Choosing Things the Way You Choose Politicians

– And that’s why you should choose us. – Or us. (clapping) – All right, so we got two options here and till the end of the day to vote on CollegeHumor’s new healthcare provider. – Oh, I like her. – Cool, so that’s one for option A. What did you like? – I just liked her. – Okay, well we’re voting on
a health insurance provider so it’s not really about likability, it’s about policies. What did you like about the
company and the policies? – I vote B. Because he looked like a school teacher. I mean if we’re talking about policy. – No, Ally, you’re not getting it. He looked like a serial killer. – What?
– Right? He did, right?
– No. – You’re focusing on the
wrong thing, all right? This is a policy-driven question. It doesn’t matter what someone looks like. – Grant, what did you
think he looked like? – Oh, my vote doesn’t count. – We’re literally in a dead tie. Your vote is the only vote that counts. – Nobody cares what I think. – Freaking, undecided voters. Every time. – This is exactly like the time
we couldn’t board that plane because you weren’t sure about the pilot. – He didn’t look like he’d be fun to have a beer with. – Okay wait, you wanna
get drunk with your pilot? – I want to get drunk with everybody. – Okay, I only care about their policies concerning women’s health. – Why? Men hate women. – I might be a man, Rheka, but I’m also a single issue voter. – Okay, well I am a well-rounded voter, and we should vote for the guy number two. – But you’re not a doctor. – Neither is she. – But that’s what I like about her. You know, she’ll shake things up. – Fine, my vote is for A. – Perfect. – I don’t like it, but it’s
like, she’s gonna win anyway. – Okay, nope, this has to
be a policy-driven vote. None of this horse-racing BS. – What does she mean by that? – Horse racing bullshit? – Mhmm. – When Rheka says it? – Mhmm. – Ah, nobody cares what I think. – Okay, well with option A, you get two primary care visits a year. – What? Then we turn into Venezuela? – Stop talking. (sighing) – All right, look. I like nurses, okay? I do, I have a lot of nurse friends, it’s just I don’t want them
working with my family. – Okay, I have no problem with nurses, but I do think that we should ban doctors, at least temporarily from coming
here from their countries. – Countries? – Hospitals. You said countries? – No, I was repeating what you said. – Oh my god, Rheka, oo, countries? – You said countries. – You just said it twice. – Okay, all right, stop it! This is ridiculous, okay,
I am giving you the option to choose a healthcare provider, and you can’t even do it. – Um, I’m sorry, what about her emails? – Wow! – Shut up!
– Grant, you have to shut up. Please.

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  1. Why not invite your favorite politician to come by and have a nice frosty mug of beer and watch DROPOUT with you thanks to your free trial! Surely that sounds fun and not awkward!

  2. I feel like now it could be a good chance to flip the script and make "Choosing Politicians the way you Choose Things."

  3. I cant tell whether they r further spewing their leftist agenda, which many of their fans r getting sick of, or whether they're making fun of voters evenly, which would be just fine, funny, n at times refreshing

  4. 1:50 EXAUSTA de ouvir falar da Venezuela! As a Brazilian, "trying not to turn the country into another Venezuela" is a big argument the right wings uses for EveRytHinG. It is sooo anoying! Shut Up ABout Venezuela, bolsominions! You didn't care a year ago and you don't actually care about the people who are suffering there, you're just using them as pets for you statement and it's pathetic

  5. Idk if anyone else that lives in the US has had the same experience, but I never had issues with insurance/healthcare until the affordable care act (Obama care), seems to have messed everything up.

  6. Anyone remembers the 1790s when France learned to write a better constitution?

    Or the 1848 revolutions that all had good suggestions? 1918 Germany when things were a great depression and reparations short of perfection (continued while Hitler was in prison)…or any other US approved constitutions (especially Japan and South Korea) ?

  7. So they bash a politician that they claim is unlikable, but then bash the logic if voting for someone who is likeable…

  8. Haha! Jokes on you idiots!
    I don't vote. I'm actually too stupid to understand anything about politics, and voting makes me uncomfortable in my lack of knowledge and I'm too proud to ask anyone to help me!
    Jokes. On. You.


  9. a guy who is really informed about the topic would have been nice in there aswell, to show that it doesnt take into account how much you actually know about the topic

  10. This is pretty hypocritical coming from a channel who supports the left while many members of the left supported Clinton just because she was a woman and didn't vote republican because of trump

  11. "Doesn't matter how someone looks like". Basically the premise of the Beto2020 campaign. Who cares if his voting record sucks, just imagine that darling in the White House, standing on top of every table like he's the next Gene Kelly…

  12. Shot yourself in the foot there a bit? Considering how much Clinton went on about just being a woman as a major reason to vote for her…

  13. You left out people like me who just ask someone else about their vote, and then copy that vote so if it turns out bad, you can say it wasn't your idea.

  14. I was going to share the cure for cancer, how to contact aliens, and the secret to a perfect economy, but…eh, no one cares what I have to say.

  15. but people bash trump based on him as a person rather than his political views this seems hypocritical

  16. Mexico has been worse for 70 years (before the latest president 😎)

    They’ve voted for the same goddamn corrupt party for 70 YEARS. At least Americans debate between 2 😂😂😂

  17. This is so painfully true, The amount of ignorance whenever I talk politics is so common among regular people who see politics this type of way

  18. Politicians are given such power that people tend to vote for the one that seems the most honest rather than the one that has the better plan. Anyways, nothing forces them to keep their promises or stick to their plans.

  19. Nah man, I look up their policies, what they've said, what they've voted on, what everyone else who's running said/voted on. I line them up in a spreadsheet, carefully consider it, call them on the phone and ask them questions on policies they haven't voted on yet.

    I run this thing like a particularly difficult raid.

  20. Funny and i agree to a point…but with political leaders, it's not all about policy, because you're picking someone who will exercise good judgement with good intentions when situations arise that aren't on a policy form… especially the executive branch, but elsewhere too. Integrity matters, composure matters, and many other intangibles.

  21. To be fair, there should BE an option C (or more), but just covered in dust in the background and unacknowledged by everyone.

  22. Basically the same with voters.
    1st choice: I’ll vote Elizabeth warren because she has a plan! And progressive.

    Who’s your second choice?

    2nd choice would be Pete Budanotevengoingtotry

    Where’s Bernie? Basically same as Warren.

  23. Young children are able to guess which politican is going to get elected often a higher rate than actual predictions. This suggests appearance in some ways actually decides who people vote for

  24. It’s simple. What do you want? The smart and intelligent leader, or the kind and moralistic leader? It brings to question the differnce between a leader that makes decisions and a leader that is an example.
    They are both “leaders” because the same word is being used to describe two differnt things. Now which leader should be in a specific position, depends on the position. For example, you want a president who is smart, but since they are a president, they go to other countries and interact with people so they need to charismatic. On the other hand, how moral they are is (in my very humble opinion) is less important when it come to the strict necessities. What do you guys think?

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