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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Donald
Trump and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Trump and Donald Clinton. No matter how you
rearrange their names something is really really wrong with our political system
right now. You know this to be true whether you’re a political junkie or if
you couldn’t name the vice president if your life depended on it. Our broken system churning out
uninspiring candidates, coupled with our broken media that often just repeats
campaign talking points, has given us two broken candidates from two broken
parties competing in a broken election for control of a nation going broke. This isn’t how it was supposed to be nor
is it how it has to be. I don’t particularly like Hillary
Clinton or Donald Trump. Hillary has been involved in the political machine for
the past 30 years at various levels from wife of a governor, to first lady, to
Senator, to Secretary of State and it’s not really clear to me if her
accomplishments outweigh her poor decisions. Nothing she says strikes me as real or
honest, like how she’s constantly railing against wall street while at the same time
taking at least 25 million dollars from Wall Street this campaign cycle alone. At
a time when we’re all frustrated by the system she is the ultimate insider
trying to maintain her grip on power. Add her willful ineptitude at best, or gross
negligence at worst with her emails, her questionable decisions in Iraq and
Libya and the Clinton Foundation’s ties to various foreign governments, and there
is a lot of questions about her campaign. She also constantly plays into the
social justice and oppression Olympics which judges us all as groups rather
than individuals, and a pretty sure you guys know how I feel about that. As for Trump even after all these months
of campaigning I still have no real idea what he thinks about any issue. He seems
to have a staggeringly low amount of knowledge about basic policies or how
the government is designed to work. Do you really think he knows the different
duties of the executive legislative and judicial branches of government? The fact
that I can’t say so for sure that he does is extremely concerning to say least. I
also don’t sense he has any sort of moral Center other than what’s good for
him at the very moment. He will say anything, quite literally anything, to
stay in the news and we simply have no idea how he would govern. His comments
constantly tow the line between fact and fiction, and he seems deeply
uninterested in other opinions than his own. While many think he’ll shatter the
monster of political correctness currently assaulting us it seems like a
tall order for someone who threatens to ban news organizations and sue
reporters when they ask him hard questions, or challenge his statements. So how did we possibly get to a place where everyone I talk to is either
begrudgingly voting for one of these two people or just won’t vote at all? How did we end up with too deeply
unpopular polarizing people who seemingly represent the worst of us as
the only two legitimate candidates for the highest office in the land? It’s probably time we looked in the
mirror and saw our own responsibility in this unfolding clown show. The writing
has been on the wall for years. We watch garbage reality shows, some of them
hosted by future presidential candidates, we read biased listicles full of gifs
instead of actual news articles. We say vicious things to people online that we
would never say to their faces. Our thoughts have been reduced to six second
videos, one hundred hundred and forty character sentences, filtered images, and mindless
snaps. We reward the Kardashians with fame and fortune while we can’t come up
with the money to take care of our veterans. We watch news channels that are
nothing but mouthpieces for the political parties. We shame, and slander
and de-platform people we disagree with. We issue trigger warnings and safe spaces
instead of promoting true education and open discussion. We ask for better
leaders but then we don’t vote on election day. We complain but we don’t
get involved. When you step back and you think about all of this it’s pretty
obvious why we got left with these two candidates. Now allow me to make the
quick case of why you should vote for each one of these people in case you
didn’t think I was going to do that. With Hillary, you know what you’re going to
get. Our system is messed up but she’s part of it and she’s damn well going to
make sure that the wheels don’t come off during her watch. She’s a known quantity in that she cares
about her legacy and she doesn’t want to see the country crumble after spending
her entire life trying to get to this very place. In short if you think things
are going ok it makes sense to vote for Hillary. The
case for Trump is totally the reverse. He’s an unknown quantity andn the system
hates him. He’s giving a voice to middle America that is usually ignored or
mocked by the elite. He represents the greatest threat to this social justice
fiasco infecting all levels of society. he’s used the political system and our
pathetic media against itself. In short, if you think that things are really
messed up and we have to change it at any cost then it absolutely makes sense to vote
for Trump. I for one, despite everything I’ve said here, think that the truth lies
somewhere in between. There is no question that our system is screwed up
but the truth is, it’s still one of the best ones out there and despite our
flaws. Americans have freedoms which make people all over the world envious. People
still look to America as a beacon of light in the world. People still want to
move here, and most of us don’t want to move out. We have an imperfect system but a system
that can and will survive these two imperfect candidates. Some people are
voting for Hillary because they think she’s the last line of defense against
Trump who they liken to Hitler. Some people are voting for Trump because they
think he’s the only way to stop Hillary the Manchurian candidate. What a sad and pathetic state were in. Hillary, a candidate saying she can fix
everything that’s wrong even though it’s her team who’s been in power for the
past eight years, and Trump a man who’s staggering lack of worldly knowledge
outside of his own tiny bubble is somehow considered an asset by his
supporters. Now before I tell you who I’m going to support and why, I want to say
one more thing. Whoever you choose in this election, I’m
actually okay with it. Probably the most important thing I’ve
been fighting for with this show is the ability to agree to disagree. To sit
across from someone and hear their ideas and make your own judgment call. I don’t ask that you agree with my
guests or even myself in this case. I don’t ask that you support who I support,
nor agree with my reasons for supporting them. What I hope for, not ask for, is that
all of us whether you support Hillary or Trump, are able to sit across from people
who support the other person. That regardless of who someone votes for we
realize we have two candidates but one country, and most importantly that people
are able to make different choices than you for different reasons, and that
doesn’t mean they’re mean or evil or even worse – gross and racist. I spent a
lot of time on The Rubin Report talking about the role of government. it’s something so important, yet in our
public discourse we rarely talk about it, even as government gets bigger and
bigger. Both the Democrat and Republican conventions were perfect examples of
this. At the DNC, speaker after speaker talked about how Hillary could solve all
of your problems. I guess she’s had all the answers this
whole time but just forgot to tell them to her old pal Barack. Every speaker,
including Hillary herself, said that she has the answers and that government
under her watch can solve everything. The RNC wasn’t very different though, for
a series of other reasons. Trump and his speakers talked about how corrupt the
system is but their answer was that Trump, and Trump alone could fix it. Immigration? Well only Trump has the
answers. The economy? Only Trump could fix it. Terrorism? Only Trump could keep us safe. In
both cases the answer to everything was bigger government. Your decisions, be
economic or personal, should be given to you by the government. This concept has been creeping on us for
a long time, and now we have two candidates that think they are the only
ones who know how to live your life, even better than you do. There is simply only one way out of this
mess, and I don’t think it involves propping up a broken system or burning
it down altogether. Every election we hear this is the most important election
in a generation, but you know at this time it actually might be true. Despite
everything, we deserve better than this endless battle between Republicans and
Democrats who are more concerned about their grip on power than they are
addressing the needs of the people that they’re supposed to serve. There is only
one way to take the power away from their monopoly over our lives. We must
from this election forward put both the Democrats and the Republicans on notice
that they no longer have a stranglehold on the political process in America. The
only way we can do this is to starve them. We must starve them of our
attention, of our money, and our votes. Their diet must begin right now. For these reasons and some others I’ll
be supporting Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for President the United States. I don’t think Gary is the perfect man
nor the perfect candidate, and I suspect that he doesn’t think he is either – but he’s
sure better than these other two options. As a libertarian, Gary doesn’t want to
tell you who you can marry and what you can smoke. He wants lower taxes and to
empower local, not federal government, which in my view is always a good thing.
He wants to give the power back to the people to control their own lives. He
wants a fair resolution to our immigration problem, and he acknowledges that radical Islam – especially in the form of Sharia law, is a real threat. He
wants a strong military so that we won’t have to use it, not so that we can go on
military adventures and nation build. His blend of being fiscally conservative and
socially liberal is really where I think most people are
ideologically but we just never get the chance to choose it. I do have some
differences with Gary, and the Libertarian Party in and of itself is a
total mess, but i think he best represents the ideals I would want in a
president. Sometimes you have to stand on principle
even when you know the result will be a short-term loss. Now before you guys tell
me I’m throwing my vote away let me lay out a plan here. I think that if you’ve
listened this far you acknowledge that we do have a problem here. Well the only way we’re ever going to
solve this problem is by getting more voices heard, not less. If Gary gets to
fifteen percent in an average of national polls then they have to put him in the
Presidential Debates. Why not have at least one debate with another voice. At the
absolute bare minimum we deserve to hear one different point of view now more
than ever. I don’t need a president to be my savior, but maybe having an
alternative to the two-party strangle hold on American politics is actually what
can save us. The polling maybe antiquated and many only use landlines instead of
cell phones, but I think if there was enough public support to get Gary to
fifteen percent they would have to put him in. I don’t think Gary’s even a particularly
good debater but how about once, just once, for the first time since Ross Perot in
1992 we get a third person on that debate stage. From now until the debates
Gary Johnson has my support. While I acknowledge that he will not be
president, nor do I agree with him on everything I think he best represents
the ideals that I want to see from our government and our president. If we’re
ever going to fix this broken mess we must start now. Let’s show the Democrats
and the Republicans that they don’t own us, but they do owe us. They owe us the
chance to hear more voices because they damn well haven’t done a great job while
they’ve been in charge. If Gary doesn’t hit the fifteen percent threshold or
does one debate and then his support falters I’ll decide what to do at that
time. Regardless, I think that the classical
liberal and libertarian ideals that Gary embodies more than either of the other
two candidates can truly, and should truly, be the future of American politics.
We need a new generation of leaders who believe in these ideas to wake up right
now but it just isn’t going to happen by itself. So let’s put the people in power
on notice and let them know that we won’t be sleeping until 2020. Instead
we’re going to make sure that they know with absolute certainty that this is
their last free ride before the rest of us are heard. Alright, so there you go. Simply by the
math alone I suspect that my choice with have more people angry at me then either of the other two choices could have, but I hope that whether you agree with me or
whether you disagree with me, that you respect the rationale in the logic that
I’ve used to come to my decision. At the end of the day one of these people will
be President and we’re still all going to be here so let’s try to be better
than them, before Canada builds a wall, to keep us all out.

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  1. yes! yes! yesssssssssss!

    first great thing you did was leave TYT.

    second great thing you did was endorse the libertarian platform.

    thank you dave

  2. The problem with Johnson is that, while he is strong and principled on idealogy, he is ignorant on any actual policy and issue. As I always say having an idiot as king is almost as dangerous as having someone who is actually evil. Because the evil can easily take advantage of the idiot.

    Johnson, as much as his heart is in the right place, is also just as ignorant. In fact, he is like a nicer version of Trump in terms of knowledge of how things run… I am Canadian, so I cannot vote anyway. But really, I cannot support any of the candidate. Like John Oliver says, it's not the least of two evils this time, it's the least of FOUR.

  3. I'm writing in Zoltan Istvan, the Transhumanist Party candidate for President. New technologies will make most of the chattering classes' issues obsolete over the next 10 to 20 years.

  4. Dave Rubin: "As a libertarian Garry Johnson wants lower taxes and empower local – not the federal government, fair resolution to our immigration problem, acknowledges that radical Islamic terrorism is a threat, he wants a strong military so that we won't have to use it".

    Have is it different with Donald Trump's policies?

  5. Gary Johnson wants a carbon tax, open borders, a weak military, supports gun control, is a sjw, and Gary is a fake libertarian.
    Trump is not perfect but I'm supporting him because he wants to end globalism and the insane amount of attacks on him show me that he is not bought and paid for and might do what's right.

  6. In my opinion the only reason people like Gary is because they haven’t heard enough bad stuff about him. Trump well……(thanks mainstream media), and Hillary um…(Emails?, Benghazi? freeing child rapist?, ect).

  7. Gary on illegal immigration. I wouldn't call that conservative or libertarian. He is just like Trump who isn't a true Republican. He's just in the party. A vote for Gary is a wasted vote. He will stay at 7%, and has no chance of winning, so I say vote towards the person who you can have a bigger impact on. (Trump, or Hillary)

  8. 100% agree. More candidates not just two, but…. Gary? really? I think he is even more ignorant about the political system then Trump. ("whats a leppo", whos your favourite current leader)

  9. I disagree with your choice, but i understand why you decided to make it and i respect your decision. Personally i like some of his ideas, but he really doesnt have a chance at this point, and he isnt a real libertarian on all aspects. I dont like either of the two main candidates, but i absolutely hate Hitlery Clinton and everything she stands for and all the crimes she's committed. I dont love Trump but he's gonna have to be my pick.

  10. Hi David Rubin. Huge fan of yours because of the objectivity you show most of the time. However I have a huge disagreement on one of the things you said. I do not think that the USA is the most free country in the world by a long shot. I think you could have made that argument 30 years ago but do not at all think you can make that now. This is coming from an American who left over 20 years ago to live in Europe and who comes back from time to time to see family.
    This is confirmed by several studies, especially an extremely detailed one directed by the Cato Institute which puts the USA in 31st place regarding personal freedom (even behind Slovnia) and in 20th place overall.

  11. well stated personal view and you're completely right, agree or disagree, less anger in the process isn't a bad thing.

  12. Gary Johnson doesn't even know who Justin Trudeau is. Or Angela Merkel. FFS Rubin, wake up yourself. Never mind a wall, Trudeau should shoot any Yanks trying to illegally enter Canada. Or sic a rabid beaver on them. Much cheaper.

  13. None of us are suggesting Trump is the only man who can solve our problems. We're suggesting he's the only candidate who even admits we have problems.

  14. I like Dave but he makes some very flawed arguments here, ones that Sam Harris has already shown to be patently absurd. He talks about Hillary saying she can fix everything (which I've never heard her say but maybe she did I don't really like listening to her talk so I can't say for sure) despite "her team" being in power the last 8 years. Kind of a foolish statement to make after suggesting Trump doesn't know how the three branches of government work. The president isn't a king and the congress (and senate as of 2014) are not on "her team".

    Not to mention the dumpster fire they inherited from Bush and his team which had the Presidency, congress and senate for the first 6 years of Bush's terms.

  15. Rubin I'm disappointed in you. Not because you opinion differs from mine, but because you disregard facts, and spread falsehoods. And that's the major problem in American politics, not the inability to agree or disagree, but the willingness to forsake reality.
    Facts that you disregarded but where relevant:
    Things are going well in the USA, production is up, employment and crime are both down. Continuing with the status quo might not be the best option, but it isn't going to hurt.
    Thrumps issues on immigration are expensive and futile (the wall and all).
    Gary Johnson is in favour of citizens united, which allows corporations to fund political campaigns to whatever extend they desire in complete anonymity.
    Falsehoods that you spread:
    Shaira law and radical Islam is not a real threat to the USA. ISIS are indeed radical Muslims, and they indeed desire to hurt America. But the real truth of the matter is that they can't. Over the last 2 decades on average less then 400 American civilians were killed on America soil due to foreign terrorism. That's almost 10 times as low as the annual traffic casualties. Traffic accidents aren't a threat to American government, Nation, or way of life, and neither is terrorism. Claiming otherwise is pandering at best, and fearmongering at worst.
     Honestly shame on you for blaming traditional media for anything while you disregard reality.

  16. How did you end up in an election that is so polarizing? The answer is in the question! You have a two party system, what did you think would happen?

  17. Any objective discussion of the last 8 years of history should mention the complete obstructionism on the part of Republicans. What's more the irrational Republican fabrications to deligetamize the office of the president have done nothing to raise the level of conversation. I agree that their are problems with are institutions and political processes but to blame both parties equally is disingenuous. Obama went into office willing to compromise and work with his opposition. He was routinely called a liar, non-citizen and worse. It should be obvious to anyone which party has sacrificed rational governance and political debate with demagoguery, anti-science and antidemocratic obstacles. As a journalist it's important to recognize different perspectives but one should avoid grading on a curve. Trump is antidemocratic demagogue with a third grader's vocabulary and no apparent knowledge of geography, history or science. Unfortunately, he is a pimple created by the American right reflecting the anti enlightenment populism of the ignorant and the vulgar. Say what you will about liberal politicians (and there are plenty bad examples) but it's obvious who lowered the bar with respect to public discourse.

  18. Great video, Dave. you speak sense to me. This whole election has made me dizzy and the only thing I can do is sit back and laugh at and with the madness. And shit post a ton.

  19. So is Gary Johnson the one you're actually gonna vote for or is he just the one that you support? Everyone knows that a vote for anyone else other than Hillary or Trump is the same as abstaining in terms of just the election results.

  20. Rubin, How could you make false statement about Trump? your action sicken me.
    vote for Libertarians means you are throwing your vote away. you are just helping the Clinton to win. you are a disgusting man.

  21. Glad to know that Dave is happy to use the progress that so-called "Social Justice Warriors" made on gay rights for his own benefit, then turn around and slap them in the face when they try to advance the rights of other groups. Its the quintessential trait of the libertarian movement: I've got mine, the rest of you can fuck off.

    Just to be clear, when he's talking about SJWs, he's mainly talking about liberals who would dare advocate for treating the scary, bad Muslims with even an ounce of humanity. Because he's got all these studies and figures that show just how scary and bad Muslims are. And, you know, its not like the right wing ever had studies and figures about how scary and bad homosexuals are…

    The sad thing about this is just how little I'm exagerrating.

    The FUNNY thing is the irony, that Dave and others on the anti-SJW bandwagon don't see the irony in that they've become what they're supposedly railing against.

  22. I would go for Gary if it was going for a 3 horse race. but tbh, if we have any hope I'd have to go trump since they are a lot closer to garys ideas than that of hillarys. trump isnt a great choice, but its the best choice in knowing I'm not going to be silenced or culled for having a different view to the world that only encourages lower risk of indoctrination or praising mental health.

  23. "Americans have freedoms, which make people all over the world envious."
    I think most Canadians, Europeans are not that excited or envious .
    South Americans, Africans and south Asians on the other hand…

  24. As an european it is really hard looking at the comments of americans. Why the fuck are people so damn emotional about this? Take a step back, stop making outrageous claims and appeals to 'muh feelz', then proceed to try and change your fucked up system instead. Also, IMO Trump is not a suited president unless we were living in the Idiocracy, his economic policies are not thought through and his social stances are as backwards as the far right wing. The only thing he has that seems a valid position is his anti-immigrant perspective, but the US already has really harsh immigration laws. (probably also part of why people do it illegally) So it wont make a very big difference. Sanders is the type you need to make a real change, but at least he brought Clinton a bit in the right direction since she is so malleable as a politician. One good thing will come out of it if Trump wins though… Europe will instantly realise that we cannot rely on the US anymore, and we will start standing stronger on our own.

  25. You're a wonderful orator and a clear thinker! It's so deeply refreshing to watch a show where ideas are being transmitted at this level, regardless of whether I agree or disagree with them.

  26. Dude… radical islam is a threat to europe and a threat in a nebulous sense as an ideology but to insinuate that it's a threat to america is just more or less a joke to me. american muslims tend to be well educated and with higher incomes than average. that's completely independent of the bad ideas promoted by islam — but radical islam and shariah law are not a threat to america and frankly that shows how little you know about muslims in america.

    lower taxes? on the rich.. the rich aren't gonna spend shit. all the banks did with QE is jack up asset prices.

  27. man it is grating as fuck hearing libertarians not understand dick about the world ad nauseam and then talk about how they arrived at their conclusions "with rationale"

  28. Holy shit. I liked this dude before but I'm glad he was part of the good side in this election. It sucks that the turnout for third party didn't have as much of an impact as it should've been.

  29. I am honestly surprised that Dave Rubin did not vote for Donald Trump as he shares many of his deplorable views. Then again, it also makes sense for him to vote for Gary Johnson since he also does not quite understand politics.

  30. I voted for Jill Stein. She's crazy but I'll risk her over Trump/Clinton anyday. I agree with Jill Stein on many policy issues. I WANT to like Gary Johnson but he supports the TPP and wants to privatize Healthcare. For me those are 2 big no no's.

  31. Mr. Rubin, I found you because of Milo. I am so glad I did. I was raised a liberal in all the best ways; grandparents were in the civil rights movement, and my father lost his career as a journalist when he tried to expose Fox for various things while he worked for them. Thank you, because truely…when did peacefully deffending my free speach become a "conservative" stance?

  32. Of course Trump doesn't know how this whole govt stuff works since he hasn't been in govt. That's the good stuff. Bama didn't either, and that turned out bad. We'll see.

  33. OK, Dave- a great talk. However, you missed the big elephant in the room- the bureaucracy in DC is the biggest problem that the govt has. The unelected officials that are there term after term that create the undemocratic part of our government. Please talk about this. I'm sorry Johnson fizzled so badly. Always vote your own truth.

  34. Exactly! You must elect who represents your values.
    If you always just vote for the lesser evil, then what gets that you, except evil?

  35. Rubin has restored my faith in humanity. I have realized that civility, respect, and common sense are not dead.

  36. Mr. Rubin, your comments about the presidency are thoughtful, intellectual, and honest. Too bad most Americans don't think that way. People are groomed to think in black and white, when in reality, it's the grey areas where the answers can lie.

  37. you could have made this video infinitely times shorter by simply saying who you were supporting. no one else here cared about your other fucking bullshit

  38. you look like the joker..

    if he failed at comedy, sold out, became a neocon, was beaten, stabbed, raped and pushed down a flight of stairs.

  39. I born and raised in Sweden and still live in Sweden, poor, mainly without a job for the bigger part of my life and still not working at the age of 33. Addicted to Suboxone and Medikinet ( Kinda like Ritalin ). I live on welfare and spend as many hours as possible at my computer learning and creating Music, Art, 3D, Graphics, Design and Logo Animations. I am lazy as fuck but honest as fuck as well, both towards myself and to others to a certain extent.
    The first time I saw Trump I taught he was honestly retarded and I taught his mouth looked like a fish.
    The second time I saw Trump I became one of his biggest fans and would without thinking twice vote for him
    if I lived in America.
    Born rich, poor, outside, inside, up, down, girl, boy, when, where, how. All that doesn't matter, what matters is the moment,
    what moment? The moment that is now, how do you think, act and work NOW, and why do you do what you do.
    Reality can complete shift betwen two people living just 5 miles betwen each other.
    Everyone has a reason to act and think like they do, the question is, how will this kind of thinking help everything and everyone around. Even if you think Trump is a curse towards people he might be better for the entire population in the long run.

  40. Polls show that socially liberal, fiscally conservative is actually a rare animal. Most of those advocating libertarianism really just want to implement the policies they favor without the federal government saying no. They're libertarian towards people they like, but authoritarian towards others.

    When you look at authoritarian government policies, you tend to find them most often in local/state governments, not the federal government, so reducing the power of the federal government is really anti-libertarian in its effect.

    There is a saying that applies to libertarians: "Freedom for wolves is death to lambs." A small, weak government gives the powerful the opportunity to exploit the powerless; and strong government is the only way that the powerless (you and me) can level the playing field. Dave Rubin, like all libertarians, is naive.

  41. Too bad for you, Rubin, your followers are a perfect sample of the Alt-Right and other right-wing conservatives. Maybe you don't realize that your discourse actually encourages this, even as you claim to be a classical liberal without really knowing what it is outside of the Wikipedia article you read. Maybe it's like being gay and not knowing it ?

  42. I disagree that "the system" is broken. The system: institutionalized coercion is working just as it does in all governments because all govt. based on force, not reason is fundamentally flawed. We create a sustainable society by voluntary interactions, not by authoritarianism. That works great in the private sector. Why use the opposite morality in the public sector? How is it immoral for me to violate your rights, alone or in a gang, unless that gang is the majority? 

     A new govt. paradigm, one based on reason and rights, has never been tried. It can't be worse than the dangerous, murderous, unjust, violent monopoly that exists in every jurisdiction. What can be worse than the threat of mass nuclear suicide (MAD) that the power-crazed authorities have justified as "national security". It's the opposite. It's national insecurity. It's a blueprint for species extinction. And the rulers, in private, will agree. But it's the only way they stay in power. So they risk killing off our species rather than give up power. Why? Because political power is the most dangerous, addictive drug known to humanity.

    So, I ask: Why do the public keep giving them power? Why do sovereign individuals forfeit their sovereignty to rulers? Why do they create the means for their exploitation/destruction? And why are they blind to the monster they create?

  43. Late to viewing this, but still enjoyed it immensely. I agree with a lot of what you had to say and even if we disagree on some things I agree that classical liberalism is something desperately needed that has been lost along the way. I didn't vote Libertarian, though I considered doing so for the reasons you mentioned, but I did continue my two decades long trend of third party or write-in candidates.

    I had high hopes for 2016. While it was obvious that the Democratic Party would put Hillary Clinton on the ballot no matter what lip service they gave to the Sanders campaign, I didn't expect that Bernie would end up kowtowing to the party that effectively made him their dancing monkey of distraction (TM) before sabotaging his chances. Bernie isn't a Democrat and the Party let him dance in the wind before cutting his strings. So I had anticipated a Hillary candidacy with an angry Bernie and his legions of supporters on the outside.
    By the same token it was equally obvious to me that The Donald would never be the Republican candidate, no matter what lip service the Party gave him, because he wasn't their guy. I expected that the G.O.P. candidate would be a milquetoast nonentity for the most part as many of their candidates seem to have been. Cruz was the expectation late in the process, leaving Donald outside in the rain looking in.
    My hopes were that both men who had been betrayed by their parties would take their money and their followers and mount independent campaigns for president. I also hoped that the numbers of Bernie irrationalists and Trump reality fans would undercut both parties making it a four way neck-in-neck competition for the White House. Both major parties would be so shaken that their power had so eroded that they would realize that the status quo was not going to keep them on their pinnacles of power, and that realization would lead to real change in the two party system.

    Unfortunately I was disappointed. The Republican party did something I never would have expected by honoring their word, heaving a sigh, and telling Trump "Fine. You're our candidate." while Sanders took the low road and gave his unenthusiastic support to "anyone but Trump". No great realization for either major party, and the status quo continues rolling through the septic tank of polarized D.C. and ignoring anyone outside of three states and the District of Columbia.

  44. Guess it's safe to come back a year later and say, get fucked Ruben. Go take your arrogant pseudointulectualism and shove it

  45. Dave Rubin for President 2020, please? You're genuinely an amazing, motivational person with a solid head on your shoulders. I respect you and your opinions greatly. Keep spreading your message so the logical can succeed.

  46. PLEASE tell me, Dave, who are you supporting NOW? …after 3 years – how Trump has shown himself & how the DNC and its corrupted partners have been revealed. I hope to hear back from you – I am working on a project and would need your opinion before including you. Thank you very much!

  47. Well after three years we got a surprisingly good President. I know if your a Trump hater nothing would seem to change that. Trump 2020 is going to happen.

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