Clarke and Dawe – The Presidential Race is Beautifully Poised

Thanks for joining us. Now, what’s going on in the US? The spectacle element seems to have got out
of hand, hasn’t it? To a degree Bryan yes. There’s one debate to go of course, but
what was looking like a pretty even tussle as recently as a fortnight ago now does look
increasingly as if…. Democracy might not be the answer … if we’ve got only one candidate
here who can actually….. eliminate reason on every issue …..fulfill the requirements of high office The Republican Party is in trouble either
way here isn’t it? If they win, their hands are tied and if they
lose they’ve got to rebuild the party Well Bryan, I don’t think there’s any
question that what the Republican party has had here is a….. …..a hostile takeover….. …..a pretty rough trot. As much as anything what we’ve got is a….. …..a spoilt narcissist…. … a man who can bring an enormous reputation
reality television and of course a vast… …..respect for women…. …..a vast audience from television Bryan
but he doesn’t seem able to do that without….. …..making a complete fool of himself….. …..without blurring the edges of Republican
Party policy So tell me, is Hillary the beneficiary of
all this or is she the reason Trump’s got this far? Yes, good question. Of course Hillary is part of the system in
Washington. Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton of course
famously….. …..did not have sex with that woman….. …..served two terms as President Bryan and
served five terms as the Governor of Arkansas so the Clintons been around Washington for….. …..whatever they could get….. …..for a very long time Bryan Isn’t this one of the reasons Barack Obama
beat Hillary for the democratic nomination? I think it probably is Bryan and of course
it’s one of the reasons that so many people have got behind….. …..a tax cheat….. …..a person who’s not from Washington
at all Bryan, a man with a business background, who seems to have done it all. He started with….. …..$200 million…. …..only a few million dollars Bryan and
he’s turned that into…. …..a fabulous haircut….. …..a property empire and whether people
are aware of it or not I think a lot of them see him as a…. …..a complete parasite…. …..the fulfillment of the American dream Do you think he can win? I think either of them can win Bryan. It’s a two horse race, you’ve got to back
them both Well thank you very much. It’s been a….. …’s been a circus Bryan. That’s what it’s been from the very beginning…. …..It’s been a pleasure to talk to you
and I hope the election….. …..I hope it’s postponed Bryan. I’d cancel it. I wouldn’t have one at all
I hope it goes well and thank you very much …..I really don’t know why they bother

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  1. I read a tweet earlier that said Hillary's media cronies got Trump as far as he got just to get her elected. But I like the way you drew the line, that if not for Trump, Hillary might not have got this far. I don't think media collusion was necessary, and with the benefit of Occam's Razor, if the conspiracy theory isn't necessary, then it probably isn't true. The truth is that the GOP from top to bottom was ripe for a candidate like Trump. The bottom is poisoned with Fox News' talking points, the top is leaderless and full of power-seeking factions, while the middle is essentially the corporations and billionnaires funding and ideologizing the campaigns. And none of them with the charisma of an anthill. Guess what? That's how Bill Clinton won the 1992 nomination too. He was the only Dem with any charisma, as the Dems were floundering. The difference is that this time there's someone on the other side who knows how to turn grape juice into wine. Hint: It takes a power suit.

  2. "I'd cancel it" As an American, my thoughts exactly. Maybe we could just try not having a president for 4 years, just see how it goes.

  3. Hahaha, Australian right and left tax payer funded leftards C&D leaving all of Hitery's dirty laundry well alone to attack Trump. Geez, we got you caliphate one world UN run govt commie lovers on the run. Hahahaha.

  4. This is our election: Boorish Jerk vs. Grandma Nixon. By every single metric, 2016 has been a genuinely awful year. I think the Mayans were right about the apocalypse, they were just off by a bit. Can't really fault them, to be honest.

  5. And let us hope this is the last time Clarke & Dawe cover that mystical fairy tale land of self-loathing and self-aggrandizement that is the USA.

  6. Too scared to make jokes about the DNC ripping the nomination away from a candidate more deserving of it?
    Too scared to make jokes about HIllary being a Felon likely only unconvicted because of the nature of the US' open trials that would require publicizing the classified documents she leaked to whoever she felt like giving it to?
    Making a joke about Trump being a Tax Cheat but not mentioning his completely correct response that Hillary and almost every politician in almost every country are completely complicit in his, and every other business owner's tax cheating?
    Genuinely saying "Democracy might not be the answer" without a shred of irony or sarcasm?
    This is embarrassing.

  7. Quietest Trump v. Clinton comment section on youtube.
    Everybody share this with American friends/forums, let's get a bit of biffo started.

  8. Rest of the world, just know that the majority of Americans didn't vote for these two individuals. We just have a skewed election process that rewards first past the post.

  9. That. Was. Priceless. The good ol' U.S. of A. is monumentally hosed. Land of the expensive and home of the wannabes.

  10. The most corrupt political system in the world, whose government is also the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism. G1 Amerika!

    RIP John Clarke. Your Legacy of work will live on. You will be a Great Loss to Australians.

  12. John sure stepped out at a bad time. Trump is generating HUGER amounts of fodder for good satirists and he's missing them all.

  13. This one, the whale that died of old age and the front fell off are my favourites. Can’t believe Mr John Clarke is no longer with us

  14. I loved Clark and Dawe but they sure called this election wrong. Trump's been President for well over a year and has been doing wonderful things for the U.S. Stick it up your nose Democrats. lol

  15. I love this so much. As an American I think most of us would agree with everything said. There are extremists on both sides that loudly share their opinion, but most of us fall somewhere in the middle and would have loved to cancel the whole thing or postponed the election until we could actually have two worthy candidates.

    And now we’re stuck with Trump, which is just lovely.

  16. Unemployment rate at all time record low, stockmarket at record highs, illegal border crossings at record lows, GDP way up..yep this skit didnt age well.

  17. Given the choice in November 2016, why did we bother? If Obama could have run for a third term, he'd have won handily and we wouldn't be burdened by the colossal embarrassment that now sits in the Oval Office like a dung beetle with the ball of dung it's made.

  18. Well I suppose they bothered… Because one guy loved this country and anyone who stands behind him is a true patriot and the other one has done nothing but steal and murder. I loved these guys and thought they were hilarious, up until this video