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Conservative VS Liberal Political 101 by Tony Rollo – Liberalism and Conservatism

Conservative VS Liberal Political 101 by Tony Rollo - Liberalism and Conservatism

political methodologies and viewpoints could easily fill many volumes of books entire wings of libraries have been dedicated to housing vast numbers of dissertations historical accounts and propagandistic books that would take an entire lifetime just to skim their contents what we do need in these times we live is now a concise straightforward Oldtown explanation of how the basic philosophies of governing work this is my attempt to do so it is not meant to be exhaustive or authoritarian on the subject but to give a basic understanding to work from conservatism and liberalism conservatism as well as liberalism is not a manner of visual trappings you cannot tell the difference from looks tastes smells or any other reliance upon the five senses nor can one rely on culture or language in order to detect a political philosophy the differences begin in the heart and mind and are then translated into words and actions labels and terminologies can change from one generation to the next and even from one moment to the next it is not the words we use to describe these philosophies but the actions and results of these philosophies that hold meaning and relevance it would be correct to view conservatism and liberalism as offices both claim to embrace Liberty in an order of law it is in the viewpoint of liberty and freedom where these two philosophies of governance reveal their opposition the main point of departure between these philosophies can be measured with a view of history just as we can judge a tree by the fruit it bears so we can judge the differences between the methodologies and the results between the liberal and the conservative around the turn of the 20th century what was known before as liberal took a twisted turn before that time the word liberal was considered rooted in the term Liberty it was considered a conservative term this is illustrated in post-civil war America when Horace Greeley the world's most powerful newspaper publisher helped form the liberal Republican Party in an attempt to defeat ulysses s grant in his run for second term as president of the United States of America in this time period up until the end of the 19th century liberal belief meant a philosophy that government should get out of the way of people's lives that the government should be as small as possible but still maintain a basic order in society individual achievement and Liberty would take precedence over the government at the dawn of the 20th century the term liberal began to take a philosophy that government should now become involved in people's lives and do something to promote a person's liberty this is illustrated in the writings of Isaiah Berlin and his description of positive Liberty or that government should do things for citizens to increase their freedoms and liberty the idea became that in order to maintain Liberty government should increase outlays of structure in order to promote Liberty government welfare was necessary in order for people to be free this was the departure point at the same time in the very early 20th century the progressive philosophy was born the nation and indeed the world was experiencing great advances in science and technology along with these advances came advances in socialist and communist societies even the concept that utopia could be achieved in America liberal thought took on the philosophy that freedom from want was a legitimate freedom to be had this was considered an evolution of liberalism which took on a stronger hold under Franklin Roosevelt when America experienced the Great Depression this new twist in liberal philosophy filth and only government could provide the means of freedom through the great depression this evolved liberalism gained great momentum due to the fact that many people were indeed in need the roots of government intervention grew deeper and sprouted the new concept of welfare which believes only the government could provide for the needs of the people the welfare state sprang forth in the 1960s and the President Lyndon Johnson's concept for the Great Society dependence on government was key in order to meet the needs of the people this brings us to what liberalism means today 100 years since the small seed of government intervention was terminated we now have a well-established liberal philosophy that only government can be the answer to any need a person could have modern liberal philosophy believes in a collective form of government by contrast the conservative philosophy is a belief in individual rights to freedom it looks back to the foundation of American philosophy that freedom is liberty many feel this is a backwards way of thinking in other words looking back rather than progressing forward however in reality the conservative concept is the dissemination of values and beliefs that were established at the creation of the United States of America the conservative philosophy of today positions itself to embrace the concept of liberty and freedom at our founding this philosophy is what empowered America and Americans to prosper conservatism embraces the American ideals of individual achievement it is the engine of incentive success is the reward of self determination the very definition of success is determined by the individual this view of Liberty allows the individual to pursue their own vision of success and happiness true liberty and freedom can only be derived from self-determination Benjamin Franklin one of our founding fathers and true polymath perfectly describes the meaning of Liberty liberty is the freedom to be wrong not the freedom to do wrong the true answer may lie in the concept of the greater the risk the greater the reward perhaps the liberal concept is that the greater good comes from less risk with less reward it may seem that a simple description of the liberal way would be to look after the benefit of society as a whole without individual consideration whereas the conservative way would be to look after the freedom of the individual in order for that individual to contribute to the benefit of society as a whole if we look at our language to find a greater definition of what the difference between liberal and conservative is it would be an oversimplification to illustrate their meanings with a slice of bread and a stick of butter with the liberal wavy to cover the bread with a thick layer of butter leaving no spot uncovered is this an act of liberation of the butter at the expense of the bread with the conservative way be a very thin and sporadic dab of butter here and there is this an act of conservation a conclusion can be clearly drawn between conservatism and liberalism the liberal looks to government for approval whereas the conservative looks to approve the government

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  1. This explanation of conservatism vs liberalism is totally skewed and absurd. Liberals do not believe in a broad welfare state. Conservatives do not uphold a view of individual liberty.

  2. Had to watch this video for a government assignment and just wanted to thank the creator and the commenters for their information and input! Commenters can sometimes be trolls, but I gotta say, you guys are the bomb.

  3. I'm an independent. I go to political rallies of both camps and fart in the crowd.  Just like Thomas Jefferson.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I wish there was more people like you today. I learned more in this 9.5 mins then 4 years of University teachings. 😉

  5. It's amazing how the minds of libtard idiots function. They rewrite history and then get in your face when you show them that their history isn't true.   

    The economy collapsed in 2008 because of the Democratic Party's 30-year-running Housing market scam where they forced banks to make loans to people who never should have gotten a loan in the first place. When the government-created artificial Housing market bubble broke in 2006 the left wing scam began to fall apart. It may have lasted a few more years, but Clinton exacerbated it's demise by adding quotas on banks for how many bad loans they had to generate. That sped the inevitable collapse time wise. 

  6. I didn't think it was biased at all.
    The simple facts speak for themselves, and louder than any politician's voice.
    Who would still have ANY "left" left in them after this video? 🙂
    Good work MindWars!

  7. Thank you. Conservatism is so hated today because people just simply don't understand it. People look at stuff like the ACA and think why would anyone not want this? And until they truly understand conservatism, then they will never understand why welfare Is so bad for society.

  8. That is a great comment – because just as the film attempts to be, your comment can be read as pro-conservative if one believes in keeping tradition – while at the same time a liberal would see your comments as anti-conservative –

    What really matters to everyone is what benefits us as an individual. But at the same time, someone who believes in no individual consideration (a collective) does so as believing that benefits them individually. Just as deciding not to choose is a choice in itself.

  9. The interesting point about your comment Dave, is the amount of comments on how the film is "biased" liberal / conservative / no bias – If you are coming to it AS a "conservative" and see it biased as conservative while others see it balanced and others see it as "libertarian" and even some think of it as liberal positive then it made its point well. Some liberal types want us all to be made to live as a group with no individual consideration. They see that as perfectly accurate and best for all

  10. I like the video, but it's hard to ignore that it is trying hard to not be biased but very much comes across as pro-conservatism rather than just stating facts…coming from a conservative too :/

  11. "How can this be unless viewers are viewing it through their own prism". – MWM

    Agreed. There will always be relativity & I'm doomed to carry my own subjective view. That said, we seem to both be objectivists to some extent. We believe we can work towards objective truths through rationale, inquiry, & quality research. We might never reach a truly objective definition of "liberal" & "conservative", but we can work closer to it.

    So cheers for the video & for launching the discussion. Peace.

  12. It is interesting to see the vast comments such as this one:

    "I think this is a fantastic video! Not only is it clear and concise,,it approaches the differences between the two philosophies with objectivity and respect."

    Also the comments that the film is biased … is NOT biased … and how it is "well balanced".

    How can this be unless viewers are viewing it through their own prism ?

    Having such divers opinions is not only interesting, but begs further thought.

  13. All you need to do is see your posting comment to the film.

    "I wish my name was Brian because maybe sometimes people would misspell my name and call me Brain. That's like a free compliment and you don't even gotta be smart to notice it."

    Apparently you have several identities and have lost track of them. Your bizarre comment about wishing your name was "brain" prompted the reference to "pinky" – as in "Pinky and the Brain" cartoon. We take any blame for attempting friendly humor.

  14. True enough that I couldn't produce a film like this. Your voice (or whoever that is) is incredible.

    If I did I'd avoid pushing the view that liberalism is about socialized policy or conservative is about libertarian policy; safety nets is one small aspect of many. I'd illustrate how the words are greatly defined by the era, place, & the zeitgeists surrounding them. I'd probably give some examples from several points in history & include examples of their meanings in other countries.

  15. The comments here are all quite interesting.

    It's very interesting after reading comments and given comment via other sources that your comments can be so completely off base. There is nothing misrepresented in the presentation.

    It is obvious that any misrepresentation is being conjured up in your own mind due to a existing viewpoint that was pricked as a foot encounters a thorn.

    Tell us – what film of yours that you have produced can you show us that would be more accurate in your mind?

  16. Yes, no one can cover everything, but we should try to limit how much oversimplification leads to misrepresentation. I'd say this video crosses the line.

    To juxtapose modern conservativism with the founding fathers (FF) through assertions like; conservatives "look back to the foundation of American philosophy, that freedom is liberty" or "embrace the concept of liberty and freedom at our founding" ignores the historical contexts & the extremely different/complex views our founding fathers had.

  17. Based upon the opinions that the film is biased "right" and then another says it's biased "left" and yet another says it isn't biased at all makes us believe we did our job well. Meaningful discussions come from provoking thought. Please feel free to have a meaningful discussion rather than try to decipher whether or not we are biased. Because an impression of bias in the end is based on bias before the beginning.

  18. Meaningful discussions come from provoked thought… The film begins with an admission that it is an overview and not meant to be exhaustive on the subject. It would be a very long and boring film if it tried to cover "everything" …

  19. This film began by explaining that it was not meant to be an exhaustive analysis … an impression of bias is usually based on a viewer's predetermined bias.

  20. You make assertions that what you describe as modern conservativism (which is more libertarianism) is comparable to what the founding fathers espoused, while liberalism brushes over seemingly brushes over much of their beliefs. This over looks much of what the founding fathers believed and what modern conservatism is. For example, Thomas Jefferson didn't believe in estate ownership (the right to keep land as property). He and others like Washington also saw waged labor to be akin to slavery.

  21. I have to agree with Crackmonster here. It should also be noted you espouse a very modern American perspective of Liberalism and Conservativism. Your definitions can't be applied to Europe or most the world defines "liberalism".

    More over, if you define liberalism from modern U.S. perspectives and policy, shouldn't you also do the same with conservatism which is more along the lines of Neoliberalism? While what you call conservativism in your video seems more like modern libertarianism.

  22. All the liberal presidents created bad economys all the conservatives made good economies and its still happening obama is creating a new great depression

  23. Good Job Tony! So True, just like our old talks from days gone by! Hope all is well with you. Glad to see you are still into Tech, contact me if you want. thx, Richard

  24. If you know anything about "conservatives" and "liberals" then you know that the "conservatives" were the ones who freed slaves.

  25. Conservatives, We believe in freedom and liberty! Now no gays get married, no women should rights over their bodies and we should be able wire tap your phones and hack your emails

  26. government, our government, is supposed to be of, by, and just as importantly, FOR the people. government's bottom line is it's people and their welfare, NOT money.

  27. That was the intent, unfortunately it's created slaves to the welfare system. I work in an inner city hospital, and deal with generations of welfare recipients who've never ever worked, who've never had a family member work, and will do anything to get out of the 24 hours a month of public service the government requests. The only workers these welfare recipients see are the public servants who service them. They start breeding at 12, and stop (usually) at 6 kids, welfare pays for 6

  28. This leaves a ton of stuff out on both sides and I get the impression it is biased and sides with conservatism.

  29. Modern conservatism is based on 19th century social darwinism. Social Darwinism is the perversion of the scientific ideas of Charles Darwin by a man named Herbert Spencer.

    Spencer's ideas went on to influence right wing Nazi Germany & Fascist Europe.

    Today they are most influential in the theocratic capitalist right.

  30. interesting video. my opinion is that since man is flawed all forms of government is also going to be flawed.

  31. Just goes aganist my nature to have my decisions determined or approved by someone else. And I liked the "low risk, low reward" part.

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