Citizen Democracy

Hi everybody. Hey it’s Craig Freshley here. I am at the state capital — what we call
the state house here in Maine — and I thought that this would be a good time to remind us
all what President Obama said in his farewell speech. Now it doesn’t matter whether you agree with
President Obama on most things or not, but I hope you can agree with him on this thing. What he said was, “The most important office
in a democracy is citizen.” You know, there are lots of people around
this state house that holds lots of important offices. But they work for us, the citizens of the
State of Maine, and for them to work well and for our government to work well it requires
citizens to do our part. Of course that means vote but it means more
than vote. It also means that we show up and we tell
our office holders our opinions. No matter what age we are we can come to the
state house, or we can come to city hall, and we can tell our elected officials what
we think about how things should be. So if you want to help your group, your big
group — your country, your state, your city — if you want to help your group make good
decisions, participate as a citizen. Vote and even do more than voting. Hey, I just made a video about being a good
citizen and this is Connor right here. He was the guy holding the camera. After I made the little video I got to talking
with Connor and learned about why he is here in Augusta today. And I thought I would let him tell you. Connor why did you come to Augusta today? I’m here today because of a man here Randy,
he is trying to change the law of the birth certificate. And so you think that by coming here and talking
to Randy you can help get this law changed to the way you want it? Yes I do. Nice! Okay, well thanks for being a good citizen
and thanks for helping me make the other video and thanks for coming to Augusta today and
participating in your government. Thanks Connor. Your welcome.

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