Chris Hayes Looks At The ‘Red Exodus’ As Another Republican Retires | All In | MSNBC

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  1. It may be the time for the Republicans party to recognize its current cultish party line is against the national unity and to depart from Trumpets screaming culture.

  2. DACA…Obama's calculated and empathic temporary solution to apease the sorrows, sadness and desperation of young migrant kids. Trump destroys the very lives Obama intended to save .

  3. Another BORN-AGAIN REPUBLICAN PIECE OF EXCREMENT leaving… What kind of SCAB are the republicans going to try and replace him with?

  4. Republicans are involved in the crimes and corruption that Trump and Putin are planning
    America you don't need dictators running your country
    It will no longer be land of the free home of the brave 😧

  5. This is hilarious. They would rather retire than doing the right thing. That’s fine with me. Go spend time with your kids!

  6. Having a bunch of Democrats in disguise, called moderate Republicans, aka RINOs, finally exiting American politics, is actually the real story.

  7. he specifically said that there are too many mosques that refuse to cooperate with law enforcement.
    That’s vastly different from saying there are too many mosques.
    Left wing news always needs to lie to make their points.

  8. Hope this racist piece of 💩has a stroke a die!!! Mf talking about retiring racist 🖕🏿! 🖕🏿u and ur family Pete!

  9. "Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy

    Someone should be shouting this at Trump every 5 minutes until he gets it.

  10. 101 gone from the GOP. It is just to hard to be in Congress. What weakness they show and can't fight whatever Trump has against them? The Gravey Train just isn't fun anymore when they have to work every day. LOL

  11. the people need to know why hunter biden was pocketing millions from foreign companies and governments. that money ultimately came from us tax payers.q..

  12. Lindsay Graham “even thou the current administration tried to solicit a bribe, they are so inept that they could not form the requisite culpable intent. Trump 2020”

  13. Never thought I'd see a day I supported a republican. But in this new Trump era I can't help but like it when someone like the late senator John McCain stand up to him. Come on true republicans fight this treason of our beliefs by this corrupt president…

  14. All the Republicans should be wearing black tracksuits and black Nike's… president Jim Jones I mean Donald Trump sure did pass out the Kool-Aid…

  15. So now Mulvaney is also a communist traitor against America! Just like I said, this is only the TIP of the iceberg! Communist trump and his boss Putin are working to get the russian communist to take over Ukraine and Obama was in fact correct to sanction this communist pig in russia! It just goes deeper and deeper and,,,,,, LOL!

  16. After trump is eliminated, there must be a team or teams that begin to hunt down and remove all of these republican communist losers that have turned their back on the American people. It is such a shock and absolute shame that so many in the gop have turned their backs on American democracy with no care at all about ethics and morals. This Qanon garbage is the latest lame trumptrash attempt to sway the American voters from the truth and it won't be the last! What a 3 ring circus trumptrash has created. 14,000 lies and counting! LOL! Don't forget about McConnell either! He has the nerve to bring communist pigs into Kentucky? That's why this latest election in Kentucky was being disputed as the loser repubs are desperate to find anything they can make up, as their ship sinks, goin' down, down, DOWN!

  17. " I want to spend more time with my family." – Paul Ryan.

    – Right after it was uncovered that Ryan had accepted $2.1 million in 2015-16 campaign contributions for his PAC from wait for it….the KREMLIN via an oligarch.

  18. The U.S. government is doing their job and doing it right on these investigations, but trumptrash? NOPE! not happening! The swamp is getting deeper thanks to trump. Sure is funny how the democrats can back up what they say with DOCUMENTED FACTS, however trump and his band of losers run their mouth but NO PROOF! Do the Repub voters even know what documented proof is? Do they know what transcripts are? Sure doesn't look like it, does it? Do they really think that just running their mouth with no regard for the truth is even going to count?

  19. Democrats are not progressives. They are the party of the Status Quo. The believe a behemoth central government is the only known form of intelligence in the universe that can organize human activity. Their rhetoric is like listening to a car alarm at 3am in the morning and hoping the police show up.

  20. Ah but the thing is if they are retiring they could then vote to impeach without worrying about Mockow Mitch or their voters who can’t understand the law being upset! Sad as it is having this situation sure is worth it to see a Republican that actually is prepared to impeach this president .

  21. The last three years have been a laser focused, deep dive, “let’s understand”and be “sympathetic”to “rural” America, which is +- 1/5 of the population…they’ve gotten MORE than enough attention, and for me, they had ZERO intelligent opinions to add to the conversation…SO, I say…either join the OTHER 4/5 of the population OR, stay in Dirtwater Oklahoma and STAFU…

  22. The Constitution:
    The hallowed 1787 parchment’s Electoral College system permits someone to ascend to the White House without winning a majority in the national popular presidential vote. Majority support is not required under the constitutionally prescribed U.S. electoral system. A President Elect does not have to win most of the votes from the very modest majority (just 55% in 2016) of the U.S. electorate that bothers to participate in the nation’s money- marinated presidential elections.

    The Constitution’s absurd, democracy-flunking Electoral College significantly inflates the “democratic” electoral voice of the nation’s most reactionary, white, racist, rural, and “red” (Republican) states by rendering popular vote totals irrelevant in more urban, racially diverse, high population, and reliably “blue” (Democratic) states.

    Incidentally, Puerto Rico is a preponderantly Latinx U.S. territory that is home to more than three million people who pay U.S. [payroll, business, and estate] taxes but have no Electoral College votes even as they help fund the U.S. government

    The USA was described accurately by Frederick Douglass back in 1852. "For revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy, America reigns without a rival."

  23. It not as if a bunch of Muslim people hijacked 4 of our planes and killed 3000 people or anything. But yes I have a phobia against mass terrorist deaths. Who is being unreasonable here?

  24. Peter King….. the 75 year old wants to spend more time with his family…. which he ignored for the last 30 years of his life. Bravo to you, boyo!

  25. Conservatism is a trash cultural ideology, they never had any true values. Conservatism is the biggest threat to USA than Putin is.

  26. ALL these Republicans when things are getting tough on their re election in their districts say they want to spend more time with there family. Case in point, So did Paul Ryan, who was scared he was going to get his butt kicked by Iron (Mis)Stash.

  27. Stinking Rats won't defend the US Constitution… They rather jump ship after comfortably lining their pockets with the People's money and taking their HUGE tax cuts… Very patriotic GOP thing to do! …No surprise here 🐁💩🚽😷

  28. "Oh, take the keys and lock Trump up, lock Trump up, lock Trump up! Oh, take the keys and lock Trump up! He's…a…traitor!"

  29. Dont look at this as good news, remember the wacos that came in with the Tea Party. God knows who will run and what crazy ideas that they will bring.

  30. Perhaps…..Democrats secretly wanted tRump to become President, to clean out the corrupt Republican Party!!!! Just saying!!!

  31. Just who will clean up the Republican party after Trump dragged them deeper into the sewer where they have been swimming in for the last 20 years.

  32. The gop is a cult that wants to turn america into a white christian theocracy with trump as their dictator, just like Russia.

  33. Hallelujah! Our Democratic prayers are being answered! And get ready for more GOP to leave congress, by hook or by crook (pun intended)!

  34. Every congressman who took a piece of the Iran money is going to prison and they all know it. If Hillary had won they would be safe. Now you know why they are trying to impeach.

  35. The Red Exodus? Funny how you don't see any kind of Blue Exodus! Not too hard to figure it out here when the rats are leaving the ship, getting away from trump and the corrupt senate is it?

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