Claire McCaskill: Questing Of Yovanovitch ‘Cleanup On Aisle 5’ For GOP | MSNBC

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  1. No such thing as a witness…none of them have ANY knowledge of ANY crime…nothing but disgruntled FORMER employee.

  2. This PATHETIC worm is not a "fact" witness nor a victim. SHE HAD NO FACTS concerning President Trumps call. In fact she was FIRED before then and admitted she had NO facts about the call. She was there for you PATHETIC Democrat COWARDS to sympathize with. She admitted she was NOT a witness to any crimes.

  3. So the democrats waste our tax payer dollars because some diplomat had her feelings hurt. Awe poor baby I didn’t know this impeachment witch hunt sham was about having a therapy session. MSNBC keep reporting trash as usual 🚮

  4. Yovanovitch lied about the list. You didn't mention that. Letuesnko clarified the list statement. She did not had him a piece of paper with names on it, she dictated the list to him during the meeting. She will be branded as a liar not a "hero" when this comes out next week.

  5. Two huge myths are being promoted by the corporate media in tandem with the Democrats.

    1) It's a lie that Biden's blackmail of Ukraine to get rid of Prosecutor General Shokin was supported by every western country and international financial institution. Nowhere is there any statement, document, or any other kind of evidence that any western country or the EU recommended or even knew that Biden was going to use the $1 billion aid package as leverage to bully Ukraine to remove prosecutor Shokin. No one.

    Kurt Volker's testimony at the Schiff hearing confirms this.

    Volker: …It was a general assumption… among the European Union, France, Germany, American diplomats, U.K., that Shokin was not doing his job as a procurator general. He was not pursuing corruption cases.
    Question from Schiff counsel: So it wasn’t just former Vice President Biden who was pushing for [Shokin’s] removal, it was those other parties you just mentioned?
    Volker: I don’t know about any other specific efforts.

    2) It's a lie that Prosecutor Lutsenko retracted entirely his previous claim that ambassador Yovanovitch gave him a do not prosecute list. Read the original article the media refers to at: The only part Lutsenko corrected about the encounter with Yovanovitch was that she did not give him a written list,

    "I explained [to Yovanovitch] that I could not open and close cases on my own. I listed some so-called anti-corruption activists under investigation. She said it was unacceptable, as it would undermine the credibility of anti-corruption activists. I took a piece of paper, put down the listed names and said: 'Give me a do not prosecute list.' She said: "No, you got me wrong.' I said: "No, I didn't get you wrong. Such lists were earlier drawn up [under former president Yanukovych], and now you give new lists. The meeting ended. I'm afraid the emotions were not very good." As usual the corporate media has spun this into saomething entirely different from what he was saying.

    Yovanovitch herself admitted that they were a larger number of individual cases she "discussed" with Lutsenko which she opined "may have led him to believe that was a list of people not to investigate." She claimed no memory of how many individual cases she may have "discussed" with Lutsenko. As for the character of the discussions she cleverly describes them as just getting Lutsenko to realize that “prosecutions need to be done but legally, by the law, not politically motivated.” Cleverly she claimed to remember the name of only one person who she asked not be investigated.

    At the hearing Yovanovitch and Schiff are clever to discount whatever Lutsenko had to say by making him out to be corrupt to the core. Never mind that so many Ukrainians considered him far from very corrupt and an improvement over past prosecutors. By creating monsters Schiff is showing how evil he himself is in twisting facts.

  6. Trump sucks he's a monster no heart heakese want to vomit
    He kisses dictators added and cages children and you want to vote for him
    You're crazy as he is.

  7. LOL! He hurt her feelings so we must impeach! This is hilarious. I hate to break it to you, but hurting someone's feelings is not a crime.

  8. Poor Democrats, you don't have much longer. You are digging your own political graves and also covering yourselves up. The Democratic party is on its way of becoming a part of the past, and much of their news media will go with them. The real justice is coming soon.

  9. I guess the presidency is a mafia outfit,don’t mention to trumpee s,for they are blind,and think the littler Hitler is the savior

  10. More scary than trump is his pea-brained supporters,no matter what he does,they all gathered around him kissing his nuys


  12. The Americans better get rid of Trump or the better get use 5o live under dictatorship ship and starting the dismantling of the Statue of Liberty seeing there will be no loberty🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽

  13. There is NO BRIBERY OR EXTORTION involved during the Trump-Zelensky phone conversation. Pres. Trump DID NOT OFFER MONEY to entice Mr. Zelensky to look into the involvement of some Ukrainian officials in their interference in the 2016 US presidential elections, HRC’s server possibly being held by CrowdStrike owner, and possible corrupt dealings of the Bidens in Ukraine, following the most publicized video of former VP Biden bragging about his order to Ukraine’s then president Poroshenko to fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma Holdings where his son Hunter was sitting in its Board. Neither did Pres. Trump tell Pres. Zelensky that he was holding up the aid money until the latter do something about Pres. Trump's concerns. READ THE TRANSCRIPT. Mr. Zelensky wasn’t even aware that the US aid was being held for good reason (knowing that corruption is rampant in Ukraine and the US AID program). Many millions, billions, and even trillions of US taxpayers money have already been reported as "unaccounted for". So it has become one of the top-most agenda of POTUS to properly address and get resolved accordingly. Remember, it is the duty of POTUS to enforce our laws, and that includes rooting out corruption in government. That is why POTUS issued that Executive Order on December 21, 2017 to address just that. Meanwhile, the $400 million in aid was even released on September 11, 2019 almost two weeks prior to its due date to be released, without any commitment or investigations done by Ukraine as regards Pres. Trump’s request to Pres. Zelensky. During the public hearing, when Rep. Ratcliffe asked the two star witnesses of Adam Schiff to name the crime that Pres. Trump committed that would justify him being impeached, there was a DEAFENING SILENCE between the two. They couldn't name a crime! They presented no factual evidence, and only offered hearsay, assumptions, innuendos, conjectures and opinions that won't hold water in court. Foreign policy rests on POPTUS, not on bureaucrats who are NOT ELECTED by the people. This impeachment inquiry is all a SHAM, as Adam Schiff could not allow the suggested witnesses that the Republicans requested to be brought in. This is just a continuation of the conspiracy to kick Pres. Trump out of office by any means necessary, which is tantamount to a COUP D’ETAT.


  15. I am currently looking for a job . I am Seeking a starting salary around 900 k a year . Seeking a position that I will have no language skills for the position that I am seeking. Intend never to spend no time at the job in which I am seeking . My name Is Hunter Biden. This hearing is complete joke. 70 % people know this

  16. I am an independent voter and I thought her testimony was totally irrelevant.
    Except for Democrats – it's another chance to play the woman victim card.
    Maybe Trump is right…they're just trying to railroad him.

  17. Poor lost souls here. Well it is ashamed the [WITNESS] 3 should have been listed as [GENDER ] 37 out of 72. Yes This would have indeed been Impeachable horror against gender 37. I know this is true, today I stood behind a gender 31 in Popeyes. Be back to check on MSNBC. Just worried about you [GUYS]. Q sent me.

  18. Claire McCaskill was the worst representative in Missouri history and for you to bring her on to champion anything is absurd. You guys have really sunk to a new low. No one is Missouri thinks she did anything but awful.

  19. "The money got released!"
    Because he got caught.

    "You have no first hand witnesses!"
    Because you blocked them all.

    "We need the whistleblower!"
    You helped pass bills to enhance whistleblower protections.

    Where is your decency and respect, republicans?

  20. Wallace is a guy, who has been under the scalpel a few times. Now it's clear why they always film him from the same angle in the studio. Always knew something was funny about him/her/it.

  21. I'm beginning to believe all the push to out the whistle blower isn't for just cross examination or questioning .. it could be to get a potential WH person in a position to continue reporting on the situations there out from underfoot.
    I don't think we even know if this person is still there or in a protected place or right out in daylight.
    I feel this push by GOP is for more than just playing to an audience of one. Its also more than just the wind of words.

  22. Soon, after the biased MSM media has lost more of its viewers, we'll hold to account civil rights violators like McCaskill for their bigoted public antagonisms.

  23. If your a trump supporter and think before you react to what am posting and please remove your racist/sexist bias because that's what's blinding all of you .. The GOP they're treating all of you like your dumb AF an all of you and your letting it happen because of your willful ignorance your are getting played because the evidence is in plain sight and the GOP they're playing to the cameras because they know [[ and this is where the disingenuous disrespectful aspect comes in ]] They know there wrong they know the laws of the constitution, an its there jobs an a part of there sworn duty to know the constitution backwards and forwards and they're assuming NONE OF YOU are intelligent enough or cant critically think and have no deductive or cognitive reasoning to see the real truth which is TRUMP IS GUILTY and you cant defend the indefensible hence the show, the bad acting, the fake outrage AND any negative backlash to my post ITS ONLY PROVING THEM RIGHT,.. An I made through marine corps boot camp I've made through living on the streets for almost 12 yrs .. So any personal attacks ONLINE DONT MEAN SHT TO ME .. Truth, honor an integrity will always stand the test of time ya dig !!

  24. I will NOT be votIng for my Democratic congressman again in 2020!
    He has done nothing for middle class families like mine instead wasting time on this impeachment crap!
    As for the presidential election, all the Dems are too far radical left!
    This isn't the same DemocratIc party of JFK that my deceased hard-working parents voted for!!!
    Dems have lost sight of common sense and the common man!
    That leaves Trump!

    (Thought bubble: it looks to me like 45 was bulldozing his way to "who-knows-what" kind of mischief by lying & cheating to get there before "karma" grabbed his azz. His self-inflicted, mortal wounds are on the verge of bleeding out! TIC TOC)

  26. Prime time open at FOX. Lol. RepubliCONS are going to fight for that position. Are they like. Jim Jordan under investigation for not protecting his students being molested going to be re nominated? Mitch McConnell will be ousted and Graham burned at a stake.

  27. Oh I heard that Claire McCaskill likes to rub their genitals on grapefruit. It's hearsay…that's BETTER than ACTUAL evidence. LMAO

  28. The GOP really are idiots. If just one broke, they would be considered heroes. But they’re all determined to go down with the ship.

  29. Why don't you talk about Epstein?

    You're presstitutes.

    Both Rs and Ds are corrupt.

    Your boss is Epstein.

    The people know who did 9-11.

  30. The only thing Democrats are cleaning up is their drawers after this fail,
    Trump provided real military aid while Obama was afraid to I guess we know now what he told the Russian ambassador when he said he could do more after he was re-elected

    FAVORITE FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  33. Go woman power!:
    YOU took a OATH, YOU did that job and now you're representing YOUR post.

    Showing America who you are, your position and staying positive. Love it.
    WOMAN right!:::

    Nevertheless, you were getting threats in REAL time from a white nationalist, criminals, terrorists and WH abuser.. Go girl!!

  34. The “cleanup on aisle five” is the president giving the corrupt socialist democraps a shop vac to vacuum up their tears after their latest “star witness “ fell flat on her face! It was another attempt by the pathetic Democrap party to try and make something out of nothing! They are showing REAL Americans how pathetic they are chasing something that is not their. Real Americans want government to make america and Americans first not chase after a pathetic witch hunt for three years!

  35. Funny, clean up on isle5?

    Testimony offered zero real evidence.

    Infact it is now being heard that the DNC is looking for exit strategy from the failed imeachment hearings.

    America is not having it, they feel lied to for 3 years over the mueller investigation.

    Lied to again now.

    After watching the Biden video, his real quid pro.

    Its almost rediculous at this point to continue to and try to bring Trump down for crimes that Bidens and Hillary executed.

    Lets get trump for qiud pro, but let biden run for office while he is on tape executing a quid pro?

    Thats rediculous!

  36. Bottom line, by her own previous admission, she wouldn't work with the new Ukr Pres. An ambassador who can't work with their assigned gov't is no ambassador & proves she's not professional. It's her job. It's not to decide if he's the right Pres. for Ukraine. Ukraine does that. Or if the US pres is right for the job. We the people do that. She should've been fired not reassigned.

  37. Why should her sob story be entered as part of the record? It has no bearing on the case at hand. It's a ploy to play the victim, always a goto move for the Democrats these days instead of facts. She should've brought her 3 legged dog too.

  38. I hope that the Ambassador has a security detachment assigned to her. Trump's threats were also for Lev and Igor who are out on Bail and it has been reported that Lev is "cooperating." They do not want to die like Epstein in a New York county jail where Guards are sleeping and security cameras are off and doors are not locked… Those guys really wanted to get out of the Country away from TRUMP.

  39. I’m surprised the Republicans don’t just yield their time. After all, doesn’t really matter if Trump is impeached given that he won’t be removed. I guess they feel he’ll be a weaker candidate as the only impeached president to run for the office.

  40. Leaked documents from the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s office indicate complex money transfers from foreign sources into the control of a “slush fund” owned and operated by Devon Archer, John Kerry Senior, John Kerry Junior, Heinz Jr, and Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden

  41. It doesn't matter what crimes were committed by the President or how provable they are. The Senate will acquit, Trump will remain in office and will contest the 2020 election as an impeached President.

  42. A forty-six-year-old NBC News chief foreign correspondent
    Richard Engel has proven his worth by reporting from countless war zones, but
    for his current assignment as host of MSNBC’s On Assignment with Richard Engel,
    his broadcasting worth is being measured by a partial head of hair dye, as a
    reoccurring product in MSNBC’s continued practice of ‘appearance journalism’ on
    the heads of most of its on-air talent.

    But before you start with a ‘poor Richard’, consider a
    fifty-year-old Lucy Liu, who has to endure her own special brand of appearance
    branding, in a full  hair dye mode,
    instead of appearing as that 50 year old with some aged gray hair, CNN has
    opted for her to appear full throttled in a full head of hair dye, the
    reasoning, I’m guessing, there is no half-way house for women practicing
    ‘appearance journalism’, it’s all or nothing at all.

  43. Another nothingburger served up. Democrats have no case and won't vote to impeach anyway. Why? Because if it goes to the senate, a number of liberal crooks will be called to testify and they're going to fry.

  44. The republicans just don't know what they can do to help their mob boss………just gaslighting and lies, lies, lies.

  45. "Did you witness any crimes being committed by president Trump?"


    What are we here for again?

    PABOTUS #DonaldTrump welcomes you, and your very specialized contributions for the cause, honey!

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