Daily Roundup Ep. 123: Three-language Formula Revised, Anganwadi Workers Protest and More

hello and welcome to newsclick still around up I'm plan gel and I'm Prashant and here are the major stories for the day sentiments it's free language formula onion wadi workers protest against attack on livelihood students cover 1,500 kilometers on cycle in defense of public education Sudan break down on protests s13 killed Saudi bit to forge front against Iran fails let's have a look at one of our leading stories which is three language formula Center has amended its free language formula after massive backlash that the government has decided to amend the three language formula in the draft of new education policy the central government had proposed to teach and make hindi compulsory in non-hindi speaking States which was seen as imposition of the language Union minister of External Affairs s Jaishankar on Sunday I tweeted saying that the government will not impose any language on people the government's response came after parties like AI d MK d MK and CPI am strongly opposed the three language formula continuation with add-on features as proposed in the draft national education policy the three language formula was first formulated by the central government in consultation with States in 1968 and professed in the national policy on education this provided for the study of Hindi English in any of the modern Indian language preferably one of the modern one of the sudden languages in the Hindi speaking States and Hindi English and one of the Indian languages in non-hindi speaking States however the Tamil Nadu government under the then Chief Minister seen another I did not accept it and implement it the two language formula in the state our second story is from the onion weary workers protest in Karnataka thousands of onion weary workers in karnataka demonstrated against the Karnataka government order of starting P primary schools in government pre primary classes in government schools this will put onion very centers at risk and thousands of scheme workers fear loss of livelihood on May 17th the state government had issued an order on starting pre-nursery classes in government schools in the first phase the kindergarten will be starting in as many as 276 government schools in the 2019-20 academic year children aged three and a half years can be admitted in these kindergartens most of Anganwadi workers fear that this decision is going to affect their jobs to oppose any such move the workers gathered on 30th May in Bengaluru following the demonstration woman and child development minister jayamala and education principal secretary met the protesters and assured a meeting with the chief mr. Kumar Swami earlier cm guamazo Kumar Swami in his budget had pointed out that the government would shift onion bodies to 4,100 government schools he also had said that there were plans to start LKG and ukg classes in government schools aiming to improve the quality and number of students who are enrolled our third story is from Tamil Nadu the Students Federation of India SFI Tamil Nadu State Committee had taken out a cycle rally from May 25th which ended on May 31st with a call to protect government school and public education the rally started from fro different locations in the state and concluded in Trichy with a public meeting the cycle rally that covered the length and breadth of the state is against closure of government schools and demands an increase in public spending on education have a look at our ground report Michael is indeed the angler Kapadia Petrova listen did they are super liquid on a little tangle or a plan the hell I saved a window or a super liquor dangled on or notching day or let's chill Mohammed kiamana I Steve Rama hey Ricky today in Bernie who live in two men buzzer gotcha in the pressure at they could do me on availa loom in the pressure at a condition to their grow in the pine until ponga dr. Kapadia Austin a monomer hello it Tombo people here in the pth-tt particular Ivanova right in the pine until Eric rajala over room in the desert till Calvi ill for a meeting with kiamana Matra they pulled over I went to mandala know come series the love boom hooray I'm on the pressure until already fungally pain within one day we get a day no movie a power amber yet they Nelly not to other car her father's office ricotta delegate de caca Mary novel let's check on a condom on over he'll be really ring genome Rudy a pork orale Inara CK a diptych one no more other boundary ela Elia jadi bear the mature guru Cal VA I recycle vanilla ham IRA super Lee dong-gook imodium and the other super lid on Tara mana vijnana Klawock mood him in berserk ana chachi agra number oh dear he's thrown living animal jamia are not very would lead to is AG I am would lead to Paula are you Michael and that also believer doesn't know hundra Cargill I have been in the other super lucky in the Amman over Sangam ultimate in the poor art until calendar cool calendar window recovery a minor will be mud to malama an item on over Loompa doom Okumura mr. Corolla Nam woolly Alabama teetering [Applause] you they certainly are azhagappan dinner party 300 on the MonaVie de película de xalapa Liliana's party jam at the way llama English are a song a particular country here over the monomer calico hosteria no personal GDP lay 6% h1 they are is subtly them connealy past participle acrylic o hadouken or being so Li Na in the peritoneal I here at the moon vagina in the cycle pressure a Bynum India this cycle trolley organized by the state committee we are demanding the state government to increase the funding for government schools and also it has come to our attention that lot of private schools are getting bloomed in the last decade so we demand the government to strictly monitor these private schools many of the schools are charging exorbitant fees and we demand the government to implement the findings of justice Mesilla money committee and and to take action against these private schools along this cycle dryly we are received by workers farmers and youth so this we are getting a statewide support for this cycle dryly in our international section we first go to Sudan where 13 protesters were killed and over a hundred injured after the army barged into the space outside the Defense Ministry and the Army Headquarters where protesters have been camped for nearly a month these protesters have been demanding that the military Hunta transfer power to the civilian authorities the army first fired tear gas and grenades at the protesters and when they refused to budge fired live bullets footage on social media showed security forces with patrons charging at the protesters and even brutally beating up those who are severely injured many of the severely injured was shifted to hospitals the aftermath of this event the protesters moved to other parts of cities and set up barricades to prevent security forces from coming in it is not only the police and the army which are involved in this operations but also the notorious rapid support force the rapid support force is headed by the vice-president of the military hunter who had earlier issued threats against the protesters this force not only burnt ends which are makeshift clinics but also barged into many of the hospitals and fired live bullets at some of the protesters who are injured the RSF is currently surrounding many of the hospitals the Sudanese professionals Association which leads the protests has called for massive peaceful protests against this invasion thousands of people are mobilizing again cousins of people are mobilizing across and it gets part of a campaign of civil disobedience the Declaration of Freedom and change forces which is a coalition of opposition parties has said that there will be no more discussions with the hunt anymore and has called for an escalation of resistance in our second story we look at the failure of the Saudi Arabian attempt to forge a mass coalition against Iran last week three major summits were held in the city of Makkah the Gulf Cooperation Council the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation the first two summits of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab League released statements which condemned Iran for what they call supporting terrorism and asked Iran to stop doing so they also demanded that the international community intervene in this matter but on Sunday Qatar which was one of the key participants of this meeting said that it had not been consulted before any of these statements had released Qatar also said that they assume that this me these meetings were supposed to actually deal with some of the major issues in the region but had not addressed key issues such as the Orang Yemen and the war in Libya Qatar also expressed deep unhappiness over the continuation of the blockade of the country by Saudi Arabia and its allies these summits were called by the Saudi King Salman as part of an attempt to create a regional front against Iran the failure of these conferences is a big blow to the United States which is hoping that all these countries would combine together and pressurize Iran and help more sanctions against it so if the United States is actually escalated tensions in the region by moving an aircraft carrier bombas and is also planning to send more troops as part of its move against Iran incidentally the third meeting that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation passed a resolution in which it supported the aspirations of Palestinians this is interesting as Saudi Arabia which is one of the key participants is also believed to be a key player in Donald Trump's deal of the century this deal of the century envisions taking over large parts of Palestinian land and handing it over to the Israelis in return for meager funding for the Palestinian state that's all we have for the International section that's all have introduced daily roundup to follow detailed reports on any of these news visit our website muesli got in our YouTube channel Facebook and thank you thanks for watching you

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  1. This is the right decision of Indian government… India should be one right national language… And Hindi is right language for national language…

  2. The recipe of Hindi as a language learning is disastrous. I speak this language reasonably well but I shun from speaking since the call for imposition by the bjp led guv.

  3. Fuck this Hindi language.If this is applied in non Hindi states then it would be war against central Govt.I can spoil my life for saving our own mother tongue.

  4. BJP's dream of religious and linguistic unitarianism would not die out so soon. Wait for the next onslaught to be made redoubled fervour!

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