Conservatives Are WINNING The Internet, Democrats Self Destructing

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. There's two reasons Tim doesn't do as well as those other channels: One is because he often appears rather disingenuous with the constant spouting of "I'm interested in what you guys think down below" , and "I may be wrong, I want to know down below" , and then never, ever, EVER engaging with his audience or even so much as liking a single comment (which seems to indicate he never reads even a single one).

    Secondly, Tim isn't humble. Tim fancies himself some sort of super important new media star with — as he loves to point out — better "ratings" than CNN. People don't like people like that.

  2. I think perhaps there will be dedicate sites in the future such as LEFTUBE where you will only find leftist opinion.

    At least that way you know upfront where you are going.

  3. Social media will undoubtedly go through a big change within the next 4 years.

    I predict that if you own a social media network that engages in political debate and being a presence in the public square, you will be regulated or legislated into allowing equal access to "ALL" or face steep fines or even shutdown.

    We cannot allow these tech giants to say they have control over who speaks on their sites and at the same time claim they stand for free speech.

    Enough is enough.

    I think back at when television started and how they had to eventually legislate broadcasting rules and regulations.

    The internet will be no different.

  4. Why do you think they try to censor conservatives all the time? They can't beat them in a fair game, so they throw a tantrum to media overlords that bend the knee to the mob

  5. Omg. Are you preaching third way. They are what destroyed the party. I didn’t know you were a corporate neoliberal. That is not centrist, they always benefit the 1% and screw the working class.

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