Conservative Brain Vs. Liberal Brain – Study

there’s also the entrance is brought to you
by the national fight against drunk driving over the limit under arrest who want to spend the holidays in jail the under our existing britain scan the brains
of ninety students are in britain and also to british parliamentarians and he wanted to find differences in the brains
of concern is verses the brains of liberals and you know
he didn’t really expect to find the main and major difference but so when he found was this uh… he found a
conservatism brains have a larger and met and make the list uh… then the brains of liberals amis allies
are responsible for their primitive emotions at the same time conservatives brains are
also found to be to have a smaller and tear erica cingulate uh… and that’s the part of the brain that’s
responsible for courage an optimism so first of all hot you could serve as a decay dot allow howard stuff ita won’t be a good studies only at ninety
students did not want college it’s two british parliament and it’s not nearly enough is just
the beginning you don’t want you to this to see if that
holds up in other places right again surprising how much you know that the demand is very
small test initially uh… and other ended just as we like each other studies
recover about show promotion strider politics more than logic
dot take more than your political ideology does that sound or you’re going to drive your
political ideology so endorsed different size the one factor do you see over and over asylum
for service is here guys use you see you know play outdated in
american politics with dispose of the wells fargo it uh… it does pack so the republic poly sci one fear terrorists or or
a tax cut appeared over was plastered was species uh… cc of this error one-on-one so that
sounds we study seeks to basis will we see the real and you know it was interesting is what act convinces me that urologist to do the brain
scans of the first place so apparently he was having an interview with
the b_b_c_’s forced today show and um… they were talking about the differences with conservatives
and liberals and the host of the show choked up you should
do brain scan to see if they have differences in brain brain structure and then there are just looks like good idea so we actually did a not expecting
to find any differences and then he did find differences and so now uh… that hosted that show he’s
saying well maybe you should stand the brains of
people in parliament right now so we can figure out whether or not they’re being honest when
they’re saying they’re liberals or whether they’re being conservatives i love that that s_s_c_ people’s brains to decide which
you know direction is surely going here but listening i love that i think that base
as the years for example what or services all helms throughout the country you know in the south and west whatever viola midwest
anymore level and then there are more liberal studies is generally speaking in california new york closes at well i think one of the is explain in this
as well it again and again with hundreds of other things that we which is that there liberals might be more according to this courageous
and optimistic anyway payable only by a small town and go to new york and a good chance
borough hall continue ideas i’m hoping to change hoping to enough to salute online right so that’s why you want to gain liberals on
the coast and conservatives ladies literature we don’t know what you more
stepped outside i’ve said all i know a lot of those places
of scale like change unsolicited here with my they headed for c_v_s_ in the same yaha actually sample size ninety seven is
not too small for most studies that you have a represent a sample uh… were andy causes the sample size it is about twenty five you get a good uh…
reliable study the more the more important factor here is whether the study was applying
study when this drug is worse kenny’s brains do
you know that was supposed to be a conservatives brain or or liberals rain because that may influence what he quote unquote finds
vivek johnson’s ever bring so while copied in the bill is by the way i projects make the lease deal
at larger mouths hanging there that’s what that’s a big caller claims continuously while drinking something and
sends it pride cancer to live uh… because i had some trouble tonight in
the door no anywhere i initial housing although i cannot reagan was evil from now with this thing is that there’s no rollins
is is also wondering what came first the ticket or the act cell are we inform with lightening the last
part does our political affiliation change the structure of our brain that’s another question that he’s housing
which i think it’s fascinating he refuses that will aid your conservative your resources like barbara out his life although it is a c_ span and instead of another
part of racism regarding jeannie chase our lifetime but as he was a bit much
feeling that they violated but now that we did it rally this absolutely approves the
methodology curtailing the probabilities that they were all almost all of university college alone in students right now somewhere any notes of disastrous idea drinking and driving they go hunt you know with is a number reasons why obviously never
won t be arrested disaster on top of disaster if you do get caught drunk driving it’ll cost u thousands of dollars but put all that aside
was much more important is if you wind up hurting somebody that we’re going to produce all that’s the
worst possible thing you could do in the light already have the cost lana i
know believe me i you know me and she right but i was thinking like what-if something with wrong and my whole life would
be thinking i didn’t he just tink tink have they don’t have to go to a any website and you don’t have been turkey weighty pro-market
just do not get behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking happy hour

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  1. Oh loo. Trying to find legit news on youtube. All I find are a group of idiots kicked off the radio for not fact checking and for being dumbasses.

  2. Do you know what conservatives are "afraid" of?
    Everything that has already happened in history.
    History repeats itself. You people just like to think that it won't happen again. Liberals in general are definitely not courageous, from what I've seen. Ever debate with one? If the facts seem to hurt, shout RACIST! Ignore the facts.
    This video is full of underrated news radio hosts, spewing false information around.

  3. If Conservatives are stupid for being worried about terrorists. Why do liberals want all of our phones tapped to stop terrorists. Hmmm

  4. Oh my god this poll is bullshit! I find myself an independent voter, but this video is more stupid than some of the shit you find on Fox.

  5. completely agree. People definitely need to at least stop pointing fingers at the other party and being complete hypocrites, all the while exposing the other side for being hypocrites whilst being hypocrites.

    If it's anything I can't stand it's hypocrisy. TYT loves accusing FOX of being overly biased (probably is) yet they are overly biased themselves…sad.

  6. All I can say to be conservative is like a safe net. Your use to your way of life and anything new or different is fearful and wrong. So it feels like a taboo and not a correct way of life. Others would say that its having a sheltered life and not living in the real world cause you know no different. With todays age and the expansion of the information age hopefully we see less of this and more toward diversity. Dont have to necessarily agree with it but accept others thats the point.

  7. The idea is to obtain balance. In other words, socialism. It's left wing, but has right wing traits to keep the peace/ballance.

  8. Why is the us military composed mostly of conservatives if conservatives are cowards? This may differ between nations as well giving it was in the uk and it could have been a biased study.

  9. Meh, not in my Country. Canada is generally a socialist Country, yet we have many right wing beliefs. One side is not better than the other. There must be ideas from both left and right wing ideals to make a strong government capable of caring for every citizen and ensuring the growth and survival of the nation.

  10. Hence why you need ballence intead of strict left or right wing tactics, but as the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, and if most of your people are in homeless shelters or on welfare…well, economically, you are pretty well screwed.

  11. reasoned thoughts below the forconscious.their unbele to connect to their subconscious at least wile sober os when see its they get confused more.they can figure out why they them selfs mite feels a certain way about some thing they make up some thing that fits their world vew.&they do,nt even understand what their talking about when about the brain &mind fear is a reaction one part of the brain the amygdala conection all others.a realization of danger.courage is decision a choice of what to do

  12. theres been independent studies on the liberal brain the druged up brain&the psychopathic brain they all have one thing incommon an under developed fear center.there other differences &cause but, fear is crucial brain empathybeing abele to relate to the fear of others.ever herd how they talk about killing babies.&how they emotionlessly say how orphan or any one in bad situations would rather be dead.or how thay talk about emotional reaction&&reasoned thinking.emotional reactions are

  13. i just a brilliant idea of how settle the fetal pain debate once&for all brain scan we can new watch the brain of a live fetus see its brain activity directly instead of debating the fetus activity&behavior

  14. No. To defend our homes, families, and liberties.

    The invasion of other countries has been taking place since long before guns existed. That is the doings of a bureaucrat.

  15. Conservative brain "We shouldnt let Somalians in our country because their culture is retarded. "

    Liberal brain "We need to let them in! they are sooooo miserable, WE NEED TO HELP THEM!!! LET THEM IN!!! ..hey what is going on? why is the tax rate so much higher now? and why is the crime rate so high? "

    Conservatives think, Liberals use their emotions to make decision.

  16. With this logic Blacks are Less intelligent than Whites and Females are less Intelligent than Males.

    are you trying to say this is not true?

  17. Every study that was conducted on the intelligence of Democrats and Republicans resulted in the Democrats being more intelligent on average. Go look it up rather than just calling it bullshit because you're Republican.

  18. "Show me a young Conservative and I'll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I'll show you someone with no brains." -Winston Churchill.

    More than likely, through age, you will change you views.  Hopefully, you do.  It would mean that you think about things from other perspectives.  You can't look at physical aspects of the brain and draw a conclusion.  The brain functions at a physiological level much more than an anatomical level.  Also, grey matter is what matters, it's myelinated, which means, information travels faster.  This study means nothing.

  19. Makes sense.  Why else can't conservatives or Fox News produce comedians like Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?  It's because humor and being afraid don't mix (as out-of-character Colbert pointed out).

  20. I'm not watching TYT anymore, these guys base all of their opinions on stereotypes and propaganda, and flawed outdated research. this video is a perfect example. Progressive/Liberals are the most annoying people in America.

  21. You conservatives shouldn't be afraid of blacks. You should be afraid the blonde haired blue eyed people. They were the ones who committed all the atrocities during World War 2. A lot of them were Vikings back in the day too.
    Ooh, Vikings. Scary. They'll invade you!
    Some blonde haired blue eyed people have no souls. That's why they're so pale. The soul is what gives you that nice good looking tan. That bronzed or olive complected look.

  22. I have read studies claiming liberals tend to suffer from mental illness at a alarming rate compared to conservatives. But we already know liberalism is a mental disorder.

  23. It's funny how child prodigies like Ben Shapiro turn out to be conservative.  His brain must function at a lower level… NOT!

  24. Extreme Conservative: Owning a gun. Going to church. Having a wife and kids. Low taxes.
    Extreme Liberal: Eyeballing heroin. Meth fueled interracial, inter-species homosexual gang-bangs at a collective farm.  

  25. fear is what keeps us from murdering raping and overdosing. Not having fear sounds really primitive.
    . courage and optimism. I view that as being irresponsible and gullible. I can bet my life conservatives are smarter.

  26. Do Libertarians like not exist? Conservatives accuse me of being a liberal and liberals accuse me of being a conservative

  27. The fact that conservatives are more religious and less on teaching tolerance is clearly enough sufficient evidence that liberals are smarter. Nuff said.

  28. Continue these silly assed replies Conservatives, show how teenie weenie that higher evolved brain is in your heads.  It's funny, let's have more!!!.

  29. My Major was Developmental Psychology. My NeuroPsych instructor's pet subject was the Amygdalae not Amygdala – its a pair of independently operable lobes, incorporating a number of complementary structures, not a singular organ. This 'study' produced results specific to the right or left lobe yet is presented as a singular difference – this is the first point of academic dishonesty and political bias. Such bias is extremely problematic in Psychology due to the implications of intellectual differences, as 'intelligence' is how we define 'Human'. The right/left activation and even physical volume of the Amygdalae is far more apparent and effective across gender than political orientation. The second, and the most egregious, point of dishonesty is the deliberate misinterpretation of the Amygdalea function. Referring to it as 'reptillian brain' and 'fear center' is pure BS presented to conform the results to the preconceived outcome. It is, in fact, the structure which facilitates conscious processing of emotional states. That is, as it relates to fear, the part of the brain that allows us to 'control' fear and agression and process it rationally as opposed to compulsive terror, rage, depression, etc. The smaller volume and lower activation rates in the right lobe is why females are more prone to overwhelming fear and revulsion reactions and propensity for holding grudges and acute depression(due to female memory being based upon emotional states whereas males tend to remember more tangible details). Its also noteworthy in this light that females are predominently liberal, while males tend to be conservative. The Amydalae also seem to be connected with sexual orientation in that homosexuals (male and female) tend to activate their Amygdalae more similarly to the opposite sex.

    I could write a paper on this subject (I actually DID!). The bottom line is that this 'study' is not very positive for 'liberals' once the deliberate dishonesty around the Amygdalea function is dispelled. Thats why the only place we hear about this is in the occasional ham fisted commentary of acutely biased progressives who live in a self righteous emotional torrent. Anyone who starts feeling intellectually superior to their 'primative' conservative counterparts, based upon this data, should actually do some legitimate, open minded research on the Amygdalae, rather than running with this blatant bias because it 'feels good'.

    Edited for typo

  30. A shrunken amygdala results in a decrease in empathy, poor memory, and difficulty making decisions. People suffering from psychopathy have very small amygdalas. This report is a prime example of cherry picking, where they take the information they like and discard what doesn't fit their narrative. "Fear" in this case is also the fear of hurting other people, due to empathy.

  31. Typical bullshit from the liberal, handholding, easily offended emotional feminist minority worshipping SJW hypocritical hipsters, fucking liberals

  32. This is what the Nazis did to get rid of people demean them and use JUNK science at its core.. Then again they were socialists which is established fact now

  33. This reminds me of when they did studies on african brain vs. the white brain. If you believe in anything like this you are definitely a bigot.

  34. This is extremely stupid. I am both a former conservative and a former liberal both ideologies anyone could choose an ideology isn't defined by brain structure

  35. want to do you tube rants so you sound like a pro and wont torture you audience? buy a lav microphone please, try using your brain for that so we don't have to listen to you as if your in the bathroom. By the way Liberals brains do not have more courage if they did they would not ignore the truth, simply they think emotionally rather than rationally which is why you only see dumb liberals with co exist bumper stickers

  36. Risk Assessment????Balance between cost and benefit versus risk……???Boys and Girls, the superficial view as provided by TYT is Titanic Dangerous (that's right, call me conservative)."never mind the iceberg, maintain course and speed"

  37. Ignoring the fact that british conservatism is fundamentally different from the american counter-part; courage + optimism – fear = naiveté . fear + optimism + courage = wisdom.

  38. Courage and optimism. That's the recipe for "everything is going to be fine, no matter what". No wonder as more and more liberal policies are implemented and the economy goes down the drain, making this the part time job country, liberals simply ignore the data from their policies and keep going the same direction because "everything is going to be fine, no matter what".
    National Debt is bigger than ever? No worries: everything is going to be fine, no matter what.
    Monetary base is now at least twice as big than it was under Bush? It's OK: everything is going to be fine, no matter what.
    Let's make a huge Detroit out of this country and just ignore the conservative pointing at the imminent catastrophe dead ahead.

  39. yes. liberals are fearless. At least, in their safe spaces were no one can challenge their beliefs, and the fact that they think we're all gonna die if we had the right to bear arms more. No fear there.

  40. If liberals are smarter then why do they argue from emotions? why do they lie more often? why are they more violent? why are the majority of minimum wage earners liberal? why are they less likely to look outside of accepted progressive ideology? If you dont understand what I mean look at what happens to conservative college students, look at what happens to black conservatives.

  41. Progressive Franklin D. Roosevelt was the best President we have ever had and he served 4 terms as President. His policies created the Middle Class and saved Capitalism while he managed to defeat two Axis Power enemies at the same time.

  42. Oh I bet the young turds are gona give us a VERY accurate overview of this 😂

    I'll fill you in here… Liberals are often times retarded. Liberals will argue that the sky is not blue. Liberals will jump in a pool and say "this isn't wet." Liberals deny facts. All facts. Facts are liberals worst enemy. Liberals HAVE to lie to people to get votes. Liberals want things for free. Liberals don't want to work for what they have. Liberals would rather let people get hurt than have a backbone and say "dont bring people into our country while we are bombing theirs." Liberals will vote democrat over and over, and after they ruin their states, move to red states, then vote democrat and ruin that state too, and then scratch their heads trying to figure out what went wrong.

    In conclusion.. Liberals know they are wrong Most of the time, but they will argue that they are right because of "ideals." They will stand by that. And fight to the death as long as it doesn't involve violence or any real effort… And yet they can't admit any of this.

    Folks, they don't call then libtards for nothing. Stereotypes are hardly ever grown from fiction. It's just the way it is. Maybe its a bit mean but Stereotypes are true. Life isn't fair. Everyone isn't equal. But libtards can't accept this. So yes they are the ones who are mentally unstable.

  43. This is even more difficult to take seriously after seeing how Cenk got completely humiliated against Ben Shapiro.

  44. Having a larger posterior cingulate cortex is not a sign of intelligence. It's a sign that your brain protects you from reality.

  45. I really don't understand how people cannot see how they twisted the results of this study to fit their narrative.


  47. Nothing says courage like demanding safe spaces, coloring books, and puppies to sooth liberal snowflakes college students.

  48. the amygdala is not the ''fear center'' its the treat recognition center therefore people who have a less pronounced amygdala are less likely to recognize threats.thats why liberals side with criminals and terrorists and also are more likely to involve themselves in risk seeking behavior such as heavy drug use and promiscuous sex.

  49. Is this man an idiot???? It is tje liberals and NOT the conservatives that have the enlarged amygdala and more fear. He doesnt even understand ehat he heard, which makes his mockery even more hilarious. What he is mocking relates to the liberals 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. I just read that most enlisted military personal that have a specialty that is more combat or pog, are primarily registered republican. That kinda goes against your study. Got to love liberal bias shows. I hate when people compare a modern day party to nazis, but I could literally see this pat on the back belittling used by hitlers propaganda pushers to install confidence to push agenda.

  51. How are conservatives have more fear if the bulk of military & other dangerous public servants are right-wing?

  52. News organizations that routinely and openly express strongly partisan views and have little to no variation of opinion should probably not be trusted to give a profound, neutral analysis of the fundamental cerebral differences between conservatives and progressives.

  53. Hey guys just know that if you look up conservative vs liberal brains, there is a video that is unbiased with actual facts. Idk what the channel is like "asap science" or "science now" or something.

  54. And you liberals run this country to the shitter, Haha look at the 8 trillion dollars your Obama campaign made.

  55. What do you mean liberal brain nothing should be inside their head besides 3 ounces of lead rearranging that confused meat sack

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