Collins: Impeachment articles show Democrats have no case

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  1. The EXPERTS have made the case clear: The 520 LAW professors said in the letter posted to Medium that impeachment does not require a crime, but rather an abuse of the public trust. "There is overwhelming evidence that President Trump betrayed his oath of office by seeking to use presidential power to pressure a foreign government to help him distort an American election, for his personal and political benefit, at the direct expense of national security interests as determined by Congress," the professors wrote.  "His conduct is precisely the type of threat to our democracy that the Founders feared when they included the remedy of impeachment in the Constitution," they added. Take that Fox fools.

  2. Poor Republicans have no defense against the charges and Trumps OWN Inspector General Certified the Mueller Report, No Deep State and no Spying. Poor Sad Republicans.


  4. They are trying stay clear other 2 arts because then shift and whistleblower would be called up and Biden hunter. And 2 arts there presenting will blow up when they get to supreme court. Matter fact not going even have a trial on those 2 because there so laughable. It's the polls there turning against the dems 22 point swing some states. The dems want keep there power and the house so keep on going after trump in next 4 years.

  5. wDemocrat they are abysd power ,but thdy turn around they said president abuse power , need put hef in mental hispital ,she crazy

  6. Please keep Trump in your prayers and be sure thank God for him. It's because of God that he was elected, it's thanks to God that he's been able to work despite the abuse and it's because of God that he'll continue on. No weapon formed against Trump shall prosper, especially the weapon of impeachment! Glory be to God who's all sovereign!

  7. If the Democrats can pull this impeachment without Republican vote.
    Imagine what the Democrats will do to "WE THE PEOPLE ".
    Democrats are a danger to national security

  8. They are acting like they are above the law and they should be criminalized for it they should be arrested where is the arrest warrant?? They're going to cause an uprising in the streets they're going to cause a war in this country there are citizens in this country that feel that way to watch a domestic enemy try to topple our government!!

  9. THANK YOU Nancy, Adam, & Jerriod N. for Pissing off 90% of your Voter base with this Impeachment Farce. You have damaged your Party beyond repair & GIVEN the 2020 Presidency to POTUS.
    Thanks again! Any MORE crap you want to shovel? FREE

  10. Those articles of impeachment don't even make sense, let alone cohere with the stories they've been spinning for three years.

  11. Soooooo, if president Trump wouldn't have looked into Bidens quid pro then who would have? Uhhhh, I guess Congress would have looked into the corruption of Ukrain and Obama administration, think not!

  12. Nadler: "He is not above the law…" Nadler Dec. 9th: "Just gonna skip this whole Minority meeting as per committee rules and just move forward with Articles of Impeachment…"

    I am a Republican and have been a Democrat in my time and this is the most pathetic attempt to undermine an election in my lifetime. This is incredible to watch.

  13. Adam schiff has been LISTENING TO THE VOICES IN HIS HEAD.
    Not just his own voice. When this is all over, and trump is reelected. SCHIFF WILL CRY…

  14. All Americans have seen Trump obstruct justice by telling his people not to cooperate with congress. They work for me and you. Transparency is America's only hope

  15. Doug Collins your "arguments" show that you have no facts to support the orange turd. Also you have no senate seat. ha ha

  16. Reps. Collins, Gaetz, Nunes, and Jordan actually all of the Republicans and the 2 Dems that voted against, should be commended for standing up to tyranny!

  17. Collins makes it all clear now, Nancy didn't care what kind of scum she handpicked into the Hse just to have the majority so their goal of Impeachment could go forward! The "Squad" finally makes some sense!!

  18. Ha ha ha he is soooo funny, he sound like Jeff remember him? This is the best soap opera ever… men that are 🏀 less… fun fun

  19. This is a joke . Really you have nothing
    You have voted enjoy while you got it because your showing all of American voters that we need to replace you all.

  20. Let's put it this way, the government is not gonna do basically anything to hold their fellow lackeys accountable for their deceit so if you want to make them pay, VOTE!
    And make sure your friends, family, acquaintances (the RIGHT ones at least) VOTE!
    We know especially from elections lately that the Left will manipulate the vote in any way possible so we need everyone to not just talk or b***h about things as our leadership does but to get out and VOTE!

  21. I believe rather than  name calling and insulting each other, we should all be grateful that the corrupt and Biased  Media, Pelosi and Schiff, have been exposed for what they really are.  Both Liberals and Conservatives should be happy that the President did not commit the offences he has  been accused of.  If  you  would rather see a  president you do not like fail,  or the economy tank and people ( as  long as its  not you) become  unemployed,   just so you can say  you were right, you are the #1 reason this Country is being torn apart.  Now days People are so angry with  each other ,  and hate each other enough to insult one another , and in some cases, physically harm  each other, rather than have adult conversations and show respect.  There is enough hate in this world, especially  in  Washington, so let's not participate in it and be civil to one another.  Don't let the politicians who want to divide us win!!

  22. Watch the prophecy of Kim Clement in 2007.
    Everything is coming true.
    Trump elected, IMPEACHMENT, "they say nay", treason in the White House, Ukraine, etc.
    But most important, two terms presidency for Trump….!
    Everything is alright…!

  23. 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿All these Articles of IMPEACHMENT are truly fabricated by Pelosi, Schiff & Nadler. Their ABUSE OF POWER is openly manifested by not following the RULE OF LAW ( the process flow on Constitution system) but instead using ^^The Rule by Law^^ to dictate their own NARRATIVES by redacting the EVIDENCES and or FACTS ( probably in coercing Whistleblowers/ Witnesses on what to say during their Closed Door sessions) on results that FAVOUR THEM. This was CLEARLY REVEALED when Republicans Reps./Counsels round in questioning the Witnesses, Schiff and Nadler will SUSPEND/SHUTDOWN their OWN WITNESSES when the answers are not in their FAVOUR and or Jeopardized their Position respectively!!! Such demeaning attitude from them is explicitly a displayed on contempt of Court, when the TRUTH is not spoken forthright. And or, can we say, THIS IS A ONE SIDED COURT–a witness is allow to say what's Permitted and Prohibited to answer if more required from them!! 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽DISHONESTY, DECEPTIONS & LIES IS THE CALL OF THE DAY AMONGST THESE 3 DEMS DEPLORABLES, NOW!😭😭😭😭😭

  24. 1. Abuse of power is on the democrats, 100%. Three years of wasted time and billions of dollars of wasted taxpayer money starting with a sham dossier funded by fusion gps and the Clinton campaign
    2. The White House has executive privilege; they don’t have to answer congressional subpoenas. The Obama administration illustrated this clearly enough, when they treated congressional subpoenas like they were suggestions. “Obstruction of Congress” as a charge doesn’t even rise to the level of a joke

  25. What happened to the Russia hoax? What happened to "obstruction of justice?" Obstruction of Congress is a new one to me.

  26. The left made sure their base hated Trump to ensure no one would hear his side of the story or believe what he said. Why because they can't handle the truth of the president's love for the American people and the incompetence of their actions and the consequences to come!

  27. Republicans will not vote to impeach in the Senate. This whole thing is a sham. Trump unfortunately is not out of the woods. He is still facing serious charges in SDNY. And once hes not POTUS he can goto jail. Vote Trump to keep him out of jail in 2020. A sitting POTUS can NOT be Charged of state crimes a former can.

  28. This is embarizing , all they have done is undermine our goverment. The house is clearly abusing power, this is a sham. No fact , no prowess.

  29. I don't have a lot of respect for Bill Hemmer. " But they have the votes"…? Is that how it works now, Bill? Win the majority in the House…then you get to impeach the President. Wish we had know that when Obama was President. He's just another member of the mob.

  30. How can we fire Schiff Pelosi and really the whole Democratic Party is the vote amount we the American people want them fired they're too corrupt

  31. What’s wrong with you republicans. Not American, world watching! America is not trust worthy nor safe. Republicans are nuts and there are too many of you. You are causing major danger on this world and for what? Do you all think you’re going to live forever? No one is, do the right thing for Gods sake! Republicans stop lying, just stop!

  32. The Man from Georgia knows nothing whatever. He didn't listen to Jim Jordan explain how no crimes were committed and he's never listened to Jim before. He just wants Trump to go. He is biased from the beginning same as all the cronies of Schiff, and I hope you all go down together. Many crimes have been committed against the President. Even if you all stick together, crimes are crimes and certain of you should be executed.

  33. Democratic Rep. Al Green said,"He needs to be impeached, or he'll be re-elected."
    Trump/Pence November 3, 2020

  34. Can we just divid the country into 2 parts. The Right can have the South. The Left can have the North. Let’s see how the HillBillys do vs the College Educated Tech Savvy Elites. Lmao

  35. What a sorry collection of political whores (Dems). By the way, someone might want to inform Hank Johnson (GA) that the island of Guam just capsized into the ocean like he thought it would. 😂😂 What a pseudo-intellectual gaggle of human waste. They’re either dumb as rocks or evil. Let them pick.

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