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Today we had A Design Thing, which means that the students in our class, Co-Design, we invited people from outside of the course to take part in our presentation. So we are having workshops with people. The students have been working for the past 10 weeks together with external stakeholders in different ongoing processes in the city about city development. They’ve been collaborating with different actors outside, and citizens. We are working with Returen, together with VA Syd. Today we ask the participants to, they were given trash or they were to pick up trash from a trash can – one object each and in groups they were supposed to put it on a scale. what has the most impact on the environment, and the least impact. And having discussions about the different materials in one object perhaps, or what trash actually is. The purpuse of A Design Thing is to bring people together around an issue, you could say in a democratic format where they can explore it and they explore it both through discussions and through making. So the purpose is, in a way, to find ways to broaden democracy to also include more participatory, more designerly making ways of making decisions. They allow to, not just hear and understand things but really experience them and then develop another way of looking at things and looking at complexity. I think this is a really good exercise of making the democracy alive. Because, as citizens or people who works for the City of Malmö, we take it for granted a lot of things but when you practice it, it’s not just going out and vote but everyday democracy how you live, how you talk, how you interact. I think it’s always so exciting to see the progression of the students along the course, and how good
they get at understanding how to involve people. The experience of working with Co-Design has been really eye-opening for me it’s been great to see how design actually can be applied on multiple fields and how it affects us all.

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