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One of the things we don’t understand very well from a political perspective is that conservatives and liberals are actually quite different people temperamentally. And so the way they filter the world is different and so the world Presents itself as a set of facts that are different for liberals and conservatives So it’s not just a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of fundamental Temperamental orientation, and to understand that other people. This is the diversity argument. If you were really making a diversity argument that was real, this is the argument you would make. People are actually different and you need to understand the differences, because there’s advantages and disadvantages to all the differences. and there’s also Advantages and Disadvantages into how we interact with each other that’s important people to know know It’s really useful to talk to someone who’s different than you because they actually see a different world If you listen to them they can give you some insight into that world, and that means that your world can expand and maybe if you knew that they were actually different, like biologically different, you’d be more inclined to listen to them, because you wouldn’t think that.. I mean obviously people are arbitrary and ignorant, and malevolent at times. Those are separate issues, but apart from all that They’re also very different from one another and if you listen to someone who’s different from you They’ll tell you things you don’t know and that’s really helpful unless you would like to not know things and then you run like, you know, face-first into Walls you

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  1. Yeah, it's all a matter of worldviews, that's why liberals interpret facts differently than us conservatives because they have fundamental pre-commitments (so do we), so really it's a matter of which worldview is objectively right.

  2. Thank you for all you do!! I admire you and follow your work all the way from Bolivia, I was wandering if we can translate your material into Spanish it would be very helpful.
    In South America we are dealing with the post moderns and we have limited material to deal with it.
    Please contact me, I am willing to help.

  3. Fuck, this is becoming a pseudo-religion with all these blind believers ALWAYS cracking the same bucko/room joke. It's about time to stop, fellas. Also, anybody else does not like Crowder – or what he says, rather? Peterson's association with these outles is somewhat worrisome, especially The Rebel.

  4. The thing I've often wondered when Peterson talks on this is why we need the liberals at all. He always says we do yet so vehemently opposes the way the liberal parties head whereas he only has small criticisms for conservative ones…
    I suppose the idea is to keep each other in check, but we've just done a terrible job at finding a proper center and instead we're plunging way too deep down one side.
    I really do have trouble seeing this issue ever come up if we get "too conservative" in the way I'd like, being very nearly no government at all, but that may just be my political bias creating something better than it is.

  5. I think that another good conservative vs liberal comparison clip would be in maps of meaning 5: story and meta story part 1 at 1:12:41.

  6. So he says that liberals and conservatives are different biologically, does he expand on this anywhere in the interview?

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