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today we went onto YouTube but if you're if you're a youtuber I just want to tell you I'm sorry but we have a new software and it's a little hard to use and I actually video the whole chicken casserole upside down but I will be editing that for y'all and clipping this in at the end but I still want to make an apology saying we're going to we're gonna need sliced almonds chicken cut up and we did this yesterday we're gonna need chicken broth cream of mushroom soup some butter some pimentos some bread crumbs a chopped onion and over here we are getting our eggs to boil okay I wait till the water's boiling and then I put the eggs down in them so we're gonna do that first let's just place these eggs in here and then after we do that we are going to start chopping up some bread and getting toasty let me know if y'all see you I'll get it right in a minute Lord of mercy okay y'all want to see my order in the whole time I bring my water to a boil and then I take my eggs and I place them down in the water and I boil them for I won't boil this for 12 minutes cuz they're big and fast okay there's 1 2 3 and I can't pick up these stupid eggs that's my cook but the other day Oh bring the Mamas and that said when you store eggs you should store them pointed side up and because I normally put them pointed side down and then they're easier to grab out of here dish now since I have an air fryer now I'm going to make my fish in the stove and I'm a boy head and Citadel bake 350 degrees but since I have an air fryer that's how home did my friend it house for five pieces a loaf bread yo but I don't I don't buy a regular loaf bread so I thought well I got those buns and they're nice and soft I'll just chop them up it works so that's what I'm doing so really chopped up this bread put it in the airfryer letting it start to touch and it start toasting while we saute some onions and then we can put the sucker together I've got the ingredients out for a change I know it a homely to do that so I'm trying to sit these are yes that's good enough for me so we're going to get this bread in the airfryer christopher walken we have a yard sale the day talk about working hard well I've worked so hard this week I've got my compression socks on alright here's our bread here's our airfryer and I'm just going to leave it on the setting that it automatically comes on which is 350 degrees here we go unless you chop up an onion this could but y'all I actually have two of them and one was of course the earlier women it has a lot more recipes in it then the second time that came out with it and it's called the progressive farmers and it's like a collection of cook goods and my mother used it more than she's anything when I was growing up she really did so I've decided the other day I wasn't going to get it out and old I just cut that to wrong duration I've lost my mind let's just chop this up anybody else thought I was going to get it out and figure out what recipes I could try and don't you just love sitting there looking just reading it going through it get to learn how this stuff really helps you could if you'll do that I mean I'm sure that if somebody goes to culinary school they have to read learn some stuff from a bit I would imagine just like everybody got stuff and they go to school so wait while I was getting ready for the sale yesterday I simmer the chicken y'all I just took a chicken's actually it was four chicken breasts both over the skin oh you want the skin and the bone in when you're trying to make a broth and so uh I put a chicken on yesterday with some salt and pepper got it in the pot with some onion a few spices actually I think I used Miss Rose – some salt and pepper and I simmered it while we were getting ready for that yard sale and then Chris came up and took it off the bone for me and he saved my stop so that's what we're using today so it helps to get ready for stuff let's open this cream of mushroom never gonna go over here and we're going to saute these onions we just kind of cut up and then we're also going to use a jar of the minnows fish for my when we put it together Oh see what y'all can actually see something I'm actually use the burner today already amateur all right this is a footnote here so let's go take a look at it towstee see how wonderful that thing works if I'm gonna take it forever and it's already toasted yo it's pretty much done I'm just gonna do it just for fun the way they did this one I'm on top they really really thin around or my casserole be pretty will it and then what y'all probably say that Bert place on my counter think I did not I did not see it right here actually something caught on fire and I picked it up and I dropped it because it was it hurt me but it wasn't a pan up promise you it was actually a utensil it was a spoon and the handle on it caught fire in my gas flame I'll get noticed and if you look like explain I'm going to go ahead and shell these right quick all right here's our milk take our cream of mushroom put it in our milk so we're gonna make this mushroom soup up in this meal ran out of air fryer reporting okay fat nas we're going to pour this over the bread all right this is my favorite chef tool that I told you know that I love more than anything anybody no matter what I just do it's convenient it's not huge we're gonna sprinkle these eggs in here put in our onions celery that I got really brown because I was trying to fix my phone okay so we got our onions in there caminos and I'm gonna put juice and all in here because I like them you know what we don't have our chicken in here either so we're gonna grab some chicken and throw it in here yummy that actually looks good y'all Oh finally it stopped race then what works in heaven we're gonna put some salt and pepper on it I gotta wash my hands only thing left will be the omelets and the chips so I say we salt and pepper it first to get it on my chicken so that show me some taste good and don't salt it alive because we're cutting from the mushroom steak on top of it you know that's going to be salty I have a kind of broth with the cream of mushroom yo I'm mixing this up I don't care what they say so bit more like a dressing why because that's just how I am bake it at 350 degrees the more the merrier right um but this is the progressive farmer could but let me tell you who submitted this recipe her name was ms r is Geneva Hinkle from Burlington North Carolina so we have made a chicken casserole and it's going to be I'm hoping Chris will like it I'm gonna tell you if I would make it again and if I would change anything if I did make it again so I'm gonna do a crisp out some and then um and then try it and then I'm gonna try it and then I'm gonna let y'all know what we think okay yes for a casserole I mean it's it's it's really juicy you know it's not like it's setup or anything and I think that's because the eggs that went in there were boiled so if it hadn't all eggs in it it would have actually let it set up a little bit and then a little bit stiffer you know to dip into but I don't think that's going to make any difference I think it's gonna be good anyway so I'm gonna let y'all see it up close it's got chicken cream of mushroom soup milk / minnows sauteed celery and onion potato chips and slivered almonds and of course chicken broth the chicken is good I think and point on the end when I read the recipe I just thought the combination sounded really good I like to find recipes that have casseroles that aren't full of cheese myself me and Chris don't eat a whole lot of cheese just because for for when it puts the pounds on and for another it can overpower the flavor but I love the pimentos in this I knew I would like the bold eggs in it Scott Oh it also has breadcrumbs just got very calm time don't you like it do you yeah it's kind of its kind of chicken pot pie but not really because of the minnows and boiled eggs so if you're looking for something different to make for the family something economical and something that will feed a crowd or feed your family you know cuz this is a lot um I would recommend this recipe yeah I think it's really good and I would make it again would you eat again so thanks for watching color valley cooks where we cook like mama did love you all bye

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  2. This recipe looks delicious. It kind of reminds me of a chicken casserole I make that has the dries cubed bread crumbs buttered and put on top of the chicken an cream of chicken soup and parboiled broccoli or frozen bits , and loads of bottled dry parmesan cheese on top of buttered crumbs. I am going to make this chicken casserole you made! Looks great! Thank you for the real cooking in a real kitchen!! ๐Ÿด๐Ÿ’•

  3. This is the first video of yours I've seen but Chris doesn't sound too sure of his answer. I would have to taste it before I could comment but the bread crumbs seemed like they would be flavorless and soggy. You could use just the soup to coat everything and add a lot of sage and a lot of black pepper and some colonel Sanders seasoning or some kind of chicken season. Try using golden cream of mushroom soup and some evaporated milk it really does make a difference I also use pappardal noodles cooked instead of bread and a box of frozen peas. Tear some Velveeta cheese slices and some processed Swiss cheese slices in the individually wrapped packages and stir in. Bake like you did this one. Umm ummm good! I've just made myself Hungry.

  4. I have an old 1973 Betty Crocker cookbook that has way more recipes than one published a few years later. I think they tried to use quicker prep recipes and dropped the longer, more detailed ones.

  5. The green dish you have I have too I have a 9 x 13 pan like it too. They both went through the Michael hurricane at our home in Mexico Beach, FL We lost our home, we saved a couple things like those 2 dishes. Wish we could have saved more. My son was living there, His told him to leave, I'm just thankful he survived and is alive today. Thank God for That. There were a lot of people who lost their lives.

  6. Looks good, I saw a commercial tonight on ABC for the cooking show you will be on. Already set the dvr to record it

  7. That dish is one of my favorites. I think they came from the Dollar Store. I have the lid, which is a smaller baking bowl, and it came with an longer casserole dish. They cook so well!

  8. Lord Tammy, if I had had a yard sale I would be too give out to cook. Casserole looks yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  9. You ain't got to apologize. Life happens. This looks good. I'll have to make it. Don't you just love old cookbooks. I have 2 of the big ol Mary Margaret McBride encyclopedia of cooking cookbooks. The copyright for both of them was in 1953. Got em as a free gift for ordering regular encyclopedias in 1975. They aren't southern cookbooks, They're kinda like what was called fancy foods in the 50s. The cakes, pies and muffins are pretty good recipes but when I got to lookin at the meats, of every kind of animal in the world, and the side dishes and how time consuming they all were, I thought to myself, lawzy daisy, No wonder 3/4 of the housewives were on Valium in the 50s. All that fancy food from scratch plus washing and cleaning and kids and on and on. I am not a housewife, I am a domestic engineer. When someone else took over our H&R Block, we had a new guy doing our taxes and he made the mistake of saying "And you don't work now correct"? I enlightened him and told him I work harder at home than I worked outside the home and that I was a domestic engineer. I did it politely, like my Mama taught me to though. He has never said that I don't work again. Lol. My daughter looks through all my cookbooks while she eats at our house. She has done this ever since she was 5 years old. I love seeing her do it. She is loving your cookbook! Y'all have a great night. Hugs from the southeast coast of Florida๐ŸŒด๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŒด

  10. No apologies needed! I was having a horrible day until I watched your live stream! It was a bonding moment in the chat. So many people love ya! By the way the dish looks delicious!

  11. Ur supposed to put the raw eggs in cold water so that they can come up to temperature with the wayer.
    U should know that

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