Constitution Day 2014

(music) We the People those three words open the preamble to the United States
Constitution they also emphasize one of the great
promises our country that our nation will have a
government of the people by the people and for the people our
nation’s democracy and our very freedoms as Americans have been protected by the constitution
for more than two hundred and twenty-five years every year on Sept 17 we pause to mark the anniversary of the
signing of that important document and to reflect on our rights and responsibilities as
citizens my name is Lorie Gildea and I have a
great honor of serving as the Chief Justice of the
Minnesota Supreme Court thank you for taking the time to
celebrate Constitution Day and for learning more about our nation’s
history and its guiding principles many have the
freedoms and protections under the law that we as Americans enjoy from the
rights provided to us in the bill of rights to the separation of powers
between the executive legislative and judicial branches of
government stem from the Constitution seventy
years after the signing of the United States
Constitution in October 1857 Minnesota adopted our own state constitution in
many ways the documents are similar our state
constitution also includes a bill of rights and
divides the state government into three separate branches Minnesota’s
Constitution also includes an important promise that
continues to guide the work have our judicial branch every day it’s
a promise that every Minnesotan has the right to obtain justice freely promptly and without delay and it’s a
promise that those of us in the justice system work every day to honor and to keep on behalf of the Minnesota judicial
branch I’m proud to celebrate Constitution Day
with you I encourage you to learn more about the
United States and Minnesota constitutions at our Constitution Day page on the
Minnesota judicial branch website I sincerely hope that the lessons we
learn on Constitution Day will spur ongoing
discussions about the Constitution throughout the
year and I hope that those discussions will inspire you to become a more active and engaged
citizen in your community happy Constitution Day

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