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One of the promises I made when I started
this show was I would personally acknowledge legitimate criticism when it’s thrown my way. This acknowledgment is one of the reasons
I do live Q&A’s right here on YouTube, as well as on Twitter, Facebook, and even when
people come up to me on the street. Not only do I genuinely like hearing from
you directly, but I think it’s also important to hear the bad feedback right along with
the good. Note I said legit criticism, and not hysterical
troll criticism. For example, I’m happy to hear from people
who want me to ask questions differently, or to have more aggressive follow ups or to
find alternative guests, or anything along those lines. Those qualify as legit criticism whether or
not I agree. The people who just tell me that I’m a straight
white supremcaist neo nazi alt right racist, well let’s just say I’m less likely to engage
with you. The battle of ideas is far more interesting
to me than the battle to be first to sarcastically respond to a tweet. One criticism I hear occasionally is I’m actually
not a liberal, and I’m really a secret conservative. Or, sometimes they’ll say I’m the only thing
worse than a conservative: a dreaded right winger. Now it is true, I’ve been saying for months
that defending my liberal principles, is now a conservative position. But am I still a liberal? Do I still believe in any of thing things
that people on the left believe? Since we have so many new subscribers around
here I thought I’d lay out some of my liberal cred for you, in case you missed it… I’m so for gay marriage, I even married a
guy! I’m pro-choice, I’m against the death penalty,
I’m for a social safety net. I’m for a strong public education system,
I’m for legalizing marijuana, I’m for reforming our prison system, and I’m against unnecessary
wars and nation building. There’s other stuff too, but I think I’ve
made my point. Beyond any of those specific issues though,
I’m for true tolerance of opinion and thought. My liberalism is one of a live and let live
attitude. This is where I diverge from the modern left. I see virtually no diversity of thought or
tolerance of other opinions on the Left of today, just constant smearing and slandering
of all intellectual opponents. Take a step back for a moment and think about
your friends on the Left. Are they tolerant of people who aren’t for
gay marriage, or of people who are pro choice? These used to be political differences, now
they are somehow a referendum on what type of person you are, and whether you can be
in someone’s life. I wish this intolerance was an isolated case,
but not only have I seen this type of intolerance first hand, but I hear it from you guys every
single day. I get emails about marriages breaking up,
life long friends no longer talking to each other and people afraid to say what they think
politically because of repercussions it will have at work. And by the way, now I’ll reverse that. Do you know people on the right who are tolerant
of people who are for gay marriage and who are pro life? I actually do, plenty of them, including people
who I’ve had on this show. When there is a disagreement, I see way more
people on the right, conservatives or libertarians, more often willing to agree to disagree attitude
rather than defriending or smearing? Could the right be better? Are there real bigots on the right? Absolutely. Are there real racists on the right? Without question, but by and large these aren’t
the voices from the mainstream right anymore. Let’s not forget, even Donald Trump got a
standing ovation at the Republican National Convention when he talked about protecting
LGBTQ rights. Of course all this said, doesn’t mean things
are all right with the right right now. Just in the last few weeks Tomi Lahren was
let go by The Blaze after she came out as being pro-choice Or at the very least giving
a conservative explanation for abortion by saying the government should stay out of a
women’s private life. I actually agree with her rationalization
here and know that position upsets a lot of Conservatives. The immediate reaction to her comments and
her subsequent firing strike me as the intolerance we’re used to seeing from the Left these days,
not the Right. And for the record, I’d I’ve invited Tomi
on the show, and Glenn Beck back on the show to discuss what went down between them. I happen to like them both and we all have
views that are inconsistent with our broader ideologies. We’re not not robots yet, we’re still human. Oh, and yes, by the way it is Glenn’s right
as a private businessman to hire and fire people as he sees fit, even if I don’t agree
with the reason why he did it. Another area which I don’t fit into the traditional
political box is gun control. I absolutely believe in the 2nd amendment
and obviously also believe that a healthy distrust of the government is an important
part of being American. Democrats often make it sounds like Republicans
want every American wandering the streets with a weapon like we’re in the wild west
and Republicans often make it sound like every Democrat wants to take away their right to
self defense. As for me, I believe we have the right to
bare arms but also have to keep weapons out of the hands of the wrong people, and perhaps
even more importantly, have a discussion about mental health, which usually has more to do
with these shootings than just the weapon itself. As always. I’ll keep talking about free speech, free
expression, and the rights of the individual which I believe to be the most important facet
of a truly free society. Whether that makes me a Libtard or a Cuckservative
or a right wing maniac is for the commenters to decide.

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  1. As a fiscally conservative libertarian, I have to say you are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for accepting constructive criticism and keeping and open mind and forum for others point of view.

  2. Why are you funded by the Koch Brothers? Honestly I would like too know. I have extensively researched you and honestly I like some of your points. Being funded by others when you have a huge ad revenue is odd.

  3. I don't understand why people think being against wars and nation building is exclusively a 'liberal' position. Just makes you sensible and decent IMO.

  4. This business about left and right primarily being a matter of free speech has to stop. You can have people on the left be just as honest and blunt in expressing themselves as those on the right. So called "social justice warriors" don't get to redefine what it is to be a liberal. Let's get this straight: conservatives in the US are primarily about cutting taxes for the wealthy while shrinking the social safety net for the less fortunate; voter suppression of minorities; they side with business over workers; they're in most cases more hawkish militarily; and tend to be more racist, sexist, etc. Dave, you're propping up all kinds of conservatives for what they're correct about, and I appreciate you trying to bring everyone together, but why not have a few shows on these other issues. There is an ugly side to conservatism and you're allowing many of your guests to skate on it.

  5. You can't be "against Death Penalty" but for Prenatal Murder, that is contradiction of an astronomic scale – If you are for Prenatal Death penalties for unwanted children then you are Pro Death Penalty.

  6. Dave is a rare liberal in that he is actually tolerant towards conservatives. That's why conservatives like myself are fans of his program.

  7. I think the far left have driven you from the ideological left, and into the "default right" of intellectual integrity, and they did so precisely because of your intellectual integrity and and valuing of "The Truth" (not "my Truth" or "her Truth" or "their Truth" but "THE" truth).

    This weekend, I was hanging out with my self-identified "uber-liberal" friend, and referenced you, and pointed out that what you call "classical liberal", and what I call "independent, small-constitutionally limited conservatism" match on so many points that our differences are actually minor, and either come down to semantics (for example; I genuinely oppose "Same-Sex Marriage" but fully endorse civil unions, simply because I do not see them as "identical", and value the religious component to "marriage" even though many atheist heterosexuals engage in the institution, but would be outraged if you and your chosen life-partner shouldn't have the same access to visit loved ones in the hospital as well as rights of inheritance, etc), or a simple, honest difference of opinion, and he had to admit that point for point, I could just as easily call myself a "classical liberal" as an "independent conservative" based entirely on issues, yet when I support the same exact issues from a "conservative" position, he has a visceral reaction, but if I describe my support for the same issues as originating from a "classical liberal" stance, he is far more receptive.

    I believe it is this same effect, this same adherence to intellectual integrity and pursuit of "THE" empirical "TRUTH", cuts through the leftist attempts to control the language of the debate to thereby control the outcome of the dialog, and frees the voters from their ideological plantations and dogmatic chains.

  8. I'm pretty far right leaning but Dave Rubin is on point here. It's healthy to have different political ideas in this country.

  9. Did you actually say we should be tolerant of people against gay marriage? “It used to be just a political disagreement” just because something used to be different is a terrible argument. We used to have blood letting. It used to be illegal to have interracial marriage. Yeah I’m sorry if I’m intolerant of other people’s intolerance.

  10. You’re statements about gun control are very dishonest. The NRA doesn’t care about your second amendment rights. They care about making money.

  11. There was a bit of weird wording at one point. Libertarians aren't anywhere fucking near the Right! The Right has no idea what personal choice is!

  12. Everything he has said about the left is true on the right. Tolerance doesnt exist on either side. I can't recall a single instance when a prolifer sat down and tried to understand the positions of a prochoicer

  13. YES! The regressive left is a modern day version of the Puritans. They want to tell you what is appropriate and proper to think and to say, and they'll go to any lengths to punish you if you violate their rules–doxxing to employers, boycotting sponsors, etc. Their level of tolerance falls somewhere between Nazis and the Westboro Baptist Church.

  14. I disagree with your comment about mental health and guns. Every country on earth has mentally ill people but most countries (even many third world countries) do not have the mass shooting problem we have here in the US.

    Of course this doesn’t mean that I hate you or think you’re a fascist…..for the most part I agree with your views. People on the left are getting to be as annoying as people on the right. People on both sides of the aisle want to police your thoughts and your speech.

  15. I don't think that you're a conservative, Dave… I like that you're classical liberal. I just hope that you drop Candace Owens. She smells of false conservative.

  16. This whole business of trying to divide people into conservative and liberal serves only one purpose – dividing us, and it is achieving it. What you are, Dave, is reasonable, and capable of free and critical thinking. That will get you criticism from both those who identify as liberal, and those who identify as conservative. But people just don't seem to understand classical liberalism these days.

  17. As an independent-minded gay man myself, one thing I am truly sick of hearing from other gay men on the far left is that not being attracted to black men is automatically racist. If you confide in them that black men are not your sexual preference, they immediately write you off as a racist bigot and want you to leave ASAP. News flash: sexual attraction and overt racism are two COMPLETELY separate things! If a friend tells you in private that you aren't attracted to a specific race in general, and you immediately label them as a racist, then doesn't that kinda make YOU a bit of a bigot?

  18. with abortion, you have one side thinking a woman's rights are somehow being threatened. other side thinking a human life is being killed. so you would expect the side thinking a life is being taken away to be more passionate, and less accepting of the other side that is not against the murder of babies in the womb.

  19. You straight sat on David Pakmans show and said you don’t take questions from internet people because you only get the “trolls” and everyone thinks you’re a right winger Dave . You sold your soul to the Koch bros.

  20. You're A Real Liberal These Modern "Liberals" Are Fake Liberals. I Respect Classic Liberals, Conservatives, & Libertarians But I Don't Respect Modern "Liberals", Because Everything They Claim They Stand For They Actually Are Against.

    Modern " Liberals" (Fake Liberals, Snowflakes Communist Socialist Authoritarians, Bigots, Libtards, & Nazis) Don't Care About Children, Families, Minorities, The Homeless, The Poor, The Environment, The Constitution, Or America. They're The Most Intolerant, Sexist, Hateful, & Racist People. All They Want To Do Is Destroy America, Destroy The Constitution, Take Away Our Rights, Destroy Our Liberties, & Revoke Our Freedoms.

  21. The idea that "I support gay marriage, but I also tolerate people who are against it" is very tricky. The point is not about tolerating a different opinion, but about what that "difference" of opinion means in real life. If a guy is just like, "I don't agree with gay marriage, but I'm cool with gay people", that's one thing–somehow he just doesn't agree, no feelings hurt; it's another thing when a guy says, "being gay is a disease that needs to be cured, I'd support a law that put all gays in medical facilities and maybe use electric shocks to cure them." Think about what "tolerance" means when it comes to that kind of speech. Of course, you can't go physically attack this person, it's against the law. But is it really "intolerance" if you call this person out and ask others to boycott/condemn him? In face of speech like this, do you have to step back and be like," I respect your opinion and let's agree to disagree"?–Only that is counted as real support of free speech? Well if all "liberals" are like this, you likely wouldn't be enjoying the rights you have right now, including free speech. A speech like that may not be calling for immediate actions (like putting you in a hospital or murdering you), but it CAN contribute to a different environment that may ultimately lead to serious crimes against any form of freedom. Denying that is just unrealistic.

  22. While I don''t agree with extrem liberalism–limiting people's freedom of speech and using one detail to define a person in all aspects, I just realized that extreme conservatism is much more dangerous. The far left will punish you for what you say/or do, but the far right will punish you for simplying being who you are (black, jewish, gay).

  23. The anecdotal claim that liberals in your life are less open-minded to your ideas than conservatives is not empirical Dave :/

  24. Keep doing what you're doing man, openmindedness like your's is the only way this country is going to move forward in a direction that benefits this nation.

  25. Dave Rubin justifies most of his interview subjects by saying he may not agree with everything they say, but that it's important to shine a light on all ideas both good and bad, so they can be disputed. The result seems to be that every guest exists on the show as a contrarian to a typical liberal point of view, and Dave offers zero push back in terms of back and fourth.
    The show doesnt come off as the example of civil discourse that it pitches; to me it just looks like a self-congratulatory echo chamber of popular right-wing talking points.
    Dave Rubin is either disingenuous about the conceit of his show, or just kinda lousy at his job and happy to ride on the support of a political demographic that he claims not to be part of.
    I hope he improves the show and includes some actual diversity of thought. I was intrigued at first, but after watching enough of it I'm pretty disapointed.

  26. more bs… On new hampshire you said the problem is to bring goververnment to the issue of free speech and that they should be held accoutable by the community.
    that is exactly what the community is doing and here you are saying you are against it.

  27. Of course it's easier for ppl on the right to be more "tolerant", they are not the ones been denied a human right by the other part. They are condescending

  28. You just agree that we must to patiently beg, explaining why whe should be given the same rights as every oe else, why we shouldn't be harassed, assaulted or murdered for being who we are.
    And do so until they change their mind. You are ok with any death and violence that can happen till there.

  29. Total REAL liberal and I just discovered I agree with him on every single issue he mentioned – including guns and free speech for Tomi Lahren.
    I have a lot of respect for his calm demeanor and guts to come out as gay.
    Gay marriage passed for one reason only – Gay, closeted lawmakers were busted for homophobic voting records, so they and non gay Republican colleagues ALL had to vote IN FAVOR of it lest they be lsbeled gay.

    That was funny as shit.

    Now if it only worked that way with healthcare. . .

  30. I would call you a Liberal Conservative. You believe in free speech, disagree with the radical feminist movement because quite frankly it's going nowhere and you are pro life because a woman should decide what to do with her body and no one else .
    You're one of the people whom I agree with the most on their political stances.

  31. Liberalism is more on the Right than on the left. The left has disguised their ideology as Liberalism even though it's not

  32. I hope I could learn a great deal of infos and diverse philosophical thoughts from you so that I can be part of warriors to help my nation to become '소미화' like our ancenstors had had their nations to be '소중화'. anyway I think I came across one of great youtubers. I hope I manage to become more politically educated and more open-minded.

  33. Politically, I align with Dave more than any other political pundit! How many of us are out there? I'm a Dave Rubin liberal!

  34. You are a not so secret thin lipped douche bag. Your new friends would strip you of all the rights you have as a gay man that your old progressive friends fought so hard for you to have basic human rights. You are a fool and you are only able to operate in this illogical la la land of gay conservatism BECAUSE you are still living in the LIBERAL bastion of California where you benefit from DEMOCRATIC/LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE laws and ideologies! You are such a disingenuous, money hungry little man! Why don’t you move to rural Alabama with that gay marriage of yours & see how your conservative pals feel about your “lifestyle choice” lol please. You think you are in with them just because you are a white man newly minted w/ Koch money? You are just a puppet and a tool for them to spread their message to other men desperate to belong but trust and believe me if they ever gain the power in this country unopposed, you will be stripped of your marriage title & if the religious right had their way you & your partner would be put in jail. So talk about that!

    Do you know how many gay people taught and suffered for you to have this marriage equality right??? You spit in all of their faces with what you do & yet still reap the benefits of their hard work. You are the worst kind of hypocrite & coward.

  35. I think America needs people like you to form a third party and retake the white house with people who is capable and have COMMON SENSE

  36. 95 % Americans are gay's every months 100 of them come out from every 👪 family.
    20 years from now who is women and who is men.

  37. No, Dave, you’re not a “secret conservative”. You’re a stooge. You’re easy to manipulate. You make it easy for tradcons to gain a foothold in places where they would otherwise encounter resistance.

  38. I think it's funny my conservative friends are always MUCH less judgmental than my liberal friends when it comes to race, religion, and other views in general…. (yet conservatives = racist, sexist, bigot, Islamophobe, fascist, etc)

  39. The Left is no longer Left, been filled by Alt-Left stooges. The Alt-Right is still worse though. Bernie Sanders is not Alt-Left, he is still awesome. Glen Beck and Dinesh are hypocritical liars.

  40. Thank you for bringing civility to the conversation and for saying, outloud , what so many of us are afraid to say. I believe that your beliefs are more in line with the majority of American’s but when it comes time to vote we have no choice but to pick from the lesser of 2 evils. For those of us whom are conservative on fiscal matters but liberal on social matters we have no true representation from the current 2-party system. 🤷‍♀️

  41. I think it's a little dishonest to suggest that vitriol is one sided when that clearly isn't the case.

    I see that he is trying to market himself as "one of the good ones" who agrees that the left is the issue but it's pretty clear he is just a libertarian with a different name tag.

  42. I know plenty of the left which is tolerant of everyones opinions even myself. But I live in Norway and no offense but you're a bit crazy in politics over there.

  43. I listen to almost all of Rubin's videos but I hate this topic because I think it is intentionally manipulative, here's why: In today's world the word 'liberal' means progressive & today's conservatives are classical liberals. So Dave Rubin and Aragon of Akkad can keep saying they are liberals (and often clarifying it by saying "classical liberal") but it's a complete confusion for people who do not study political theory. Dave is a conservative (classical liberal) and to the extent that he obfuscates his position by saying that he is a liberal and only clarifying that by saying "classical liberal" from time to time … adds confusion to the discussion. If he is trying to clarifying issues, he only makes the waters more muddy by holding on to the term "classical liberal" that nobody uses any more save a handful of YouTubers.

  44. Dave Rubin takes money from the Koch brothers. He's not a conservative, nor is he a liberal. He is a puppet, and not a particularly bright one at that.

  45. The problem isn’t that Dave either believes or doesn’t believe in Liberal causes. It’s that he plays into the right wing discursive playbook, presenting ‘The Left’ as a monolithic evil, ready and willing to ‘destroy the West’ in the name of ‘cultural marxism’. These are easily disproved notions if one steps outside the echo chamber which reinforces them and actually interacts with liberals, rather than with commentators on the right or otherwise affiliated to this mythical ‘intellectual dark web’ who are selectively outraged when one group of extremist activists on one campus objects to one instance of mild political incorrectness. Much has been written on the seeping ‘gateway drugs’ to the alt-right, and one of those gateways is the content we see online demonising half the country as a monolithic ‘Left’ defined by those extremists it cherry-picks to illustrate the point. Of course, that monolithic ‘Left’ doesn’t exist. It’s about as widespread as neo-nazism: an issue to be overcome certainly, but not representative of anyone beyond the furthest fringes of liberalism. In fact, the discourse serves only one purpose: to keep people clicking. Fair enough, we all need an income. We should be wary of our sources – especially those which reinforce so perfectly our preconceptions.

  46. A “live and let live” attitude and your “pro choice” stance seem to contradict, IMO. Killing babies is not a viable method of birth control.

  47. what this guy is is dumb and opportunistic. he could have someone in front of him telling him he´s an abomination and he would just sit there smile and nod.

  48. People with the most satisfaction, it seems, do not limit their life goals or thoughts to a 'box.' Please excuse the "yeh, duh" factor.

  49. Whatever this guy is, he's a hypocrite! He blocked me on twitter, no for any abuse or bad language, but for me simply asking whether his stated beliefs still reflected his actual beliefs.

  50. This lying hack can say whatever bullshit he wants, the reality is he takes tons of funding from the Koch Brothers, he's absolutely in bed with and in full support of conservative republicans. Just follow the money, this guy is a steaming pile of garbage

  51. You have the support…. of conservatives. (see comments below) BOOTSTRAPS BABY BOOTSTRAPS live and let live is code for GOOD LUCK F***ER YER ON YER OWN. Tolerance of intolerance is not a virtue.

  52. It ain't no secret that you are an ungrateful, disloyal fascist who will do or say anything for fame and a dollar. Aside from that, he's a great guy.

  53. Tj sotomayor needed to wash his hands after finding out you were gay, you asked him nothing about his antisemetic views. Your statement about knowing more right wingers who are seemingly more tolerant then the left wingers you know. Maybe that is more indicative of who you know vs who you don’t. Trump continues to undermine lgbt rights while you think it’s remotely great that he got some claps at a speech. Your personal views are your own, supporting and giving platform to people like tj sotomayor? More right then left. Have a good day.

  54. The reason you see so many ‘tolerant’ right wingers Davey is because they know they don’t need to bring out their knives, their smears, their twisting of words, their lies, their propaganda and their truly hateful bigoted core on YOUR show- because they know who you ARE. They know you are one of them. You just have a different gimmick than they do. By claiming youre a liberal (and I’ve no doubt with certain things you are) but being a total Gateway to the Alt Right for greedy purposes. They get that about you. As do most liberals with a functioning brain stem.
    Your dishonestly about the dishonesty in the Right Wing Media and its panderers is what unites you all. Really horrible shady vile and dishonest Right Wing people you have on YOUR show, know they have a soft place to land. They know you will never call them out on their bad behavior. They know YOUR job is to MAKE Right Wing bigots, homophobes & liars LOOK GOOD.

    Which is why liberals don’t trust a word you say and – you hate them for that. The gimmick isn’t working Dave. You are exactly why Koch Bros money 💰 is so very deceitful and vile.

  55. Lol. Let me sound perfectly reasonable, let me insist I’m actually very liberal, but then let me spout rationales straight outta the RNC Playbook. IOW Folks, Dave Rubin, like Trump, and the rest of the Right Wing Worldview, think you are just too stupid to know better and therefore are ripe Pickins for their Con.

  56. Lol. the “center left” audience the Right Wing Koch Bros wanted you to go after Davey- have decided- & the ruling is….you’re a charlatan.

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