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  1. The commentators keep saying “don’t put us in between you America and China’s trade war”. Helloooo?!?!!!!?? Have you not arrested a Chinese citizen for US political reason? Does the Chinese ask you to do anything against the US? You did China wrong first, you put yourself in this position. China has no problem with Canada stay neutral when comes to a debatable case, but Canada acted as a pawn for the US and now complaining China is reacting to it? when Justin Trudeau asked a meeting with Xi through Trump last week, Trump was surprised. Clearly he isn’t aware or doesn’t care the relationship between the two countries has deteriorated so much so fast since the arrest of Huawei CFO, because of the US political motives! And Canada is hoping he will do something to help Canada????? Oh yes, GOOD LUCK.

  2. just imagine, in a legal n rule base western countries also have fabricated reports.
    where is the reliability, trustworthiness and integrity of these western countries. Do NOT point finger when your own house is NOT in order.

  3. Supporting Hillary Clinton was not a smart move . This is the political game and arrogance is a big anchor to carry . Was the 20 million for Hillary worth it now ?

  4. Canada should walk away from extradition treaties with America… much negative consequences than positive benefits from them

  5. You don't know what you are saying .the only country that will suffer the most is the philippines…China will now resort to further expand their fishing closer to the Philippines mainlands…and i doubt.. they'll even fish upto the rivers if things in the sea doesn't go well

  6. It is fine. Canada can export to US as US is Canada’s long time ally. US would be very happy to buy Canada’s Soybean, wheat, dairy products, oil, and meat. Long live the friendship between US and Canada.

    Yeah right?

  7. Banning Canadian meat importation? "Fabricated veterinary health certificates?" What? Canada's meat problem is due to the US? Huh? This trade war is going to last for 20-years. Canada and the US better learn how to play the slow game.

  8. white idenity politics is killing canada and the u.s., who is dying more slowly of this disease. future growth is coming from asia led by china, africa, india and south america and despite some of the leaders still being puppets all of these countries have something in common….. they are nonwhite. releasing meng is your only why out.

  9. Why should China release anyone when Canada was the first one to arrest a Chinese citizen its a tit for tat game so until Canada release the Chinese citizen the relationship is going to continue to decline they are just as powerful China don’t need Canada

  10. So much talk about what "tools" each country has. Are the Canadians that obtuse? The U.S has the biggest tool, & that's Canada! Lol

    They want compensation from us the U.S.A. for doing Trump a favor, which is the wrongful detainment of a foreign national executive for obvious political economic bargaining motives. Now Canada which the last I checked is a sovereign nation can't take responsibility for their ill actions.
    Didn't realize how corrupt Canada was until this along with Canada conspiring to overthrow Venezuela gov't to gain access to rare minerals etc…

    Rule of law doesn't hold the detainment for political economic purposes!
    Stop trying to play innocent victim, you folks could easily have avoided this fiasco. such tools!

  11. So this is how dumb Canadians are now
    They are hoping all the G20 leaders when they meet with Xi requests that China release the Canadian jail birds .
    We are looking for three get out of jail cards for our two shady spies and I assume our nice drug smuggler.

  12. Why is Canada so scared of the US? Why can’t they make their own decisions? Why can’t Canada work with China and earn money together, let alone the US playing the bad guy.

  13. Those days of never sunset has set and rise no more. These westerners still lament, weep for their grandfathers' glory days. 那些永不落日的日子 已經不復存在了。 這些西方人 仍然哀嘆,為祖父的輝煌歲月哭泣。

  14. “ our hostages “ is McCallum drunk ?
    You go to another country you need to follow their laws ( Canada isn’t the only place with laws ) .
    Things that may not be illegal in Canada can be against the law somewhere else .
    The two Michaels have been investigated and now are charged as basically being spies .
    The two Michaels sure do have sketchy backgrounds and all things do point to them working as spies .
    So No they are not hostages they are prisoners in jail for breaking the laws of China .
    But now if they were hostages I thought Canada doesn’t pay for hostages,what do you think these two Michaels have cost Canada so far ?
    Hard to put a price on destroying our relationship with the worlds largest economy and burning bridges.

  15. Too late, they've effectively ended all meat products, in other words, keep all Canadian genetically modified garbage out of China.

  16. this man hoping another county leader to help. it is amazing !
    such naive people can be called as an expert, damn!

  17. I can’t agree more with the last gentleman’s comment! Canada is ‘innocent’ in this case, unfortunately, Canada allowed itself to help the big bully to kidnap an innocent Chinese women! Canada made itself a victim by making China a victim. Who is the blame?!

  18. Canada is a good friend of America and follows all orders by the American. It is a "security threat" to China. So it is to China's benefit to have their own good friends in Africa, Russia, India, Brazil, and Argentina.

  19. Even after the US settled their trade deal
    Canada export to China can still stand as its
    By now, your competitor (the only one USA) would have locked in the supply
    So, Trump is going going to be so forcefully discuss Canada-China issues?

  20. G-20 ? 😁 😂 😁 😂…….!!!
    Remember the prophetic dream of King Nbuchadnezzar : Clay and iron won't MIX .

  21. Why Chinese government are punishing own people by starvation 😆
    Chinese pigs are all wiped out by disease
    Price of food in China is out of control from shorting

  22. I never knew that Canadian are so low in brains. How come you kidnapped someone child and you're talking about business??? Canada must suffer Economically. Keep on copy American ways of bully.

  23. Canada should be assertive and determined what is best Way Forward. China is not so Concern about Meng WanZhou; if Canada does not want to release her, so be it … Canada still do not understand this. Any Action will have an Outcome and the Initiator should Own and be Responsible – Similar to one decision to be educated in School or quit School. Both decisions will either Face future Challenges or have a Good Career onwards; One is Positive the other Negative. Any Temporary Decision can become Permanent. USA should compensate Canada for any lost Trade.

  24. I am guess this has to do with arrest of CFO in Canada. I don't know what PM of Canada is thinking. PM of Canada should ask money from Trump

  25. i don't get why canada play victim here?! canada detained her. this is just pure orchestrated bs! they should let her go and you don't need any us clown. i am pretty sure that us can't trustfully and with proper evidence back up their allegations…

  26. The lady then says she would tell china and USA to work it out and leave them alone?

    Oh the hubris. You started it and you can finish it. You wanted to be an attack dog for trump and kidnap Huawei CFO and now you try to act like innocent third party? Chinese aren't dumb, they will never let this go as long as she's locked up. Even if Canada gives her to USA it's still Canada's fault for kidnapping and handing her over.

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