Censorship Just BACKFIRED Against Far left and HELPED A Conservative?!

it tends to be the left calling for censorship it tends to be people who do not like Donald Trump calling for censorship how many videos have I made about this because guess what once again it's backfired on the left and censorship is currently helping people on the right why don't these people learn that censorship doesn't work I don't quite understand but I've got a couple stories for you today talking about how an anti-trump artist produced this art which is very anti Trump God's got her account her Facebook account disabled outright we also have an update on the Lauren southern situation her documentary borderless was just outright deleted really weird shiri uploaded and now it's doing better than before in a total Streisand effect the censorship has helped Lauren it's hurt this artist but then we have the real ramifications actual documentaries from real journalists are being are causing are getting restricted on YouTube Jay can Rihan is a legit journalist who's covered on the ground and after reporting on the far left he had his YouTube account basically restricted and he had all the monetization removed you're not allowed to do journalism there's these are the real impact so let's talk about it before we get started check out Tim cast comm slash doughnut if you'd like to support my work there's a monthly donation option a cryptocurrency option a physical address but of course you can just share this video or like and comment because that engagement tells YouTube the video is good and subscribe if you're so inclined let's take a look at this first story artists Facebook disabled after posting Mogga hat collection just ten minutes before we spoke of the phone Baltimore area based artist Kate Kretz received a call from Beneatha's Jenn tuff gallery she said they want to show her art in an upcoming exhibition this July her work is called the mega hat collection for those that can't see if you're listening the manga she effectively took mega hats or I believe one and some other red hats and turned it into a Klan hood to make a point about how she doesn't like Donald Trump unfortunately images of her work have led to her Facebook account to be disabled let me make one thing clear the left says that hate speech needs to be banned do you think that when the active it likes to the activist let me ask you this do you think that when you clamor about the problems on facebook facebook says sits there and thinks you know what they're right these people should be banned for being hateful no Facebook convenes a meeting and says I don't know or care it's bad press that's hurting our stock get rid of all of it they don't care why you're posting the images they're going to take you down because you cause bad press for them well let's read on I wanted to make sure I wasn't putting any money in Trump's pocket cred said she did shell out $25 for one which she purchased on Trump's website now I'm on his mailing list she said explaining that it's good to know your enemies the other deconstructed piece of manga ephemera is reconstructed into a Badman armband this perhaps is what flagged Facebook to a possible hate speech situation after she posted images of her work on her profile page so what happened to this activist well she wanted to make a point using certain symbols too bad it's unfortunate those symbols are censored it doesn't matter if you're critical or simply doing your job in fact I have this tweet from Jake Hanrahan Jake again I'll stress he is a journalist and filmmaker he's worked with vice news and he said had my account held ransom by Twitter and Jack for doing my job this is the real ramifications of the censorship the activists will get taken down for criticizing people sure they asked for it but then legitimate journalists will get their accounts locked because they showed images and talked about something let me be clear the people who use these symbols will just make a new symbol and they'll have to keep playing cat and mouse trying to figure out what should or shouldn't be banned the activists and journalists who try to show these symbols to prove things to present facts will get restricted but let's talk about how it goes through the direction to all the people on the Left who want to say you know what they believe that the the far-right the frames right should be banned you know what happens when you banned them it results in the Streisand effect making them you know getting them much more traffic lauren southern she's a journalist activist she's called far right whatever you a caller that's besides the point the point is she made a documentary called borderless except this is what you're presented with when you try to click the link it says video unavailable there's nothing here when so for those that aren't familiar when she updated the video originally I believe it was two days ago no one got notified the video didn't appear on her YouTube channel yet you could search for it but it wasn't on her channel if you watch the video it actually showed you it was part of her channel but for some reason no one was notified now first I said this clearly must be a glitch okay it's a mistake YouTube's making they're not actively censoring Lauren I still don't have proof they did but hear me out she then posted a community message right so it's not the video it's a different post no one got that either well that's different you could argue something happened to her upload or no one got notified and didn't appear but to not get the community post about it was also very very weird still maybe it's all a mistake right except then less than 24 hours later the video was just outright removed it's is gone now again there's still a possibility it's all a mistake but Team YouTube on Twitter knew about it then it gets really weird we have a story from human events Wilt Chamberlain writes Lauren Southern's borderless deleted by YouTube enough he said YouTube removed Lauren Southern's new documentary borderless from its platform less than 24 hours after southern made it available to the general public no explanation was given because no explanation has to be given he says perhaps did you change that now will Chamberlain of human events has repeatedly argued platform access should be a civil right and this shouldn't happen regardless of your position on whether or not there should be regulation if you're on the left I can give you one good reason as to why yes perhaps they shouldn't be able to just remove her documentary if you don't like Lauren's documentary and you think people shouldn't see it the last thing you should do is try to censor it because Lauren reuploaded the documentary it got way more traction and way more views in a shorter amount of time now I will say her video was throttled no one was getting notified and within about I believe 24 hours less than 24 hours it had 64,000 views that's when I checked up on and that's really low considering Lauren has 712 thousand subscribers why did no one see the video well whatever the reason was the video is gone now as I showed you the video is just outright gone but on the new video it has three hundred thirty six thousand views as of right now in fact one of the top comments says I only heard of this dock because of a report that it's being censored the next comment YouTube censor is the only reason I'm watching I think maybe it backfired for their agenda now I still don't think I I still don't want to believe that someone at YouTube pushed their thumb on the scale to negatively impact the release of this video but here's a potential scenario as to why this artist who got suspended on Facebook isn't going to get the same traction as Lauren will conservatives are being censored much more than liberals are they're more conservative it's a fact quill let published a piece where they did an analysis of high profile accounts on Twitter that were suspended 21 of 22 we're on one side of the debate I believe one that got suspended was Rose McGowan I think because she published a phone number the rest were all people for innocuous reasons people who challenged mainstream leftist orthodoxy are more likely to get suspended that's just recognizable at this point when you have story after story where even Facebook employees say they say they suppress conservative news that's just what's happening so here's what happens Lauren puts up her documentary and this is just a conspiracy theory I'm not saying it's true but it makes it's makes my only potential explanation as to what happened all it takes is one activist at YouTube who thinks I'm going to screw with this video so that people can't see it they want to throttle it if no one came to the defense of Lauren that would have been the end of it but how but here's the thing conservatives have been impacted by this so much by censorship that you end up with these articles saying enough this is a civil right so much attention is brought to the fact that Lauren's documentary is being restricted that it creates a massive surge in interest of people saying why was it censored I want to watch it and then sure enough Lauren's video gets reposted with way more traction so take a look at this on my screen you can see the analytics Lauren's original post only had 15 posts and about 700 up votes on reddit after she reapplied it 25 posts with 3428 up votes giving the video way more traction when when conservatives get banned they're used to it they say enough they write articles demanding civil rights for platform access that the platform access is a civil right but when the left gets censored they're not coming out to defend those for the most part some do in fact it's typically conservatives who call this out but I think there's one problem for the left as sort of a matter of pride they don't rush to the fence of those who are getting censored all the time they do they definitely do but I think it's much less pronounced now Fox KTV Hugh wrote about this artist let's let's conclude this let's see how they conclude they say for now as for the past two weeks yes checked in with Facebook every morning and fills out a form to have our page reviewed I keep hoping that a new person gets it I haven't accepted the fact that my page is gone the way I'm being treated makes me feel like they don't understand how their users are using their platform well when the left art when and when it's the left calling for censorship with the left saying hate speech should be banned do not be surprised that weeks go by with your page being disabled we're entering election season Facebook has every desire to restrict this kind of speech they don't like it it's bad for their their share price it's bad for their bottom line it's bad for their press it doesn't matter who you are and you know what I don't see any high profile people on the Left rushing to the defense and making sure people see this art nope you've just been removed there's two things to consider fortunately for Lauren the Conservatives are gonna rally behind her and they're gonna defend going to defend her because they've been under assault for so long more importantly though Lauren is high profile she has seven hundred and twelve thousand subscribers on her page meaning she has a lot of diehard fans who are going to seek out and they're gonna see this and they're gonna make an uproar about it and then YouTube can only do so much did YouTube actually delete her video I don't know right I still want to believe it was a mistake but it's very weird they took her video we got I say YouTube just made the video out of it I watched the video I actually watched it it was here and it was gone uh is it are we gonna sit here and assume that taking this down was an accident was a mistake was a glitch when it was up and available I don't think so but I do think um it's I think it's possible as a glitch sure maybe but I do think that after this huge uproar Lauren was able to re-upload and they couldn't do anything about it so here's the issue for this artist she is not famous she does not have the reach of Lauren there's something dangerous in the future YouTube Facebook Twitter these big tech monopolies they can't do anything about people who are already famous if you're already famous it's hard to censor you they did you know Milo pauses Watson etc because they'll you know if they have to if the press is bad enough they'll do it anyway but there are certain individuals people like me who aren't nearly as controversial as someone like Lauren or Pollard or Alex Jones they can't just outright censor me that would be going too far but they can absolutely stop smaller personalities like me from gaining traction and this is where I want to I want to point out the excellent work of Popular Front and Jake Hanrahan and how he is being negatively impacted by the calls for censorship and we'll talk about the true ramifications listen by all means you're allowed to laugh at this anti Trump anti Maga you know artist who wants to ridicule Trump for getting censured for weeks being unable to access our Facebook page by all means laugh I won't okay I will defend her free speech but I recognize how you reap what you sow is a catharsis here seeing this you know people aligned with the mores and stories left being censored you laugh about it me I do think it's funny absolutely but I would app I will absolutely defend her right to post these things and criticize Donald Trump Facebook doesn't care that's wrong Facebook should not be allowed to police your opinions whether you're pro or anti Trump but let's talk about why this is not good I get it we all know that it's funny to see the people who want censorship getting censored and we all do recognize it's still bad and they still have a right to speech but here's the thing Jake Hanrahan made a documentary about Ukrainian anarchist militants far-left extremists and guess what happened the video is age-restricted sure you might argue a hold on man there's some pretty adult stuff that jake is showing us but Jake's done work for vice news why is vice news allowed to publish this this stuff but other people aren't smaller creators aren't why is that Jake Hanrahan is getting censored and vice news isn't this is the this is the inherent terrifying future big corporations will be allowed to do whatever they want and small creators will be restricted I'm probably safe because I I also have a history of working for big companies ABC News Univision vice etc and now I have a lot of followers so if they try to censor me I make us think about it I've put up videos that have been restricted and I make us think about it and sure enough everyone calms and says not ok and then it gets reversed and it falls copyright strikes fortunately for me you guys follow me and when this stuff happens you hear about it but what about someone like Jake Wood has a who does good good neutral like objective reporting his report on Ukrainian anarchist militants wasn't pro or anti anything about them he was just showing that these people exist and here's what they do he talks about the far-right in that video why is his video getting restricted why was his channel age restricted why are these big corporations not ultimately the fierce independent creators will have no choice but to toe the line to the big corporations if they want to get accesses that's what's happening Popular Front this is Jake Hanrahan's brand YouTube has blocked monetization for our whole channel before we even applied for it so much for supporting independent creators this is why censorship is truly truly dangerous look you know what men if you if you're Pro censorship and you think the far right should be censored I've just shown you how that censorship has emboldened Lauren southern and helped her out it didn't work I've just showed you how an artist who opposes Donald Trump has had her Facebook page to say it disabled the censorship didn't work and now an actual journalist who has nothing to do with any of this culture war nonsense is having his YouTube channel restricted can't get monetization the videos are a jurist why this is the real problem okay it's backfired to a ridiculous degree so if you are conservative if you're on the right you're probably laughing the whole time we record this why Lauren Southern's views are way up anti-trump artists completely censored it sounds like the censorship problem has only been beneficial to conservatives at least for now and then there's the other issue I often bring up that if these social media sites are only cleaning up the right they're banning and censoring the more extreme factions of people on the right the left looks insane because their crises are left to run around do whatever they want and the right looks you know clean and and and well taken care of these sensors are cleaning up the right and making the right look better now ultimately I believe in free speech and I think it's a good thing but I'm saying hey you know God closes a door he opens a window ultimately I will end with this okay I'll just wrap everything up I know I don't repeat myself but I will just give us a wrap-up far-left activist censored well you reap what you sow conservative journalist activist etc ponder what I'm gonna call Lauren southern views increased dramatically following the censorship because of the Streisand effect it didn't work how do they not realize this and finally Jake Han ran does a great job he should not be censored and I'll say this to follow popular front on YouTube if you want some good you know actual journals I'm Jake does a good job he's not he's not on anyone's side and that's why I respect him he's not pro Trump he's not you know he's just kind of straight you know straight shooter good journalist so I recommend checking out a Popular Front on YouTube and ultimately I'll leave it to you with Wilt Chamberlain's question is social media access platform X is a civil right comment below language you think you can follow me on mines at Tim cast again if you want to support my work youtube.com slash I'm sorry if you want to support my work Tim cast comm / donate I'll end this segment here I'm really frustrated by the absurdity of all this here's a perfect track showing you how it just does not work so maybe it's a civil right maybe that's the answer I will see you all in the next segment thanks for hanging out and youtube.com slash teamcast News at 6:00 p.m. for the rest of you it'll be starting shortly you

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  1. You keep talking about these scary nasty people who supposedly exist on the far right. Who are they? What do they believe that you disagree with, and do you have any good reasons for disagreeing with them? Do you mean Chris Cantwell who gave an interview with Karen Straughn after Charlottesville? Because I think he gave a pretty good account of himself. Do you mean Faith Goldy? Or the people she interviewed? Do you mean Richard Spencer? Do you mean David Duke? Is there someone uglier than these people who are being censored into oblivion? Someone I have never heard of, but that you have? Or do you just assume that you can keep sailing past these folks and have marked that part of your political map with, "here be dragons?"

  2. We got your back Tim and always will unless you turn into some crazy far left nutjob. If that happens, then you are on your own and that support will disappear.

    As for social media access being a civil right. I believe it should be as deplatforming anyone violates the constitution.

  3. its honestly a very heart warming documentary for the refugees. the ngos and human traffickers are the problem. the weirdest thing was that a day after the release the national tv station of my country posted a clip about the horrendous conditions in the camps on the greek island. they didn't shine a light on the islamist zealots attacking atheists and christians in the camp, but hey at least show people over the mainstream what shithole this created. people want to go back but they aren't even allowed to do that.

  4. Tim..Why dont you believe..U of all people should know how insane n out of touch with reality the left is.

  5. Rule One: let them rage and make them share stories on how redpilled they are, but keep them ineffective.

  6. I'm very conservative but i believe even the most extreme leftist has the freedom to speak their mind.

  7. So if they're doing this to protect their bottom line can you blame them for being so censorious?
    So know I dont think it's a civil right. I would like it to be but that seems rather short sighted and business ignorant

  8. I still want to believe it was a mistake… but it is super weird that this one video had multiple mistakes in a row over and over that were different enough they couldn't be code related

  9. Lauren's movie:
    Is very likely that was an stupid low level leftists who deleted thinking of him/her self as "hero".

  10. I'm a trump supporter, but that trump art piece is actually pretty good, only way I could picture it being better would be if it had a kekistany frog on it, maybe a glass of milk and the okay hand sign, or better yet the pound sign (#)

  11. I keep wondering if it isn't time for some of the wealthier YouTube Creators to seek some Conservative money to fund an alternative to YouTube? REALLY piss the left off and call it "Alt-Tube"! HAHAHAHAHA!

  12. Have you seen this video, proving YouTube's bias toward Traditional Media and against from YouTube Creators in the USA?

    What 40,000 Videos Tell Us About The Trending Tab

    Coffee Break, May 21, 2019


  13. Phil DeFranco complains about this too. Standard Media reports on terrorist attack in Christchurch New Zealand and gets promoted by YouTube. He reported on it and got demonitized.

  14. AVAAZ just send me an email gloating about how they have used their Soros paid minions to get hundreds of postings taken down on Facebook from groups that they consider to not be PC or Deep State enough. This pure censorship and they love it.

  15. No, it is not a civil right, private companies have the right to self regulate, the issue is these platforms are not private they are corporate. Corporations utilize the government to interfere with the free market.

  16. Thanks for this – went and watched it – great idea this censorship – it helps people find things they did not know about and allows fact to come out strong!

  17. Todays liberals even those just center left are not the liberals from the 90s, these are crazy weirdos that have no idea how real life works. I used to align with them but they pushed me to being a Republican, which is a very lonely existence in MA.

  18. Tim I have to say for the last few months I like the things u are bringing to light. I never liked ur channel before but I catch a lot of ur videos and this is important things to talk about. Thank u

  19. It's sweet how you try so hard to believe that people are inherently good. I like it. But I think we all know what really happened here.

  20. Turning a MAGA hat into a Klan hood…wow…the left couldn't be more obvious in what they are trying to do.

  21. I will laugh. Because id like freedom of speech for all, but how can i argue for freedom of speech for the Very people trying to murder it And distort it to be used Against those who stand for freedom?

  22. It is a civil right because we have freedom of the press in our Constitution, and these big companies have a virtual monopoly.

  23. I was wondering why I haven't seen any vids from you in a while and now that I came for a look, I find iv been unsubscribed from you. I thought people were just mental saying this type of thing happened but it's true. Glad to see your still grinding bro

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