Corey Lewandowski testifies at impeachment hearing before congress, live stream

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  1. If trump has used his power to get info from outside his country to clear any doubts on anyone that has used their office to gain for personal use then is his right to clear the air before any aids is given to other country’s. the democrats are the ones that are the wrong thing by holding the country by stopping their release of the budget that the country needs now

  2. House rules should be followed, otherwise these procedural votes must happen. The Dems have been holding up important legislation. The coup against the President needs to stop. This coup should not happen to any candidate and sitting U.S. President.

  3. It's sad how many Americans are okay with Trump's illegal activity but like Trump said even if he stabbed someone in front of his supporters face they would still support because he knows they're not intelligent enough to do anything against him

  4. So, my question is this, are any of these people in the house above the president? Personally, I don't think so, but it goes to my opinion, they are asking this man to disclose conversations with the president that the president said not to disclose, and I might add, they are trying to force this man to disclose the conversations. And none of which are even remotely above the president, personally, I think its on a need to know bases and if they needed to know they would have been present when the president said them. If the house is so important, get you a direct line to a microphone connected to the president so you can hear everything he says. As a matter of fact, how about we connect a microphone to everyone sitting in the house so we can hear every conversation you have, you do work for the American people and anytime you talk about anything dealing with anything even remotely governmental, I think we the American people should be able to hear it, you are about transparency, are you not?

  5. This is a total joke! Nadler cannot even follow his own rules. They will change it so that they can try to have the upper hand. But….what they don't know is is that no matter how many times they try to impeachment our duly elected president God, and I said,, God WILL not allow him to be taken out of office until He is ready for him to be taken out.

  6. He said it was the Obama administration that let it happen. No mention it was all bennifiting Trump. Why would Obama do that?

  7. I love how stupid Corey made the Democrats look…….I laugh at just how easy he made it look too. It's show the world that here anyone can be a Democrat.

  8. I cannot believe THIS GREAT NATION allowed this pandering weasel anywhere near the Oval Office. It is clear to see that this man is no good. Anyone that sees it differently has serious lapses in their brain functions. This isn't even close to a coin flip. This man is a criminal and from what I've seen on "To Catch A Predator with Chris Hansen" he looks the part perfectly. Come at me Bro!!

  9. @Madxmonk  Yeah U see many times in CNN MNBC the Democrates and Press lie on TV. Eg. Oh Hillary will win lanslide with over 400 EV. Oh the Russian stories are true and we hv evidence. Oh the border are secured. Oh the criminals are not the beast. Oh the great Muller report will hv all the evidence. THE media had lied to Democrates for a 1000days since 2016. WAKE UP DEM.

  10. Counsel Mr.Charot is so on point with his convictions of the Democratic party. Thank you for your statement Mr.Charot!

  11. Gaetz is such a child. To try to make impeachment a joke. Not a joke. But to claim it is all about hating Trump is hilarious. Wow, great defense.

  12. these Republicans should be so damned ashamed of themselves, I hope they suffer every consequence due them for them willfully, knowledgeably, determinedly supporting a President whom they full well know has committed so many criminal, immoral , detestable acts right in full view of them. Disgusting morons.

  13. The lady will tell you about Mrs Corey it lying under oath he will pay the fine for cover up for the unfit president ok it will cost him his job to be fired for lying to you the congree man and woman ok her name it Ms Lauren Thielen she it a Detective pychic and she will tell you what really going on ok she be on YouTube and type her name on the search page and I t will show her face ok as it on the video and look at the bottom of the page and it is comment type your name and your phone number ok and let her know everything that you want to know about the situation was going with the unfit president was doing that you don't know about and why the foreign country got to do with the Election it a fraud on the Election ballot ok it suppose to be the USA only ok this man it a straight up lair ok never speak the truth will set you free then a lie ok

  14. And the unfi president not suppose to get no money from no other countries at all he is collecting money from the other senator trying to get her in the office by you not knowing it ok he collecting money from the Rupublcian and other countries too ok this man shall be charged for the crime for bribery and conspiracy and forgery and lying under oath and in your congree face ok that is crime I wouldn't do what he is doing to be a president he is not truthful act all ok

  15. Lewandowski beat congressman Cohen, and flustered him.
    28:47 to 33:40.

    He simply stuck to the facts that he was not asked to do, or did anything illegal.

  16. Trump self funded really are you sure about that no outside money.Just like his charity thats y him and family had to shut down there so called charity

  17. theres a russian guy (looks like one) that appears at 3:05:05 on the right side of Lewandowski who looks really cracked up on drugs and manages to grab a video and laugh about it to god knows who. Not to mention this is a probe for russian interference. Unbelievable what a joke.

  18. They Ask Lewandowski To Read He Tells Them Too Read It For Him Why? Perhaps He Can't Read He Probably Have A Dictator To Write Down Information For Him. He's A Big Nut And A Big Fool That Was And Is Being Use By Trump.

  19. The Klu Klux Klans And The Skin Heads Put Trump In Office And They Are Going To Do All They Can Too Keep Trump In Office. They Don't Care What Trump Does Trump Control The Republicans When He Tells Them Too Jump They Ask Trump How High. They Worship Him More Than They Worship The True And Living God. Sorry My Mistake They Don't Believe In The True And Living God. They Are Of There Father Satan The Devil 😈.

  20. This is all a game. Black people run….!!!!! for your lives. Germany, America, England are all in on it. There are many many other countries that are vying for your dismissal from existence as well. Listen to those congressmen and Senators with no regard for the lives of those abused by police. They will slaughter you all. Your are paying triple digits in the trillions yearly merely via your spending power. You yourself are powerful. This money is used for your demise each and everyday . Please think. We of faith will ask that God turn away so that we can protect his children. Don’t do this America. For all of our sakes. Your provisions are low and time is not excepting your selection. Ask? And you shall receive.

  21. At 1:41:45, Congressman Cicilline stated that a message was to be sent to Attorney General Sessions that would end the Mueller investigation.

    That was false.

    President Trump simply wanted Attorney General Sessions to make a public statement about the truth of his experience with the Trump campaign.

    That public statement would not stop , or affect the Mueler investigation.

    Then, at 1:44:40, Congressman Cicilline tried to State that it would be a criminal act, to deliver a message to Attorney General Sessions.

    That was false.

    The message did not mention the investigation. It talked about the campaign.

    Lewandowski stated, the President never asked me to do anything illegal, and he never asked me to keep anything secret. That was true.

    Then at 1:50:10, Congressman Biggs clarified that there was nothing in the Mueller report indicating that there was any attempt to impede the investigation.

  22. Jerry Nadler and wife walk into their favorite swanky DC restaurant to dine on our dime.

    "Maitre'd: Good evening Mr and Mrs Nadler! We have your favorite table in the cozy corner of the dining room for you tonight".
    Mrs Nadler: "Oh thank you". Maitre'd; "Your welcome", Mrs. Nadler: "Oh….and don't forget the booster chair for my husband".

  23. This is totally ridiculous, these guys are guilty of all types of crimes ans playing games, we the people demand action we don't have a Congressnot working for Americans so why are they still employed

  24. I would much rather we have house hearings about pedophile island owned my Jeff Epstein and visited by many many high powered democrats.

  25. The entire republican party should be impeached for obviously and openly refusing to look at the evidence and going out of their way ti block any investigation. Biden may be guilty, that is beside the point. Dem's have abused them in the past, again, beside the point. How we found out, what they the Dems did that is awful that got us here is incedental, only that there is sufficient evidence to warrant investigation. Are the republicans seriously contending that becuase the dems dont like Trump they that they cannot question his actions! Could anyone try Manson, Hitler? If the law should be you cannot question anyones actions if you do not like them those two and many other would have to go free. I DONT GIVE A DAMN how we got here, quit cross fighting and acting like children and look at the evidence with an open mind and then decide. Republicans, you are not the presidents lawyers, your supposed to be enforcing the constitution not defending the president.

  26. We are talking about abuse of power and the Chairman refuses to follow the rules of the house right here in front of you. This is only about removing a man they hate. When it comes time to actually put in work they would rather look the other way.

  27. So people the question is respond by like a dislike do you think they need to cut this out and gone and do something else like their job instead of a Witch Hunt over a person to tell you everything they're doing when they do it you don't owe anybody any favors that I know of and I've been digging should the American people vote these Democrats that are participating in this BS out of their offices buy like a dislike cast your vote

  28. “bread and circus” deflect, protect, deceive and be the circus to keep a tyrant in office. Should Trump have 4 more years this becomes history of our part of remaining silent. There not the voice of rational

  29. He has no job at the white house? So why is Trump sending him over to speak to Sessions? He even has white house lawyers with him..we the ppl r helping this Idiot?

  30. It is with great pleasure that I recall the FACT that the distinguished mimic, Jackson Lee, WILL answer to God one day for it's insolence before it's master. The marmoset obviously needs a flogging in the town square. What an oily task it must have been to tie that pelt to the top of it's head.

  31. so Buck new rules, we don't spy on Russian spies that are undermining our elections, putting greedy PUTIN pals in power= adderall money laundering, rapey potus and his kids are idiots

  32. How many times did you meet with the president?
    (who ever counts how many times you meet with someone? what a stupid question)

  33. With the likes of you; who would want to be a judge; before YOU cast your aspersions; it would be to your betterment to quit throwing stones; Mr. Cohen; Mr. Cohen you are a very derogatory individual as well as playing the part of a haughty individual; it s NO wonder you are unable to solicit any cooperation from the witnesses; Mr.Cohen you sound like boss hog from the television show of "Dukes of Hazard County" were YOU; Mr. Cohen one of those many people ; that frequented Jeff Epstein's island of pedophilia of ill repute?

    Another FAKE Representative/Senator of CONGRESS nothing HONORABLE about "Hank" Johnson; The only CHICKEN here is "HANK" Johnson; now that is my personal assumption as one chicken to another CHICKEN;
    what is your EXCUSE!! ???

  34. 5:50 look at the 2 clowns, they are really not interested in what is going on, one is looking at his phone all the time and the other rocking himself, like an imbecile

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