I mean it's ridiculous so I think the things you know to be they're the only bright spot is you know what Trump is unleashed that finally Republicans and conservatives are actually fighting back and not you know apologizing for being who they are well you do have some Republicans apologizing this week john boehner said there's not a republican party anymore trump party i mean i was appalled by some and shocked by what was your reaction to what but boehner was trying to say I'm thinking this is a this is the problem with the bushes this was a problem that was shown in the Republican primaries yeah they think that never Trump errs think Trump is the problem but that's because Trump you know Trump has won ideologies as I see it which is that he's a patriot he doesn't want this country shortchanged in trade he doesn't want it vulnerable to enemies he doesn't want our borders porous so that we'll lose our country I mean these were all really good things he's willing to stand up for them you indicated that leftist today true liberals are not just liberals from the 60s and more of them there is a radically different content in the mindset of the left today than I was the 60s people who are called liberals today are vindictive bigots is what they are they Christians they white people they hate America Obama hated how could a president deliver to a regime that is chanting whose leaders are chanting death to America I was killed 3,000 Americans two hundred billion dollars in a path to nuclear weapons you know but nobody nobody called him on to account really when he betrayed every American who died in Iraq by pulling us out entirely and opening the whole Middle East Isis no Republicans said this is this is what a traitor does this is treason you know of course if you're a politician you have to have some art to what you're doing but you need to be confrontational I mean I was struck during the campaign when Trump debated Hillary in front of 70 million people and looked her in the eye and said you are a liar and a crook now there's no which he is both but there's no other Republican in the universe who would that would have done that you mentioned earlier about education that our schools you said are gone if you were advising young parents a day what educational options and alternatives would you suggest that they should take for the sake of their children there are very few schools where you can just send your kids and get them back after the four years however a lot depends first on you know the subjects if you're going into mathematics or biology or any hard science things are pretty much okay if you you need to connect with the conservative groups on campus you know you need to have a strong backing from the home and then you can survive it but it's really it's horrendous they purged conservatives from faculties there is rare as unicorns on any university faculty they purge conservative books from the required reading lists they changed the fields I mean you know I'm going to speak at Santa Cruz they have a feminist Studies department that's that scholarship that's not academic that's just ideological training and all women's studies are that anyway and they you know black conservative speakers I mean you you have to go to campus with well I can't speak University of California Berkeley I've been barred twice from doing that so they've eliminated the intellectual debate look first of all everything is converted into something racial like the Starbucks there's no evidence that there was anything racial and what went on in Starbucks two very large men came in we're told by a smaller female manager that the policy of Starbucks is that you have to if you want to use the bathroom you have to buy something and they defied her and she got frightened and called the police welcome on the campus of the University of California but you are always going to be welcome on this show it is a delight having you here thank you so much and I seriously look forward to having you back soon Thank You governor [Applause] all right thanks the david horowitz for being a kind of modern-day Paul Revere sounding an alarm to Americans that the enemy is at the gate so you better wake up now the black book of the American left volume 9 ruling ideas is the ninth and last in a series of his collected works you can find them all and a whole lot more at Horowitz Freedom Center dot org

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  1. When a group needs to riot, threaten others, assault elderly and children have but one thing, power and control. The Constitution doesn't stop the left, it protests them. Hopefully, the followers of the left will see the failures and reasons to stop their behavior.

    Dear GOD… Open the eyes, ears and minds of those who have been lied to and led astray, bring them back to love, liberty and freedom to be all that they can be… Please Dear LORD… WE ASK THESE THINGS IN THE NAME OF YOUR SON JESUS CHRIST…AMEN and AMEN…

  3. Love both Hukabee and Horowitz! Great American heroes! Our troops fight for our republic abroad, and these men fight to keep our Constitutional rights and freedoms here at home! God bless all of our troops and our voices of truth here at home!

  4. David Horowitz's life experiences and writings, lectures and interviews covering the past 50 years in the US have changed my worldview perhaps more than anyone else. I am a different man, a former leftist who thought he was a 'liberal', after examining my thoughts and understanding of the society around me thanks to him. I owe him a tremendous debt.

  5. How are we sleeping on this do we not have any huevos and speak out on what is right. It is right not right wing it's just right. Wake up….

  6. The left has definetly made its way all the way through the institutions western wide. Horowitz your a legend

  7. Democrats have devolved into commislamics & are an antiAmerican hate group & are dangerous now. And they were able to become this bad because of political correctness/whiteguilting being launched in the West to shut up the opposition. Look at Europe. That's where the left wants to take us. They're THAT insane & brainwashed to hate this country. And David is right. This all starts in the leftist captured school systems. One of the 1st thing Neil Gorsich did was make teaching ISLAM in public schools illegal! The left snuck teaching islam into the schools! And in Cali they're destroying children, as in NY where they are sexualizing children. Look up Drag Queen Storytime as an example to the PC perverted left & what they're doing.

  8. The mainstream media needs to be freed from left wing rich elitist that want to control the narrative. People are settling for lies unfortunately because they're too comfortable

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