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Corporatist Claire McCaskill Worries She'll Face a Progressive Primary Challenger in 2018—She Will

Corporatist Claire McCaskill Worries She'll Face a Progressive Primary Challenger in 2018—She Will

members of the Democratic Party establishment that worked to undermine Bernie Sanders and every step of the way in 2016 and also who are just way too corporatists are starting to realize now that progressives are serious and the movement that was catalyzed by Bernie Sanders we're not going to go anywhere and now they're starting to feel threatened because progressives will be challenging them in 2018 and 2020 and Senator Claire McCaskill decided to speak up about this because she's worried that her job is now in jeopardy so the hill explains Senator Claire McCaskill on Thursday compared a faction of Democrats calling for their party to become increasingly progressive to the tea party movement that grew out of Republicans opposition to Barack Obama that wing of the party McCaskill said on the mark Bearden show in st. Louis could offer up a primary challenger to take on the two-term senator when she runs for re-election next year I'm for sure going to run McCaskill said and I may have a primary because there is in our party now some of the same kind of enthusiasm at the base that the Republican Party had with the Tea Party many of these people are very impatient with me because they don't think I'm pure for example they think I should be voting against all of trumps nominees and of course I'm judging each nominee on its own merit she added as of today it's about half and half of the ones I voted no on and the ones I voted YES on and I'm making an individual decision based on merit on each one McCaskill said that's not good enough for some of these folks who want me to just be against Trump everywhere uh yeah that's not good enough because if I'm remembering correctly here it was the Democratic Party establishment people like Claire McCaskill that fearmonger against Donald Trump for months they said you have to support Hillary Clinton because if you go with the weaker candidate like Bernie Sanders well then we're going to be vulnerable and we could lose the country to a maniac like Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Clinton she just ran an anti Trump campaign so you guys fear-mongering for months about Donald from and now that he's actually the president you're not combating Donald Trump you're not treating him like the threat that you claimed he was and to this concept of her not being pure enough look I'm against purity tests it's not about you just being a pure progressive and being perfect it's about you not being completely shitty I mean someone like keith Ellison he's a progressive but he's not a perfect progressive I think that when it comes to foreign policy he has some really harmful policy positions but on domestic economic issues I'm with them 100% so I don't think that suggesting that we're trying to put you up to a purity test is actually correct you need to realize that you're just corporatist you're too centrist and look let's talk about Claire McCaskill and why we dislike her when you look at the money that she's taken well look she accepted $800,000 from the help industry she took almost 60,000 from defense contractors people who profit from war she took a hundred and fifty thousand dollars from the telecommunications industry this includes companies like Verizon and Comcast people who actually want to destroy the Internet as we know it and roll back current net neutrality regulations she took one hundred and sixty one thousand dollars from the insurance industry and I explain to you why this is problematic she also took a hundred and seventy thousand dollars from the finance industry the big banks the people who want to privatize Social Security so when you say that you're not pure it's not just that you're not pure you don't have a couple of policy positions that we disagree with you're just wrong for the party you're supposed to be in a liberal party but yet politics in this country it's all shifted so far to the right that Democrats generally speaking they're just right-wing now when you have people arguing in the Democratic Party right wing talking points against a single-payer health care system you're just not right for the party I'm sorry Claire and that includes you are you in favor of a single-payer health care system do you support tuition free education at public colleges and universities do you support withdrawing our troops from all seven countries that we are bombing right now I mean we talk about Iraq Syria and Afghanistan but we're conducting drone strikes in Pakistan Yemen Somalia Libya I mean how many countries do we have to bomb how many terrorist states like Saudi Arabia do we have to arm and realize that they're committing war crimes in countries like Yemen how much horrible things do we have to do that you're silent on before you speak out so no Clerk this isn't about you know this purity test it's not that you're not too pure it's just that you're conservative and we don't like it so when she talks about you know the fact that she might be primary and she's worried that her job is in jeopardy she's right she will be primary that her job is in jeopardy and progressives will do what we can to defeat Claire McCaskill sorry support this podcast by joining the independent progressive media revolution today at humanist

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  1. Now September 2018 we know that the Democrat party used dirty tactics with super delegates to give the nomination to Hillary. Yet Senator McCaskill endorses the ideals of Hillary. Its upsetting that she is such a fence sitter. If McCaskill doesn't get elected I have lost only a "half a Senator".

  2. Boot her out and welcome the progressive candidate to take her place and it will make the change within, cut to severe ties with corporations and reconnect with people throughout communities. Go green!!

  3. So she's sad she has to actually work? Typical establishment Democrat. Hillary's still shell-shocked a year later that throwing around money and prestige didn't help her win. She has to actually appease the plebeians that vote? They're shocked that showing up with dollars aren't enough. The entitlement is stifling.

  4. We said to everyone that run Bernie down during the primaries that we will remember, and we will! She's obviously corrupt, and receives lots of bribe money! Time for her to go!!! Don't worry Claire, you're not the only one!

  5. McCaskill is a corporate whore that loves military spending and all the perks that come her way. She will turn whatever way the wind blows to increase her power. Loyalty is a foreign concept to her.

  6. Fast forward to April of 2017 this corrupt piece of shit is begging Sanders supporters not to primary her but also has the nerve to ask for our help.

  7. Yes Clair needs to go….she wants to live on the gravy train …While the American people live on scraps. ..Goodbye Clair McCaskill. ..Clinton's …Barbara Boxer… Debbie Wasserman Shultz Cory Booker..and all the rest that were with Hillary Clinton !

  8. As I said in the comments for the video pertaining to Manchin, once again, here's a Senator representing a state that voted Republican during the past five presidential elections. Democrats, perhaps, are required to espouse not so progressive positions in order to win general elections there, even if the constituents there, assuming unawareness, would oppose Senators, like McCaskill, for aligning herself with corporations.

  9. Are there good people out there who are willing to run as progressives?
    Are there enough people out there who are willing to fund and support progressives?
    Progressives won't magically appear, we the people have to rise to the occasion.
    We sit in front of our TV sets or computers and wish things were different instead of making them different. That's how we got to where we are.

  10. I don't care if she votes on the merits of Trump's picks, but if her ratio is half and half, she's doing something wrong. There's no way half of his picks are actually good for the country.

  11. The corporatist to the DNC: "Wait, you're telling me I'm gonna run opposed?! What the heck sort of democracy is this?! Pave the way goddamnit!!"

  12. Senator Claire McCaskill, is a maniac she does not give damn about rank and file democrats, McCaskill, says hell no they are poor and democrats are only for the rich!!!!!

  13. I want a less corporatist more Bernie Sanders like democrats. I don't care about if they vote with Trump when he actually does something good for working class. Please vote with him on some issues especially those that are good for creating jobs. Every choice should be evaluated carefully. Just saying no to everything is not playing your cards to the best advantage.

  14. We're the ones that want to stop the never ending wars. The bombing of half a dozen to a dozen countries world wide for over a decade. We're the ones that want to break this grotesque military industrial complex, that profits off the death, rape, rampage, and destruction of other peoples.

    We're the ones that want to spend our money on making the middle classes' lives better, by providing young people with tuition free or near tuition free college. Or actually destroying and re-writing these corporate trade deals which have destroyed american industries and labor. Or setting up a universal healthcare system that has been PROVEN worldwide to be the best healthcare system. Or actually defending labor unions, which used to make up a third of all jobs in this country compared to todays measly 7%.

    Yes, we're the ones that want to force the rich and the mighty corporations to stop dodging their taxes, and to pay their fair share once again. Yes, we're the ones that ACTUALLY want to protect Social Security, medicare, and medicaid. Yes, we're the ones that want to actually hold wall street banks and firms to account for their crimes against the american people. And we want to break them up, so they can't hold the american economy hostage ever again. We want to enfrce anti-trust and monopoly laws once again.

    We're the ones that want to defend true Democracy, by breaking up the sickening system of legalized bribery called "campaign contributions". We're the ones that actually want to reform and transform our energy system in the midst of a global warming crisis, that is producing near 80 degree temps in places like Chicago in mid February.

    We Progressives, Berniecrats, New Deal Democrats, Democratic Socialists, Real Liberals, w/e you wanna call us, are the ones that want to do all this, NOT THE CORPORATE DEMS LIKE MCCASKILL. We aren't the radicals SHE IS. She protects and is a part of an extreme system of Oligarchy and Corporatism which has ravaged and destroyed this country for far too long. She wants to keep the masses, poorer, sicker, less educated, and less or under-represented in congress! So I hope she does get primaried HARD, because she can fuck right off with her fake ass "centrism".

  15. No, I use to think Keith Ellison was a good candidate but he's getting more and more messy by the day…

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