Change UK launch anti-Brexit EU election campaign

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. How you do in elections lol sour face soubery not be in that for much longer she knows she's made a mistake

    Lets change parties and ignore the platform on which we were elected
    Lets change the outcome of the referendum…because Brexit voters are stupid…etc etc
    Lets change our nation into a state of the EU.
    Lets change our law for EU law
    Lets change the UK into a vassal state.

  3. The Brexit Party in historic Conservative and Labour WIPE OUT on Thursday the 23rd of May. And Change UK will have changed nothing! DON'T WASTE YOUR VOTE

  4. Just a little song for Change uk and the rest of the remoaners.

  5. She never thanked the vicar for the use of the hall. I hope there are scones with cream and jam in the marquee after the gymkana.

  6. Can I just ask.. wtf a tig is?

    Btw, 24, voted leave, soon to vote brexit party.

    I'm listening to this whole thing just cringing. They are so fake, so desperate and so disgusting.

    Free speech, democracy and our national identity is what I care about.

    Not their multicultural police state, stripped of our rights and democratic representation. Our country has achieved and we Brits have been through too much to roll over now. Too many people take this society and our rights for granted. it's time to stand up for something important.

  7. Guy blatantly lying? Nigel farage wants to privatise the NHS??

    Any remainers? Share the link where he says this?

  8. I've got a friend who is working class…. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

    It's as good as, I'm not racist… I have black friends!!

    You couldn't make these candidates up!

  9. How can you fix Britain by stopping Brexit? People voted to leave, so if we go with your suggestions, we should just ignore those people? That would SHATTER Britain's trust in politicians!!

  10. Let's change it by staying in the EU… Well, we're already in the EU so you mean you want to stay the same?

  11. Who benefits here? Why does Change UK want supranational government by the appointees on the European Council (which was 27 against one in Cameron's day), and by
    the very powerful foreign civil servants of the European Commission. Fair enough MEP's are elected, but the European Parliament has no power to make laws. And I don't accept the economic 'logistics' argument in 2019 because people who think about these things will know a container ship uses less fuel carrying goods to ports than the lorries forwarding the same goods to the retail market. That's why American wine costs the same as French wine. The problem will be tariffs, and surely we should be making our own rules on those not leaving the UK market to be traded by foreign civil servants.

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