Hey what’s up guys! the wait is over Today I bring you this genre that lots of followers have been asking me to do The beautiful and melodic Progressive House Well, let’s start! First thing is to load a little kick A lead A bass And this is it Don’t forget the little sausage to make it louder! Thanks for watching this video I hope you liked it Today’s goal is to hit 5k likes in less one second lol, just kidding! This genre came long time ago nearly 90’s decade however it has evolved over the course of the years so beautiful! It’s characterized by having a melodic base a bassline that goes together with the other instruments thru the entire track a drop filled with lot of energy that gives you chills once you listen to it live and makes you happy It’s a complex genre to make, because most of the time it’s composed by layering i.e. the melody is composed by two or more independent sounds like pianos, leads, synths, plucks or pads This is to give a way more powerful drop instead of a weak one. It’s main producers are Well, now it’s time to start the tutorial! Good, as you know the first thing is to load a progressive kick like this one the progression needs to be noticed! Now that we have the progressive kicks to progress them so progressive we are going to make the first lead and create a beautiful melody like this one Now we’re going to clone this melody and paste it one octave below, like this This is what I used in the mixer for this lead Together with the kick will sound like this There it goes! The progressiveness starts to show! Now it’s time to choose the second lead the third one the fourth one the fifth one the sixth one the seventh one the eighth one the ninth one lol just kidding! we select a lead like this one These are the effects used in the mixer for this lead The next thing is to load a crispy bass like this one I used the sausage, EQ, and used a Sidechain Let’s listen to our progress Sounds so powerful locos! Now we’re going to make something cool let’s create a pitch automation clip of the plugin and then make this kinda slopes you heard it guys? It gives a way more cool and modern effect We add some FX’s to make it more powerful Check it! And that’s all for the first part now let’s move to the second part where the variations starts! What I did here is to modify the bassline I made this cuts to give more effectiveness! 😛 Lemme show you how the second part is composed Bassline Claps Rides FX’s And more FX’s Good, now let’s make final touches Are you ready to hear the final result? Hyehyehe how it was? Well, I hope you liked this little Progressive House tutorial Today’s goal is to hit 3K likes cuz I saw that you reach quickly 2K likes in previous videos and now I put a harder goal! I will publish the FLP file when this video reaches 2.5K likes! Now it’s time for the Ultra Mega Re-Contra Cool Dope “Papu” Greetings! Leave in the comments which other genre would you like to see next A Cumbión, Happy Hardcore, Speedcore, Hard House, or whatever you want! Cya!

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  1. gracias hermano, con este video pase de ser un productor de trap a un productor de progressive house, aprecio tu trabajo brother

  2. Ponete a escuchar a Sasha y a John Digweed men, este bigroom intento de progresive house no va….

  3. Wtf loco eso es casi electro house, solo que un poco más melódico. Progressive House no tiene nada que ver con eso, es más serio, mucho reverb y melodias ambience bien perronas y misticas alv

  4. Alguien que me diga como hacer que los snares o kicks suenen mas rapido cada vez más para la entrada de un drop.

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