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I'm finally back in New York right now I'm on my way to my apartment I will be dropping off my luggage changing really quick and then meeting up with my friend Delphina we are gonna go to a protest against the child detention centers of the border and I'm really excited to see my friend and get back into activism and protesting it is so great to be back in Brooklyn one of the things that I miss the most about New York when I'm away is this city's fighting spirit in this video you'll meet a diverse group of activists including my friends Delfina and Frank remember that this nation's Liberty has always been for just a few at the expense the enslaving expense of many for anyone who claims to be a Christian and ignores that Jesus was a refugee and an immigrant who said whatsoever you do to the least of these you do unto me that's from Matthew 25 by the way you need to know that there are eternal consequences to consider so we're here to shine our lights not just for that warm fuzzy feeling of solidarity although that's good but because the light we hold will turn into the new light we must be because whatever we've done before and a lot of us have done a lot it's not enough they have escalated the government is breaking us and international law and if they escalate with raids pending and camps growing what we have done is not enough it's just the start for justice [Applause] but liberty plus Deportes unis the puranas never assumed that familias de parar la cárcel immune to leg on in a soulless en Arras together Gustavus elope it is time to halt the deportations to help the separation of families to stop illegal imprisonment [Applause] but I said porthos as a momento you know stress versus hexahedron over here no investment enemy and OSS table tennis is Supervia eyes CBB you guys for partying as pravara business analytics Legos every single I mean besides the joint courses in demand this government to dismantle its cartels its ice mafia its I cannot bless my son with a full heart while there are other children kept in cages [Applause] [Applause] something is supposed to be coming down those coming up that's their kick that come up the escalator right now and she's not here and this bus is about to leave we're going to New Jersey for a reason I'll explain in a second I'm just doing a little bit of a recap because Briana decided not to use Instagram anymore five six flights are hurting literally everything going on on the Internet we're basically talking about like using our resources of the community and like using our strengths individually to like create change with theirs like our small communities in the city basically up here to diversify this network what Starbucks run on caffeine I know so [Laughter] okay I have something for you from Florida it's a little thing it's a it's a small because you're a small person Oh oh my god oh my god this is it's a little show you paint it yeah I mean it didn't come from the ocean with your name on it yeah word I thought it was maybe a little gift shop and they had my name I was like I doubt that they would have me like specifically this area next having fun is important I think it's not that's got a lot of us that are going to be here today our art art is here so I think that's gonna be baby s my main my main favorite thing I used to go and study I already do anymore I would write my poetry like a street artist me so I would do like I would go around yeah that was my way of rebelling and like I was mad at New York for long time I like the way it was changing and we're in this like technological age where we completely distance ourselves and things that are like natural and primal and like we don't like we don't get bored like I don't know if that's a weird concept but like because of technology we don't get bored and when you get bored you results of things like art or like expression and we don't do that anymore and that's why you know we were talking a lot about like solo lofts and the idea of like the ego and things like that and we were like you have this conversation here like but our here is in retrograde look at that really that's what you wrote Wow yeah because sure it's okay that I'm recording you okay the ego needs constant reassurance the ego constant affirmation that is the most you want to be the most smart or the most stupid the most important or the most inconvenience the ego is always hungry for the most the ego is always hungry for social currency that is not you we don't must always obey when it is not babe your hand signals to your brain to signal specific emotions the ego then gathers fear as a type of seasoning to add to your perception of reality via create ideas is that entertain and project realities that not exist people I think always struggling with defensiveness and like just like it like just I don't know people are naturally very narcissistic and I think like putting down your ego and like being inclusive and being open it's like one of the most difficult things we can do that's what holds us back really from like solidifying connections you're having movements that have longevity born with certain talents certain strengths and I think it's our job to get in touch with them to grow them and to use them to help ourselves those mirrors to as many people as possible I want to grease everything I have we left with nothing I feel like you know coming from welcome from non-internet so to get people to understand that that change is possible if enough of us come together change the world that shit is crazy I feel like so many people don't believe is possible to right now we teach that generation to live life certainly so I feel like it's important for us it's 20 somebody rose to make a change right now you know I'm here because I do care like see me like I'm a spiritual person so I understand everything that you guys are saying with our culture we bring everybody color shape size whatever you are that single people are straight how long have lost three blocks all right okay awesome okay we are running other than meeting really quick yeah there's a lot going on I don't know I call me old school but I don't like to be out late at night yeah it's literally like we're gonna get there like ready to get charged yes we've got a really pretty sunset right okay so much good girl I have to pee so bad oh my god how much money that was like what like two hours of footage yeah that's a lot I do a little iPhone oh my god drive me harder tell peanut that was very therapeutic I feel very restored it's just nice to come back and be around people that have open values that don't live fear-based lives next yeah that was not what I was expecting everyone just felt like they needed some kind of like their like moments yeah it was definitely talking circle I like things like not really did you they go together it was like we're all putting together our own puzzle pieces for these bigger idea and so from connecting the dots really different people are doing more work for supporting okay so we're about to start co-working and like we'll work in the next move but yeah so now you got like a better big picture idea of what's happening nice pants look at you oh thank you okay painting hangs are in the near future yeah oh so what I want to do is I want to start mobilizing people to hand out flyers in the city and basically they say like what your Fourth Amendment rights are that's you know an immigrant I love you all type see you tomorrow during the day thanks I was so inspired by Delfina's idea that I immediately started working on a flyer to me this issue is so personal because both of my parents are from Mexico they were born and raised in Mexico and came to the United States where they have worked hard I am so grateful for the life that they have provided for me I think it's unfair to judge people based on where they're from every day I see examples of how diversity makes New York City a beautiful amazing place I hope that this flyer shows how much I respect and admire immigrants and my friends seem to like it too so that's awesome as well we had just learned that ice was planning on raiding immigrant neighborhoods in New York City so we knew we had to move fast with our campaign the first to raid was only two days away but we had a plan [Applause] but it needs to be a hash-table Patrick Bannon owned stock of Kombucha okay back to Kabuto just like that like that one don't know like the gym I go Jiwon yeah I care all made like they have different companies but they're all of the same posters I'll see you guys Sunday at 5:00 in the morning see you Sunday yes 5:00 in the morning nice slides in the morning [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] under my weight down to the wire [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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