Da Algorithm Made Me Do It

as you may have seen last week the New York Times published a front-page story complaining about conservatives on YouTube talking about things that you never hear in the mainstream media and now CNN of course is adding fuel to the fire saying that it's YouTube's time and the hot seat oh and look who they landed an interview with it's caleb kay and the college dropout who says that he was radicalized to the right by watching youtube videos how do you explain how you came to absorb those extreme views so much well it was mostly due to the people that i was listening to the people that i was listening to were selling me a narrative that you know cultural Marxist and you know immigrants and Muslims and basically liberals were trying to destroy Western civilization and install some sort of socialist regime and it's the type of rhetoric you hear from a lot of these people online the whole way across the political spectrum and really what it boils down to is it's digital hate politics and it leads people to radicalization no wonder this kid dropped out of college I'd be willing to bet that he couldn't even finish mowing the grass without getting confused um you know I am a free speech advocate but what I see it's all in the platform was people taking advantage of this algorithm and the algorithm does not care about what your politics are it keeps it cares about watch time and keeping you on platform the AI is that they use for this it's called reinforce and the whole idea is to keep you watching more and more and it's come online and take advantage of that oh of course the YouTube algorithm caused you to turn into a total loser I mean what's next are there gonna be more worms crawling out from one of the rocks they've been living under blaming the YouTube algorithms for turning them into total losers oh wait what's this oh it's Twitter troll and former Milo Annapolis tour manager Baked Alaska and believe it or not it is very easy to get caught in this trap the way the YouTube's algorithms seem to work you can start on like a Ben Shapiro video and then next thing you know you're watching the right-wing video and people are cheering on political in a an ironic way and I don't think a lot of people on the right wing understand that and I actually wouldn't have understood it unless I went through it but since I have gone through this process I completely understand all aspects of this thank you Southern Poverty Law Center for those talking points it was solved a YouTube algorithm speaking of the algorithm my YouTube analytics show that only about 4% of my total views now come from the recommended section those are the videos to the right-hand side of the current video that you're watching where they lump together similar videos since obviously you may be interested in those as well and I checked my analytics from two years ago and over 30 percent of my total views we're coming from recommended videos so the algorithm shift is crushed my recommended views from 30 percent to 4 percent I guess I've been deemed a radical for mocking CNN and been a normal person meanwhile YouTube censored Project Veritas is latest investigation into Pinterest which I guess is sort of like Instagram for people who like arts and crafts instead of posting selfies and a whistleblower a former employee revealed some internal documents that shows that they're censoring Christians and pro-life groups Project Veritas simply showed some leaked documents and mentioned the name of the woman who runs the trust and Safety Council and YouTube said that they were violating Pinterest privacy and took the video down so MSNBC could post videos of Rachel Maddow showing president Trump's stolen tax forms and that's okay that's not a violation of his privacy but YouTube censors project Veritas for showing internal documents from Pinterest showing how they discriminate against Christians speaking of leaks Breitbart just got some more documents from inside a Facebook which detail how they determine whether or not someone is a hate agent and scheduled them to be banned this from alum Bukhari who's one of bright Bart's best writers quotes Facebook monitors the offline behavior of its users to determine if they should be categorized as a hate agent according to a document provided exclusively to Breitbart news by source within the social media Giants documents reveal that Paul Joseph Watson was labeled a great agent after he praised Tommy Robinson the UK anti-immigration activist the document reveals that Facebook may categorize you as a paid agent merely for speaking neutrally about individuals and organizations that the social network considers to be oh well that's pretty much where we're at and I'm gonna probably have to start doing one serious video a week maybe on the weekends because there's no way to sugarcoat this or put it together in a way that's fun and entertaining because it's pretty horrifying so thanks for watching while you still can and 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  1. 😭 Your Honour….I would of never done that to that goat 🐐 😒 but…..but…..but….. The Algorithm😩.. .. I kept saying no but… But….. I don't think it understands sarcasm, Nuance, or fear😫. 😣 It just kept redirecting everyone to committ πŸ˜ͺ…. I'm sorry. This is just really hard. You know? 😟[Strong Britney] I kept yelling. Why is there a goat in my face? I don't even like goats. I'd step out the barn door πŸšͺ but as I went to another site.

    πŸ˜₯ I always ended up back where I started. My cortisol went to extremes. I couldn't think or sleep. I turned intoom a zombie.😣 it was … It was…. It was like I was under mind control😭 the Algorythim kept on saying don't even look at the goat 🐐. Don't think about the goat 🐐. Don't lose you virginity to a goat 🐐. πŸ˜₯Then I came to senses. My pants were around my ankles. There were camera everywhere. People we're cheering me on….. I don't know what happened😣. I did a bad bad bad thing ….. And…… And….. And……. They were all calling me q big bear 😭😭😭 I'M SORRY. HAVE MERCY! Please do not label me as a bear.

    I didn't know. I didn't know how damning it was and how mind control worked so I just kept on watching. Algorythim wasn't making sense nor answering questions correctly.😭 I was so navie. PLEASE FORGIVE MEπŸ™. I'M SO SORRY! I'M CERAL YOUS GUYS!

  2. How can he speak on algorithms when he dropped out of college? If you can't differentiate between brain washing and being a simpleton, how does he know how and what the agenda is happening because of algorithms? Cry and beg for free stuff, being weak shameful liberals and millennials , flipping half wits

  3. all you have to do is physically look at the losers, and you can see who's right and who's wrong, just by their physical appearance, as crazy as it sounds it's 100% true.

  4. You mean extreme views of Teen Vouge promoting prostitution to it's following as good work? Sex working is human trafficking. CNN, why put fake right wings on and not Teen Vouge explaining why they think human trafficking is good!

  5. In a way this is good. Means rational normal people are winning. Since they can brain wash us, they are now trying to silence us. Mean they are scared and desperate they are losing their power to control the masses. People are waking up.

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