Chuck Todd called out on his OWN show for letting Republican lie on air

Are you an open-minded juror? Let me ask it that way. I’m very open-minded and fair-minded. You’ll not meet a person who’s more fair
than I am. I really do believe that justice should be
color blind, gender blind—you name it. I think justice should. But you know, one of our traditions about
justice, about finding justice, is that defense should be able to present their witnesses. So if you can’t call Hunter Biden and if
you can’t call the whistleblower, that’s sort of a sham. That’s not really a trial. So I am fair minded but the trial has to be
fair. My head is only now decombusting from the
exchange you had with Rand Paul. I’ve spent 11 years in public service defending
the press. And when Senator Rand Paul comes on and says
that what Donald Trump did – and the transcript is there – extorting a foreign government
for his personal political gain, and that’s exactly the same thing as Joe Biden – exactly
the same thing is what he said – as Joe Biden saying that this prosecutor should be released,
when Joe Biden is acting in consistency with American foreign policy – and back then,
we had a whole list of things that had to be done. And this was American foreign policy, it was
European Union policy, it was IMF policy, that this prosecutor needed to go. When Rand Paul says that that’s exactly
the same thing as the president of the United States saying “you need to find dirt on
my political opponent.” And with all due respect, Chuck, when you
say, “do two wrongs make a right?” Let’s be very clear — the President of
the United States demanding, extorting a vulnerable country to do his political bidding, to go
after his political opponent, has nothing to do with Joe Biden executing the foreign
policy of the United States, or Hillary Clinton, who is a private citizen, doing opposition
research on her presidential opponent. Those are radically different things. And what the president did is wrong and impeachable. If you’re going to have Republican Senator
Rand Paul on your show, knowing full well that he’ll be peddling overtly false Republican
talking points to defend Trump, then at the very least, you have to be prepared to push
back. So when Chuck Todd failed to do that, Democratic
lawmaker Jim Himes was more than ready to call HIM out for it. And it came after Rand Paul suggested that,
because Democrats aren’t succumbing to Republicans’ absurd demands of validating their conspiracy
theories and calling Hunter Biden to testify in a trial that the GOP is hellbent on turning
into a circus, that it’s somehow not fair. To be clear, for the umpteenth time, Hunter
Biden did nothing wrong. This entire sham excuse has been investigated
and adjudicated. Joe Biden wasn’t pushing for the Ukrainian
prosecutor’s ouster to protect his son, he was joining the Obama administration and
the European Union and international bodies like the IMF and anti-corruption advocates
in Ukraine and around the world to oust a prosecutor for NOT pursuing corruption. Literally the only entity on the entire planet
that doesn’t accept this reality is our very own Republican Party. But even if we DID grant the GOP that Hunter
did do something wrong – he didn’t – but let’s pretend he did. These things still wouldn’t be the same. It STILL wouldn’t be justification for Trump
to extort a foreign country into doing his political bidding. It STILL wouldn’t be justification for him
to use taxpayer-funded, legally allocated military aid to a country that desperately
needs to defend itself from Russia and hold that money hostage so Trump can have some
talking points heading into the next general election. It STILL wouldn’t be justification for Trump
to have tried to hide the summary of that call in a secure server. It STILL wouldn’t be justification to block
officials from responding to congressional subpoenas and testifying to Congress. So I get why the GOP would love to pretend
that these two things are the same, but there is zero equivalency between the two. But beyond that, it is ridiculous to even
HUMOR this defense of looking into Biden because who in their right mind believes that while
Trump is supposedly such a champion against corruption, that the ONLY instance of corruption
he could find in the ENTIRE WORLD just so happened to be in Ukraine and concerned his
top political rival for the next presidential election. That’s it; we’ve never seen Trump involve
himself in one single other instance of quote “rooting out corruption” that he supposedly
cares so much about. And yet we’re supposed to believe that it’s
just a coincidence that the one and only time he decides to take up arms against it, it’s
in EASTERN EUROPE and directly involves HIS OWN OPPONENT in the next election? I mean, this isn’t even subtle. There is no one on earth who will buy into
the idea that this is legitimate and not just Trump serving his own personal interests. And so when Rand Paul goes on national television
and repeats these BS talking points, talking points that are designed solely for the purpose
of defending one man’s glaringly obvious criminality, he’s not only contracting his
power as a member of a co-equal branch of government to the president, but his dignity,
too. But let’s be honest– this was never really
about Hunter Biden or corruption. These are just BS excuses cooked up by the
GOP to divert attention away from Trump’s blatant criminality. Just like Republicans have pretended that
the whistleblower complaint is unreliable because the whistleblower is supposedly a
partisan or that second-hand information isn’t allowed in complaints or that Adam Schiff
counseled the whistleblower or that impeachment is unconstitutional or that Republicans were
shut out of witness interviews. All of it completely false, and yet that hasn’t
stopped the right from repeating these excuses anyway because they’d rather lie to Americans’
faces than DARE to abandon Donald Trump. The fact is that Republicans have already
showed their hand multiple times over. By virtue of throwing everything but the kitchen
sink at Democrats, they’ve shown that it’s not about some genuine defense—it’s about
ANY defense. It’s about blindly pushing back in their
desperation to control the narrative. It’s about muddying the waters and distracting
and obfuscating to keep your attention away from the only thing that matters amid all
of this, which is that the president of the United States committed an impeachable offense
by leveraging American military aid on the announcement of an investigation into his
top political opponent. And with impeachment imminent with or without
Republican support, those on the right should think long and hard about what they want their
legacy to be, because history won’t look kindly upon those who’ve opted to sell their
souls to protect Donald Trump.

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  1. The trial takes place in the Senate not during the investigation. You would think a senator wouldn't lie knowing people know the truth.

  2. oo oo oo… how about them now, trying to say that "Rudy Giuliani was working on his own accord"… 🙄 what right would HE have, using that military aid as leverage? … see… the sh!t just DON'T add up.. open your eyes ppl… 👀 don't let yourself get played, by Trump!! 😳

  3. The thing that the republican party understands is that the dumbest among us will believe anything you tell them. Their bread and butter.

  4. It's really annoying when journalists don't always push back against the lies by Trump and his sycophants, especially when the their lies can so easily be disproved. The journalist sometimes let these liars control the narrative and lead them around by the nose instead of just shutting down the lies. I am not a fan of Fox propaganda TV but Chris Wallace does a good job of pushing back on these individuals. More journalist should follow his lead.

  5. You didn’t even show the worst part of what Chuck Todd did in that interview. Todd allowed Paul to falsely equivocate by asking “do 2 wrongs make a right” in regards to Hillary Clinton Campaign paying Fusion GPS, & Trump using congressional appropriated funds 2 extort a foreign country 4 political aid, rather than saying those 2 things aren’t even close to similar. Todd is officially the worst MEET THE PRESS host ever. I’ve switched to FACE THE NATION and Fareed.

  6. "I'm very open minded and fair minded. You'll never meet a person that's more fair than me".
    Only narcissistic sociopathic liars say things like that.
    Rand Paul campaigned on saying that he would have voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And he won in Kentucky on that platform (not surprising).
    That's how "open minded and fair minded" Rand Paul is.

  7. To rand Paul i wanna say: how the fuck is what hunter Biden did relevant to the impeachment of the president? Guilty or not what exactly can Biden contribute if the Republicans were able to call him as a witness?

  8. I am sad every time I see Rand Paul… Ron Paul was one of the first people I believed in and thought he could make real change (voted for him). Looks like the apple fell far from the tree though. Yang 2020


  10. Rand Paul hope your neighbor stops by, bloop! Ummm WTF you can chew gum and walk at the same time…. Biden's Son has ZERO business getting put on the board… Both can be wrong.

  11. Why do these people who made these laws that "PROTECT"😉the whistleblowers,Are now saying that it is wrong for them to be protected,all because they want to defend an enemy of THE UNITED STATES..I AM A ARMY VETERAN AND I AM HEART BROKEN OF WHAT I AM SEEING FROM THIS SO CALLED PRESIDENT AND HIS CRONIES!!

  12. Hey bruh love your commentary, however, you're always bedecked in funeral colours. Let's try a multi-coloured tie and pocket piece with a white shirt or any other shirt for that matter. Let some light in de place.

  13. Rand actually tried to call it a trial. Hahahaha. It's not a trial fuckhead. I honestly don't know if he's just playing stupid or if he's actually stupid.

  14. seems you hit on the real prophecy of the world is whether or not the few that know can keep the few that don't know but having a condition out of the process cuz they're hard to tell apart….. I can tell you how to figure it out… I already have the proof to prove it.

  15. He used blackmail with our tax dollars to investigate an American citizen by a foreign country! Of course that's morally wrong and illegal! It doesn't take a lawyer to understand that!

  16. Brian Tyler Cohen is a complete and proven liar. From the Wall Street Journal, Burisma used Hunter Biden’s connection to his father to stop the investigation into Burisma.

  17. The trial has not started. If it happens, it will be held by the Senate. Congress is merely making a decision about recommending if a trial should occur.

  18. I was disappointed in Chuck Todd's interview of Rand Paul. He seemed off his game. He usually is sharper than this when a guest blatantly lies. Thankyou Mr. Hines for calling Todd out.

  19. I seen the interview and Chuck Todd didn't call Rand Paul out for his lies though was watching Fox News and not Meet The Press all he was doing was defending his bf Trump.

  20. The Republican Party should just change their party name to The Communist Party of America…where truth is what they say it is…a tactic used daily by Comrade Trump.

  21. It’s funny that any of you idiots consider Biden his top political rival. You morons have NOBODY who can beat Trump. And Brian is a delusional hack…except on the trade war…he’s right about that.

  22. A lot of these “journalist” never really question the subject they just let the guest speak which creates drama. They are drama artist not fact finders. Bye Chuck

  23. polls show Biden isn't the top contender anymore, so now what Trump ? Guess u will come again with your tired Pochontas Rhetoric… Boooo, Boooo, Boooo, Womp Womp

  24. It's the reason I stopped watching him and some other Msnbc anchors for playing the middle of the line and not pursue the truth. I'm not surprised why he got the opportunity to interview Trump. He sometimes is friendly fire for the GOP. His show is more about sound bites, and viewership without offending or protecting the truth. His lame attack against AOC about child separation housed like concentration camps confirmed to me that he is a part of corporate America.

  25. I wouldn’t say that Tucker Biden (or whatever his name is) didn’t do anything wrong… it just wasn’t what dumbass Trump did-wrong.

  26. It is a well known fact that if solicitors cannot challenge a claim then they create confusion. That is an act of deceit and should not be allowed.

  27. "Hunter Biden did nothing wrong" isn't exactly true, Better to say Hunter Biden did nothing illegal. The whole Job with Burisma was corrupt but it was completely legal corruption that Just about everyone in politics takes part in on both sides (outside People like Bernie Sanders, and so far AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley). The Whole Trump Family is built on both legal and Illegal corruption which make this all the richer. But then the American people and Media were never really that bright (not just the MAGA people.)

  28. In trials, don’t attorneys need to state what testimony the witness will provide, like what they will corroborate or attest to? You can’t just call anyone you want to make a mockery of the process. They also know damn well that if there were a criminal trial whose investigation began because of an anonymous tip, they don’t need to call the tipster in order to prosecute. They damn well know all of this and the fact that they are continuing to spout this ludicrous nonsense and that the media is allowing them to do so (oddly, while being infuriated at Facebook for not fact-checking ads) is doing a disservice to truth and justice. Another interesting hypocrisy is that they claim the whistleblower’s complaint is hearsay…so why would they push to get the testimony of a witness who would only be testifying to hearsay which would not be allowed? I mean, we all know it’s not hearsay, it’s a legitimate and legal complaint, but let’s just try to wrap our minds around their flawed logic. This is what happens when you flail about.

  29. I was glad to see Rand Paul with his head out of his ass. Don't know how he walks around like that with his head up his ass Rand Paul stands up for bribery and extortion. So hes just as guilty

  30. iF this is the case Rand should go to Texas and stop the killing of Rodney Then i will believe him that he is a fair person

  31. chuck Todd is about a wimp and I'm sure that Tim Russert rolls over in his grave every Sunday when the show comes on because he knows Chuck will do nothing to stop the GOP from dictating the message and not answer the questions.

  32. I don't know if Trump paid Chuck Todd money or if Trump has some embarrassing information on Chuck Todd of NBC News but he has been kissing Trump's ass now for months why don't you quit then go over to a Fox News I hear they have a few vacancies over there I hope you haven't sold your soul out to Trump but only time will tell

  33. Who says the president has to be your yes man like you know so damn much why aren't you president ? Try it some time . Lincoln said " you can't please all the people all the time" get real . Chances are you eating good what else you want …Trump 2021 if you got half a mind to see beyond your ungrateful whining……

  34. I thought the same thing when looking at Meet the Press….I said why Chuck Todd didnt correct him. He just let him keep talking.

  35. Bravo to Jim Himes! Chuck Todd has a habit of doing this. I watch MTP every Sunday and like clock work he serves up a false equivalence. I'm going to assume he thinks this makes him come across as fair and balanced, however for me it doesn't. Trump has been in office for 3 years and I have yet to see or hear one thing he has done or said that is worthy of defending. Not one.

  36. Dear Chuck Todd,

    Instead of letting Rand Paul BS his
    way through 10 minutes of air time…. why not interview a Kookaburra bird?

    Just have the bird on the desk, in a cage. Nod your head in agreement as it goes through its
    "oooo-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah" signature call.

    Unlike Trump, the veracity of the Kookaburra is unimpeachable:)

  37. Thought I'd check all the comments… after I watched the video, and just as I expected… these post are the type of people that will say the Obama administration is why the job numbers are so Good! And the economy is doing so well. And only TOOK 3 YEARS AFTER HE LEFT OFFICE. some of would cut off your nose despite your face.
    Y'all need to wake up! The democrats want illegal immigrants to flood our country so they can get votes!!

  38. This has been a problem for three years. It took two years for the media to call Trump’s lies, “lies”. Not sure why they are so spineless. This is our democratic republic at stake, being held hostage by a criminal enterprise.

  39. Amazing that trump didn't care about Saudi Arabia killing a US resident & journalist Jamel Khashoggi, but suddenly cares about corruption in the Ukraine & Hunter Biden of which there's nothing to see! 🤔

  40. Todd always uses the false equivalency debate strategy. He always has the Repubs on, allows them to lie endlessly, and then pushes back ever so slightly. On the other hand, when the Dems are on it’s attack, attack, attack. I almost always avoid watching his show.

  41. BC you do a very good job of presenting the truth. I hope you don't ever have to go on the attach of the Dems, but when they do fall into the dark side, I look forward to your truthful analysis. Thank you

  42. How annoying can one person be? Brian Cohen is at the top of the heap! You do not have to evaluate what was previously stated. Certainly Chuck Todd was not doing his job, but you do not have to continue with the senseless blather.
    Just goes to show, anyone can make a video.

  43. Rand says "you'll never meet a more fair minded person" and tRump says "no one knows more than me". Do these Boneheads really think we are all stupid?

  44. I missed the part where the Democrat called out Fuck Todd. I saw Hines do what Todd should’ve done when interviewing the poodle, but didn’t do – correct the record. Typical Democrat Hines didn’t “call out” Todd in any way, shape or form.

  45. Todd generally does his job so I'll cut him some slack. Unlike trump lovers who let this tool get away with whatever he wants

  46. Brian, behavior by representatives of the media, constantly bringing to their shows advocates spewing out lies, justifying criminality, etc., is why so many millions of Americans are confused or have a distorted view of political reality. Chuck Todd & others of his ilk, have no business having a national platform on MSNBC when this example shows just how incompetent he is. Chris Matthews on his show today in discussing Nikki Haley, said he would like to see her become president in 2024 because what a great and "competent" person for her defending President Trump. DISGUSTING!

  47. Anyone who had to tell me how non judge mental they are or how rich they are or how they are the least racist person you will meet… is the opposite of all they claim.

  48. Chuck Todd has always let the GOP get away with murder and I have never liked him because he never has done his job. TRUTH TO POWER

  49. Looks like you are so deceived you can't tell the reasonable statement by Rand Paul from the sea of lies in the democrat agenda trying to remove our duly elected president. Is that what you expect the American people to believe? When we have Joe Biden on video bragging about his demand to have a prosecutor removed in Ukraine because he was investigating Burisma, where Hunter Biden was on the board. A total quid pro quo, right in the open. Now you go after President Trump for seeking the truth about Ukraine's involvement in attempting to alter the 2016 election. What a shameful excuse for news. FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Rand Paul is not fair minded he is a part of GOP or Government of Putin. What was your oath if office Mr Paul, to uphold the Constitution, right.

    Hunter and Joe Biden are in the clear. I know lets call in Hunter and at the same time Ivanka and China deals, then Jerod and Saudi prince and murder of journalist. If you propose this the GOP will leave Hunter alone.

  51. Lives are on the line in Ukraine, and Trump holds up the money that was appropriated by CONGRESS. All so President Cheetoh can gain an advantage in an election.

    I say the Democrats should bring up the number of Ukrainian soldiers that had been killed during the time the money was held up.

  52. I love your videos bro keep doing ya thing 💯💯💯💯 u got my support all the way ! Love your channel !! Follow me on Instagram issa_s4v4g3

  53. When will someone call the Republicans out on the fact that there is no point in having Hunter Biden testify in the impeachment hearings? What info would he have to offer the proceedings? All they are trying to do is to take the focus off of what Trump did wrong and put the Bidens on trial instead. It would be like someone getting caught stealing Trump's tax returns from the IRS and then demanding that Trump's tax lawyer testify in the robbery case (the lawyer would have no bearing on the case and it would in no way absolve the thief of the crime)

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