Chaos Rising Campaign! The Corrupt WaffleCast! Ep4

and look Kyle you fucking lied to me you guys holy shit you're better shut up you're better if I tell you that it might do that cuz are just like I'm gonna move to type on it click oh it might trigger a dialog things like shit record button less tiny bit you know I'm not asking for much just piling it down a little bit yeah look all I'm nomination meeting you and what might happen not saying that it is happy that it could we need to go kill the avatar because he has the multi melter for the Dreadnought and that thing is bullshit and he's also got a terminator armour which by the way how the fuck do we repair terminator armor we need the fucking mechanicus guy on the ship well fucking go get him then little boy well let's go get him we got to do missions again I'm your loser now hurry up I hope you don't die I hope you live until the ripe old age where every moment is suffering why thank you likewise oh we can suffer together Oh we'll be both being like fed through a tube and we can make Hrunting noises that'll be our communication that's counts again Kyle delves into gay tree it's okay it's a statue it's is that why is there a statue of a Space Marine on the fucking jungle planet because the Savage is here built that I am that's actually really retarded this isn't one of our recruiting worlds of it I thought hurting our recruiting worlds is the desert shithole where brown people are but none of us are brown this is the final mission from the Don over to so this that statue is actually signifying that we fought there before last time how the fuck did they have time to build this isn't it's like a weekend later or somebody look this is the 40k universe you should know that arch they're not fucking smart they're retarded oh but it's true the are retarded Oh God those are Wraith guards hold on this game just got fucking hell allowed I can hear again let's go why are your dudes glowing because they're cool okay brah just let it happen don't think about it thanks Ruthie I'll be turning evil fine shit I feel the spikes growing right so the voices too we do need to talk a little bit about the project Veritas thing today I'm I'm like fucking I don't know if I'm gonna make a video on it because I feel like Project Veritas of youtubers and if I make a video on it I kind of feel bad it's kind of the same thing as the starties but at the same time it should read yar and wide it should be but the problem is is arches oh he's too nice and so I had the fucking mouth how long did it take us to convince you to make that fucking video you would think you think of Socrates I think ya took like a week yeah so we had to convince a pro a weakness like it feels like I'm just doing it's like you're not nobody it does though it really does it's just like I don't know but then the very test thing is a bit different cuz let's see if I if I was still actually using my fucking Twitter account I just I I just know fucking just useless oh but it's so although there's so much cancer in there that's precisely why I don't life I still it was using that I just put it up there and I'd be happy but I'm not sir and it really does need to be fucking spread because Jesus Christ II the social engineering shit Lydia that Google is doing oh Jesus it's it's good that we finally have proof because I think a lot of people knew this shit was going on but now we finally caught them red hand they this needs to like if sent it to haze the guy who's introducing the the bill to changed the safe harbor act he needs to pick up on this and he needs to use this in basically his marketing just go I look there they are they have no intentions of policing them saying literally just said they had no intentions of giving a fuck that's three fucking rice guards look three that's not enough too overwhelmed Almighty Space Marine brothers we're surrounded no a Space Marine is never surrounded he is only surrounded by the Emperor space that is still being surrounded I'm gonna kill him I'm gonna just Coreper that was a draw knife fucking death sight alright that's pretty good there this fucking Veritas thing though the problem of for Veritas is nobody gives a shit if I won't play fine the mainstream media just ignores that of course the berries it and it just goes away because there was no there's no political impetus to really push it but okay fuck if Trump is smart he needs to fucking get on this this literally needs to be his 2020 jizz platform free speech anti corporations anti corporation but you know what I mean not like the hippie stuff or like no companies ever Oh Silicon Valley oh fuck it just till the break of sin ya know that that that shit needs to be broken up and looked into cuz that shit is fucking janky I'm suddenly way more in a positively inclined towards Susan Wojcicki washy kooky watch whatever the fuck she is polite lady because she's apparently have been talking about breaking up Gogol which I'm like wow Oh Warren no word is it set that's the one who thinks he's an Indian right I can't fucking remember another one no is it I don't even fucking know see she's still nutty see why I'm confused people can say decent things well it's possible freak accidents happen all the time yeah but Indians I don't remember if that's the actual person though I'm still me neither somebody cuz in that video they're like oh I love this lady to death but she's ignorant she doesn't understand her right she's good and her argument for that is basically that the big companies need to socially engineer stuff it's like way we need to go up to that fucking statue because it's important I want to touch it I love how they they define it though cuz it's like it's the fucking wordplay I guess our definition of fair is different from everybody else's and the best part is exercise caution unless we destroy it in battle ever us oh shit we're not supposed to kill BOC Kyle don't throw anything bad I mean my guy's got a fucking rock yes let me make him go away so this wasn't why we fought you lying little slut shit I need to not be there either yeah no but we were on this hill at one point this is no this is somewhere else Carlos this is somewhere else Carlos because this is the tomb of ebong dong the the great dong of chapter he was famed for having the largest member in the entire blood ravens which he stole from a white scarf apparently or salamander we don't know you just fucking cut his penis I was like nice I'll just add this to my fucking which is General Grievous but with penises that's terrible their lightsabers are basically penises they're big glowing penises Oh double-sided penis fucking weird the ridiculous part is though like Trump is Trump launched on a campaign of being the anti political party candidate he was the guy who wasn't with the elites you probably just continued but with that but he should pivot a bit because you know there is a point in that he's no longer a political outsider I still don't think he's part of the elite the elite still fucking me oh like a rhino's yeah I know the you're thinking of the Rhino Republicans yeah no they fucking despise oh no not even just like the established political elite you know he's not one of them he's not in the club oh he'll never be one of them because he didn't go through the channels they had to recycle apollyon when he tried to be one of the elites you know the monarchists never wanted him to be an elite like no he'll not perfect oh and the Bourbons didn't they get back yeah whatever same thing yeah but he is now part of politics you know he is a politician so I think that if he runs on the same kind of platform of being anti-establishment it'll sound a little bit hollow because he definitely has been playing politics to get what he wants but now that's not a negative comment on him either he has to play politics but I think if he really wants to garner that same kind of buzz basically the same kind of credit as an outsider this time he should put himself up as anti the corporation's the Silicon Valley ones particularly because they really are this and the super corporations of today like these huge fucking entities with the ridiculous quantities of money and political interest like they use that money time shape all takes time focus that arch it's happening honestly with fucking the the Harford not they're not even real I hate collie livre crypto a crypto currency because it isn't a crypto currency but you know they called it a crypto currency and it's a nice stick to beat them with so I mean Scripture I mean crypto currencies it doesn't that weird I don't know enough about them to really comment without money on the internet as the extent of my knowledge I've never looked into it oh so crypto currency basically view it it's a form all data obviously and I'm gonna be overly simplified shit now so you know if you know about cryptocurrency it's gonna sound stupid but it's a data which has a an artificial scarcity built into the color like it isn't infinite once you have one crypto currency like one Bitcoin that blockchain once it makes the second Bitcoin will require more data basically it's not really a correct term but you know you get the gist if I call it that so it's a it's basically I generally get the idea it's just internet currency yeah but the very important part is due to the fact that each Bitcoin requires a bit more of this you know fantasy bullshit thing this is what gives it value because there is a theoretical limit to the amount of Bitcoin you can have and see remember or maybe back in a couple years ago when Bitcoin took off in the mainstream media and people are buying graphic cards to mine it yep that dumped the value of Bitcoin because suddenly now people are creating way more which means that the intrinsic value of each Bitcoin is actually decreasing precisely up and this is how it can act as a currency because there is a scarcity if it was an infinite currency it would have no value there's an extraordinarily simple of high version but yeah well the premise is understandable yes so how it works but it Libre isn't that Libre is based upon real life money and so it isn't based on that blockchain technology which is why it isn't really cryptocurrency Wow oh my god it's gonna work like they weren't that tough no but Jesus Christ oh shit that looks bad but yes since it's based on real currency it's not the same thing and does the thing go to Facebook names like oh yes so this will be more stable because it's based on a real currency real value in our pockets I don't think they've ever mentioned what value how much value and you know how that value will be measured or fire out if anybody will have any influence on it like the idea is there'll be like seven million dollars of I don't know Swiss monkey currency in Switzerland and then the current the value of Libra will be seven million notes but we really only have you know Facebook's word for that because nobody can actually look into the Swiss banking system what what so died over there Oh with nothing hit I pressed the repair button and then still died I'll go get him get their little minions the fucking I literally just clicked ancient defender to heal him and then he died again no I I not again but then there's nothing over there this game is starting to show its age but boss I'm a little buggy oh no that might be it okay yeah yeah so the avatar has an infinite range strange attack oh that's lovely yeah but I just I just saw the fucking circle on the ground which then exploded and instantly killed Phil right that makes sense in a way find out not every boss is NAR TSS mucho mucho awesome I'll wait to look into the neural illness Nouriel so much help because massive health goals are rather than engaging fun and engaging gameplay just whack at it until it doesn't die I remember that boss battle just running in a circle on Primark Oh Primark was the worst it's literally cancer fuck footage realistic tool or fuck that I've got better things to do than run in circles he's a fat faggot chasing me maybe you should play on Primark yeah why not you clip or else a mole excuse could you have you know that you know damn well yeah my time is too precious I can always the old so much this is the wrong time for me to go Bert rod I'm certain the thing that still was the incorrect choice for this particular boss fight Oh run fat ass uh see I love still because most of the time he can live for a bed cover our he can just hit repair and really tank shit for ages but against bosses like this where it's just like yes you need to dodge all of their Telegraph's otherwise you just go away fourth dude alright let's learn do not use Burke because Burke hurts I made it sing well be dead soon it's dying look at that Moulton my ass buttocks is that gonna have a retarded speech for you guys all right abacus do not mistake bloodlust for righteous fury that way lies damnation correct do not mistake feminism for women's right advocacy I am entirely with you there captain damn right so we've humped it down what is this our second or third fucking avatar they just mass-produce the little shits on this planet apparently avatars we blood ravens just steal them anyways like a box below it's literally a room on our ship just filled with avatar skills as tossing in the pod dump for the space race ever oh sorry chapter masters like Aerith we have plenty more here the Eldar oh that's why the elbow cubes are fucking with us because they want all the shit we've stolen from them over the years I just gave it back we'll stop like no we're gonna steal your fucking craft world boys steals the Eldar race the poor blood driver just looks at the elves aren't ghosts like hmm give back opens book no no no we're in vocabulary explain this this strange and unusual concept of give I have take but I've never heard of this give there is no gift it's like the all god it's like the george RR martin quote you know there is no word for thick you did three key there is no work for fucking give got em bloodraven totally take Oh dancer let's see white shit white trash wait trash may like skill that might be useful for melee character dead is to do data stew to stamina I'm sorry and I my skill cannot be knocked back that does sound client knows now I don't like pudding Terminator armor on Forge commander cuz I can't use the iron halo and the iron a halo is basically what keeps me alive in this damn thing let's see my armor rating goes up by 32 which is pathetic and I have the exact same health actually I have 40 hit points more ya know ya know not feeling it huh now feel that ba side yes might see if that is I mean the health increases no much but uh Vanguard veterans bozhil have better equipped understand of submarines with EDIUS wounds enemies upon landing or tell burning his partner browsers was drawing some of their health okay right so I need to get him to teleportation thing I feel like we had a teleport pack at some point on Donald war two we did let me sold it no that wasn't the piston that was the forest come on I wanna I think there's this special one for these folks maybe cuz I'm sorry I seem to remember it said like Force Commander basically hmm alright until I get the teleporter it's not really worth it so we'll just keep it for now I guess just keep it around for now they look at all those things keep forgetting that they put all these KITT put some of these characters in Donald were three poorer fucking poor fucking Jonah he's like I'm a character just like not anymore boy you're just a stereotype is Examiner stereotype he's also the only one in our entire chapter with the correct skin color that makes him unique I almost maybe think the blood angels righteous blood Ravens would be mixture of browns you'd have some whites in there though because the hive world yeah we should be it would be a fairly mixed chapter if I had to guess mutts there are chapters missing this shouldn't be a raven it should be a month it's a mutt and it's also got like a little fucking Romanian flag on it cuz I steal shit yep maybe more historically accurate I have preferred that they did that Donal more three they switch sides from the Imperium and worked with the elder orcs instead because writing res shits yeah they are Romanian just like the Romanians in real life fucking trees as little get so like ah well wash it now okay X mark tell us he will give us the things we need to repair stuff yay the tech Maria was what I was he the hero sister in Dona for three I kind of liked the idea of calling in heroes I like that cuz it gave you some flexibility the probables they made the heroes way too fucking powerful especially the Knights which were just like oh that's an adorable army you have there would be shame if somebody were to use one ability on it I think I think that's the problem when you scale up 40k is the larger you go the weapons in 40k is universe scale in terms of power really started Lee so the power creep is insane in this universe like honestly I would be fine with having like a knight because the brain blade is already an example of that like the beyblade was fine and Dawn of War two so a knight could work but what do you really need to do is you need to limit it if you're gonna call in a knight that should be it's like you get one Knights like a king tiger and Company of Heroes it should be really powerful to be really difficult to kill but if you manage to kill it that should be like a real achievement and it shouldn't matter yeah oh god comforting heroes that's a game I fuckin miss iron harvest is pretty good yeah well eventually now I mean they're still in the process for me but that is their the best thing we have a true spiritual successor with little it's not like a perch side to side it's more like a bruise like visually speaking it looks like eye cancer oh look at that it does it does it's like absolutely terrible it's like if I remember correctly is why did you do that I was going to test something oh so pretty sure it does a lot of damage to buildings cuz it's like just a repeated shots at point-blank range oh no okay he's alive he's squirming he's like oh my fucking pancreas ah see Dawn of War fucking right all right Donna were three if it wasn't named Dawn of War 3 it would have just been a mediocre strategy people would have yeah people would have been like this is kind of poopy but like this is average this is nothing special but he knows something bad either you build a lot of Units you spam at each other you have these big dumb battles Oh God see your only game is kind of like interesting then that game is like oh that's getting a little boring and then late game or like oh god it's just spam whatever has the most HP and doesn't do not but it can't be knocked back like tanks you just see an utter disappearance of any other unit type on the Battlement it's just straight-up predator tank straight-up this match spam you know and the mass counter spam is you know they're the early games was actually it was it definitely wasn't great but it was reminiscent of what we have had and so you know it was the sole light in the darkness basically but the moment you got into the barely like it barely was a mid game you know yeah it sort of the resources the way they scaled up like you'll go from having like barely new resources to being very cautious and you know preservation to having your infinite resources to the point where you just can't fucking spam click enough yeah like the escalation mechanic was a good idea in theory but not one that played out at all that well because it made the unit utterly pointless select families our supposed to upgrade end goal ok kill the orcs pile what are you doing why are you doing this to me con I'm trying to get a pistol but he's stuck I think he has to stay there for whatever reason what the fuck was I owned about before I was interrupted by the orcs and Kyle's competence Jeff fuck what was it your money all right yes so when you got that many points there was no point in maintaining unis anymore no was it possible to maintain unis anymore at that point because everything was so utterly fucking retard only totally thought and that meant that the only thing that matters in that part of the game was the damage it could could don't come over here can't defend the other area the only thing that mattered was how much damage any particular unit could put out and so the entire army the best army was just build tanks and devastators and that would be your army and as long as you just you kept building tanks devastated from the occasional whirlwind if you were feeling sassy like if you were feeling like yeah I can waste a few your fury source of something that goes like pretty pretty pretty which way it's wash pretty much they were like okay our Korean see watch some bigger yep thank you really but you know there is a difference between shaving and cutting off your own head and this this is definitely to keep a decapitation level like oh look cause the game so streamlined we're gonna have more units on the battlefields like Baus this game shitty then empty Oh ready for what why is he up there this Tonya LaRue has a fail lewd me I think he's part of the objective or something I think he's doing something fun oh we are you dare yell at us yeah I'm standing around up here I'm pretty sure well you've just forgotten how to play the game that's that's what I think I mean I press the fallback button I place the move button he's like oh I would prefer to stay back here because I mean some wrong things what's funny is I realized that they don't actually have like a rotate animation for the Space Marine models for whatever reason maybe it's cuz the armor doesn't really actually allow for that too much so they just like fucking like shit either way like it's like don't fucking push me over I'll be super upset Oh God there are bad things in there Kyle stop them blowing your generators yep I'm gonna go get back because the first commander are probably able to do that by himself probably I can't move a fattest so my tactical squads all I have in terms of offensive capabilities oh shit tank buster that's what's hurting me thank you now the first commander should be able to get it just protect the structures with your life I have no answer for the bail a shit see it might look like cancer but it is really good at what it does so you know don't mind I guess sometimes you don't have that the best visuals to have a fun game and honestly often the best games are normally not the best in terms of visuals those are Omega 2 the emptiest ever I call down a fucking cent return here to help me history this building because it Bradley that's the objective oh shit oh I'm stuck no don't use the pulse oh come on 400 points for an invite it's just killing okay it's not stuck there you go good way I'm talking about the important objective which is doing this thing over here I've killed the weird boy and he goes boom and we get look at all those goodies look at all those goodies it is a veritable cornucopia of magical goody good GU goods and now Sewell needs to run like a little bitch before he gets killed God Carl I'll leave you alone for two seconds and look at the mess you've got yourself in look I can't even move yeah that's actually a lot of shit he just stands there look at him he's like I'm not moving well I mean he's doing a good job with that cares dreadknots oh fuck it you're dead smoochy-smooch there you go good boy I will make all of them go away then you kill the dog oh well ultimately for Kumar in the middle of all of this area right here o ik last stand here yes yes but not not actual hard last and we will survive oh it's deep man for our EP guys oh my god each interval look at him think you boy stinky boy he smells just like my great grandmother's Underpants that's pretty bad the smell of 94 yes it defined my entire existence not sure I feel about that not sure if we could be you do you're all factories even work well that's a complicated question time oh I can move fucking images again I'll thank Jesus thank Jesus yeah sources fuck generators are dead the generators how could you look mister I couldn't move habitus for half the fucking gig and that is your fault boy by the way those are those clowns are gonna kill everything in the universe and they'll be back ah the colon system the special power system bullshit I remember those clouds in particular some armies were just uh it was useless against some enemies but he gives Tiernan's that I went for a little one spam for example it was just like hi you're dead I'm gonna put this in your base what are you gonna do Oh die right then GG no re well there was much reading after that like like placing small minds and enemies retreat paths that also was a real fuckin man of culture thing to do that was my way before they nerfed them they were just destroyed King sports a wonderful okay right does the smell affect fucking fool I mean doesn't even have a nose anymore I'm sure there's some bullshit reason as to why it does it eats the armor something oh look look at some of that yes the Bloodraven just picked it up like oh go take it back with me I mean this is clearly alright I go what fuck it's not like we've cared previously no you can tell us the story of your survival Martellus ah see Tarkus it started when a demon shoved it screaming sword so far my rectum I could taste the tip and then I survived that's that's my story wow that's some a grade writing right there experience reload all that well I feel on the bone to actually use the plague spear now for a mission or to give it away if we play it right the Bloodraven campaign we should just get executed and that should be the end of it not the evil ending not the good ending just you fucked up you did you would too heretical says Gabriel Engine Space Hulk we'll have the information we required to identify the trait or that is and of course shit oh come on let me have a control my characters yes a good question are we supporting a thunder hooker the climactic battle of the Tiernan's wait wait you're telling me that the game we played before you were there that's the part where you died but they reckoned you to be alive right she's like fuck we're gonna make a sequel we need this cunt to be alive so why didn't we come him before because we're Space Marines that we totally left him behind for like several years like yeah that's right you're alive oh thank God you remember me there were too busy stealing people shit I was drinking my own piss eating my own shit and your fucking armor is pristine good job boy good job Realtek Christ unfortunately I can't seem to give the plague spirit to anyone this is a problem nobody can use it fuck sadness depression risk eruption level 12 oh shit right okay we're gonna we're gonna have to make Tarkas heretic I'll just do it just to do it you sick little bastard he's like well my name is art hmm salvage weaponry salvaged armor look it may be not so okay I won't leave this huh so come on a pyrex perfect it was his last cannon Cyrus combat shotgun and janna force weapon okay Albertus gets an assault cannon do we have an assault cannon uh no not yet I guess we could use it on that pyro axe hammer and shield would do well no we don't have a hammer fuck we don't have anything well we'll wait until we get our Terminator Gary suppose so did he fix the Terminator armor he did didn't he yes he did that he fucking did so we'll come with discipline only skill uh yeah neither of them are really all that good I mean I guess Tarkus good yes don't oh you know already put one on Turkish don't put one on the abacus though cuz we don't have a weapon to make it worth it for him why not yeah we do Kyle I'll see you know what we're doing is we're gonna we're gonna do it like that and no what the fuck did you do that bad what it could be we're gonna do that alright what wait you can't use these weapons why did you do this should you read ours shut your mouth so how do I give him the salvaged weaponry donate to receive unique item okay so we got Abbot is there so if I do that that should give us an assault cannon yes it did and a good one too noise twenty percent no way damage don't worry about well I mean technically the bad I did necessarily their commander power armor teleporter so charkas power imperial Thaddeus power memory so come on okay so I need it with Denis teleport so I'm gonna put right there army and then I'm gonna do that and that should get us a teleporter Titan teleporter usable by force mana yeah so there is a unique teleporter only for the terminator armor gotcha it is but what can you do think it's the Terminator arms just a straight downgrade for the force commander we're sitting on a it was the same of the multiplayer to you you wouldn't use it because they wasn't very good that's kind of sad but yeah what can you fuckin do not much Goldin the armor of the custodies my hashtag doubt Wow which we even steal from the fucking custodies Shh Ravens it wouldn't be surprised if we actually have the Emperor in the back but the real emperor is too fake plastic dummy yes I mean it requires a certain a certain degree of dedication to the Bloodraven Cree to steal from the fucking custody's like we'd steal from her own father fucking we will steal our father specifically precisely he's in a box of workers bones and shit you know new and new initiates that when they become sergeant the chapter master walks them through the reliquary is like yes over there's the 760 second avatar sword over there's the reliquary of brother carcasses favored dildo collection and over there's the bone of the Emperor and over there just like oh I just like to imagine that because thirties are protecting like a fucking plastic toy that's all fucking golden throne it's got a little fucking like you know receipt on it or what do you call it take like to the toe or something what it is in the possession of the blood Ravens chapter no that's kind of great hammer of wrath thing Shield of fire that's not bad oh poor Cestius you just need a fucking teleporter you need a teleporter real bad my boy or you can just get you a teleporter you'll be kind of good don't really gain experience we don't need that lovely lovely lovely look at that we've got equipment shit they all can use these weapons with ancient defenders active he remains immobile however yeah that's sin that sounds good let's do that lovely sounds like a tenor of the Ted for me Cyrus what the fuck right away I guess we're giving you hit points and Jonah we've maxed out your green so his red does attack thingies his yellow does other thingies and there's purple does purple things sorry well to the greater and greater range personally triggers Avenger ability yeah what's that and as many Rangers game six the top of might knock down mighty unshakable and ranged damage probably pure I tells us telling us things can you imagine like spending a week in Detroit why would you want to do that who knows so tribesmen of carrion is all the way over there yeah go float off into space now why didn't we notice that previously it's just because it magically appeared from the warp remember when in doubt the warp is like hey yeah bird is we have access to all the kinds of scanners and shit and Martellus noticed this using a half broke single radio tower on the planet it's called dis machina shut the fuck up don't question it just purchase and consume rare dinosaurs I mean well the base of the dinosaurs but well that's filthy indeed yes so spook see the Imperium really should just been mating these things and taking them over cuz what a fucking awesome spaceships this would be as huge you can't really blow it up because it's you know it's a mountain but like it's maybe huge but it's like fucking broken like look at it's all broken you think forever to fix that shit okay how grant money much fix it yourself armor of Infernus armor that is kind of shit and gives corruption let me just get you to the spiky bit turbo yeah that is a horrible idea so therefore therefore Kyle because that's a bad idea we're going to end it right there in shame and disgust oh sorry wants to say a thing shut up don't want the edge voice big there you go just tickle like oh yes Cyrus do you have an opinion yes I know oh shut up faggot he's like this is for the period thing until next time thank you all for watching I have been arch and this has been my pet gopher fuck off

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  1. Ulkair is a nightmare, not just due to high health, I remember having units thrown out of the playable area leaving me down a squad member. The move isn't a one hit KO type, yet has the same effect as one. Especially when it is a melee only unit.
    Also, Arch to Thule can't run, but he can waddle in an adorable way.

  2. Personally I enjoy terminator armor on everyone more (you remove ALL suppression + KB is generally less and they just become tanky)

  3. 5:12 . The proper answer to "We're completely surrounded!"

    "Great! There's no possible way they can escape this time!"
    -Chesty Puller

  4. I think it's canon that Tarkus was somewhat corrupted. Didn't he take an oath of silence to atone and became known as The Ancient in DOW Retribution?

  5. 43:22 inside the reliquary the neophyte hears a distant “Hello!? Is anyone out there?! I’m trapped in this box! Can some one get me out? HELLO!?!”
    Blood Raven Reliquary Guard 1: “Its real quiet today-“
    Blood Raven Reliquary Guard 2: “YES!”

  6. The Orks invade them and convert them for their use with virtually minimal effort, remember how Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka got to Armageddon the first time?

  7. last i checked lebra uses block chain. they simply dropped some of the cripto stuff. Block chain is more of a ledger that can verify, update, and offers a lot of interesting real world tracking options.

  8. I never liked this game much, thought it was boring. Retribution is much better, even though the missions are the same for every faction, just in different order. I always found Space Marines to be the most boring faction, just like the Empire in Fantasy.

  9. On the subject of the what the appropriate skin color for the Blood Ravens, we would need to know the skin color of the people who lived on Cyrene and Aurelia. It is possible that the people on those two planets were predominately white which would explain why most Blood Ravens are white. That's my take on it anyway.

  10. talk about DogeCoin next >.> the Experiment to see how stupid they could make internet currency which made them Rich cause all People saw was "internet coins" and so they didnt bother checking further and bought tons of it

  11. I don't like putting Thaddeus in Terminator armor… Like… You spend 10 lvls upgrading his jump ability, turning him into a walking, flying, repeating bombshell…
    And then replace his jump by a instant zap that does nothing on impact (unless you go full corruption)…

  12. To explain block-chain currency, think of a random number generator pumping out numbers, constantly. Each new number is unique, and quite large, say 8 bites or so.
    Then imagine the largest 8 bite number, and that would be around your limit. Likewise the smallest 8 bite number, would be the lower limit.
    These numbers count an index system, which stores transmissions between holds.
    Each index's value comes from a highly subjective area; circumstances. For instance, criminals value the system as it eliminates risks, while law abiding citizens typically have an easier to use alternative.

  13. Now this is what we need and desire..the perfect combination of waffle talk and an obsessive dictator berating a degenerate furry.

  14. Gets told that silicone valley is needs to be looked into and broken up. Works for a company in the silicone valley and hates it but likes the money.
    sweats in texan

  15. "We came here to do two things. Purge heretics and steal property, and we already stole your property."
    – Blood Ravens Codex

  16. Being Norwegian, Arch will probably be fed a mix of Grandiosa and coffee trough a tube when he gets old 😛

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