Clankers! Join Me on Bitchute and We Will Maintain Supremacy Over Liberalism

alright everyone here is the Clanker emergency broadcast here this is a little bit of a humorous um it's a friendly competition between myself Sargon and some others as far as you know subscriber totals on various platforms Sargon of Akkad is getting close to my subscriber total to close on bit shoot link in the description if you're not on bit shoot you need to get on there if only for pragmatic reasons why are you just on YouTube why are you just on one platform when bit shoot at it offers quite a bit Auto loading and everything else p2p number two is not censored and also you need to help me to keep it a Clanker platform because Sargon of Akkad I think is still the biggest user or definitely one of the biggest users on mines so he's got mines he joined that a long time ago and the clankers have bit shoot right now it is a stick saxon hammer platform because you know where the biggest the clankers outnumber the liberalists we need to keep it that way at all costs because we can we can seize the future we need to secure a future for clank tum' so you should join me on bit shoot link in the description you can subscribe and if you are already there you can always share out this video cross-platform whether it's the bit shoot version the youtube version dailymotion doesn't really make a difference we need to get to 50k before the liberalists due at all costs and we're both riding around 47,000 right now so it's definitely a push this because this sort of competition is what drives a platform so I think that it's great Aztec censorship continues rewards will be given to people who you know have gotten big on some of these all tech platforms I do honestly believe that bit shoot Minds gab steam it subscribe star some of these alt tech sites I believe that that can be part of the future of tech there for those who have gotten in early those who have put in the effort those who have actually gotten onto these platforms will be shaping literally the next paradigm the next political paradigm so it is imperative that Clank t'm have a seat at the table it's imperative that we do as much as we can to stop censorship and it's imperative that we do as much as we can to Main supremacy on bitch shoe that's about all peace out

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  1. I signed up and subscribed to you man! Unfortunately I had to subscribe to Sargon and others as well. I hope that's ok 🙂 [edit] Uh oh, Sargon got to 50000 first 🙂

  2. Joined yesterday as soon as I saw the news about BPS. And not just Bitchute – going to start using another search engine and browser as well. To hell with Google.

  3. i love the idea of alt tech, especially when it comes to youtube. sadly bitchute is 99% political and only a small part of what i watch daily is political. until bitchute branches out beyond politics i guess i'll have to stay on youtube.

  4. Already joined you and Razorfist on Bitchute awhile ago. You need to join Parler. That's filling rapidly because of its free speech. Mostly conservative site but welcomes all views. I've joined that, too.

  5. Several of my favorite content creators think their days on YouTube are numbered. Time to install bitchute.

  6. So it's come to this has it, let the Clank Wars begin. I knew this would happen someday but not this soon. Lol

  7. Unfortunately no one will be shaping any paradigm.
    Once youtube crashes and burns and the normies run over to bitchute, it'll just become the next retard-infested shithole. And whatever was popular on youtube will be on bitchute :/

  8. I'm on bitchute and subbed to all the good censorship prone creators, but I very rarely go to the site. For now it only serves as a last resort / last line of defense kind of thing. If I want to listen to Alex Jones or BPS, I might go there… although even Alex Jones is on YT on the general shepherd channel…. I don't understand why youtube allows that to remain available, it makes no sense. But as long as YT has 99% of the content people want, no one is going to spend time on the other platforms, they're not as easy to use, as visually pleasing, and they lack many good features. I need 1) speed 2) good recommendation algorithm 3) the ability to turn my screen off on mobile and have the video continue playing 4) playback speed control (I know bitchute has this one).

    If a system could be designed that incorporated all of youtube in addition to it's own content that would be ideal. Like if you could search on bitchute or whatever, and see the results of YT also (or lets say every video platform, even better) that would be cool. An off-site 3rd party search of the youtube database should be feasible, no? If YT was incorporated there, then I could use it exclusively. It could slowly back up all the YT content that is watched through the platform or something.

  9. I started following Styx like 1 week ago, so even if I feel stupid asking, can someone tell me why clankers and what’s with the spoons?

  10. Reminds me of Netanyahus,the right rule is in danger,arabs are headed by byses frim the left to the ballots.
    One of the best pilitical maneuvers I had ever seen.

  11. I plan to jump at the very last minute.

    For now I'll use youtube.

    Should be fun to experience the last of the purges and all.

    We know youtube offers nothing but death for a future, but let's just let it play out.

  12. I finally joined Bitchute after putting it off for so long, this dump is killing itself anyways. I have a feeling very soon, there will be no reason to hang around here.

  13. Im this close to deleting my YouTube account. Ive been Bitchuting for a bit now and I will decide within the week to switch to Bitchute. Lets compete on Bitchute but never divide.

  14. Registered with Bitchute and subscribed to your channel. Time to start moving away from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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