1. #UN don't be rude, all of you are not welcome in our country ! 😡😠😠😡
    Your just a useless organization ever !

  2. WItnesses to the destruction of Libya by US NATO bombings in 2011..

  3. War and Deception
    Pawns in the Game
    All Wars are a Racket

  4. Why dont u investigate first the media stupid. Who would like to protect in human rights the innocent or the drug syndicates. The Philippines is rising now so please stay away. Ur so bias

  5. useless naman yan Human Right Council. Mag withdraw nalang tayo sa Human right council nayan beside treaty lang naman yan like ICC…. At take NOTE ang US nag withdraw sa Human Right Council.

  6. 0:43 Well then Panelo, if you reject the UNCHR resolution on that logic(that it is not unanimous), then you should also reject the result of the 2016 presidential elections – it wasn't unanimous either! Out of 55 M registered voters, only 16 M+ voted for duts.

  7. hey carlos , ur logic sounds STUPID and IDIOTIC as of those whom u represent ! STOP advocating for drug users/dependants who rapes and kills innocent people in our country ! we care for Philippines not other country u BUM ! people like u whom in camera wants to look like u care for those addicts , well in reality u cant even handle a dozen of them to change ! GTFOH

  8. Hypocrisy, come on carlos, you just want to insist your point. Realistic is the right term. China’s problem and the human rights so called killings of not innocent people but criminals is two different approach. If you insist to fight and claim our rights, why don’t you ask the united nation to help our president to fight the WAR AGAINST CHINA. Did you not think waging war to china by philippines
    Might cause many lives than the 6,000 people accountable dead by your human rights organizations. Innocent or not , women and children or even the whole population of phil. Will suffer because
    You just want to fight for your principles. Come on, who is playing hypocrisy here. If you have kill many drug addicts, to let this criminal organization to STOP ✋ DRUGS, it’s too little to pay for or sacrifice. United Nations, they are double standard organization. They have many hidden agenda we ordinary people knew about. Most these members are not transparent.

  9. Look, there are more than 100 million filipinos… almost 1 million surrendered as involved in illegal drugs… still many did not surrender.. many of those who surrendered went back to that same old habbit of being involved in illegal drugs.. we were not born yesterday. We know for a fact how rampant illegal drug use in the Philippines is… to say even that 50 thaosand died is still a small number… compared to how many are those who are really using them… class A TO Z citizens are into them… from those who are really poor to those who are really rich. I knew from a friend that his flight attendant friends, of Philippine Airlines use them… coke… party drugs etc2x call to his center friends in big bpos in makati and bgc… but they use it in gated subdivisions… in hotels heavily guarded.. of course hindi sila madaling mahuli… but the poor people who use it in slumb areas… in not well gated subdivisions syempre ofcourse they will be easily apprehended. Duh.. that is why more poor people get arrested easily or get killed. Plus, wheb rich people get caught they have money to pay whoever..
    From the corrupt arresting officer to the prosec. . To the members of the judociary (not all though because there are good ones) but there are so many who corrupt..so their lawyers can do it for them… yung mga poor people who are involved,wala na… end end na sa kanila… so they do all they can to escape… unfortunately for many of them, they get killed. Yun lang yun.

  10. Mga adik kc yan dilawan kya takot sila maubus kya ganun nlng pag protickta nila sa druglord at adik..

  11. Nawawalan kase ng profit sa drugs ung mga nagiimport kaya gusto nila malugmok tayo sa drugs, laki kase ng nawawalang kita nila pag may nahuhuli o napapatay, luge negosyo😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Sana isama rin sa imbestigasyon ung nga katapangang pinagyayabang ni digong ng mayor pa siya sa mga pagpatay sa davao.

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