Cenk Debates Gay Republican On MSNBC

this morning i am proud to sign a law that will bring an end too don’t ask don’t tell person i’m about
to sign will strengthen our national security an option or the ideals that are fighting
men and women risk their lives to the fed no longer will our country being denied the
service of thousands a patriotic americans who were forced to leave the military regardless of their skills no matter their
bravery or there’s a real no matter their years of exemplary performance because they happen to be gay by president obama said many times if you
want to go forward you put it in d if you wanna go backwards you put it in are all right now the president of the democrats
made history last week they repeal don’t ask don’t tell and that is a huge support for
gay rights but is always the grand old party is stuck
in the stone age two major conservative groups concerned women for america and their family
research council are boycotting the conservative putting political action conference this year they’re out uh… their seven out because
agle proud of national organization of gay conservatives was invited to the event for more on this list in the chairman of the
board of gold prob chris her back white chris for stability rather way wind
as we know that you’re in a republican former republican offers are not just a republican
i’m a conservative republican i am a conservative because i while i was
born day i wasn’t born to believe that government has all the answers high in fact i’ve seen
throughout my life and in fact government is often the problem because i believe in
free market up because i believe a strong military defense paul because i believe it
in the the power of the individual that’s why i’m a conservative right understand that
in our debjit gay people do they have opinions that are arranged to confirm liberal-conservative
on economic matters a lot of that is of course absolutely right i get that but what i don’t get is how you can worded conscious vote for a party does not like you they don’t like who you
are they don’t like your identity first off i completely and totally project
that uh… we work for the second your honor are
participating in c pack the largest relations to use in our our mothers offers up but we’re going around for two years uh… so every year that we’ve been in the
existence we’ve participated in c pack and i think it’s been so amazing is entering
this controversy major organizations opinion leaders have all
stood off forego proud cito afford a conservative and said yes they’re an important part of
this movement and we need them to win we need them going forward ice that’s the real story
here the real story is that the conservative movement is more united than ever there are
few people people like burger king joe’s affair in the world that daily crowd to make their
living trying to grab attention grabbed headlines divide the movement the fact is the conservative
movement is united were winning anti-united bahay namin united as there are still real here you know i mean with a straight face
hold on are you telling a straight face for the republican party has been while communities
all this time now the republican hasn’t always been welcome
you describe john is that now what did he answer video movement the conservative movement
absolutely welcoming to gay people i can tell you right now uh… i have included
lawyers for i think the openly gay with the conservatives that idea of being a conservative
with other gay people that’s the truth that’s the applicant you might not like it but it
doesn’t change reality yeah you know what you are no reality chris when don’t ask don’t tell what was up for
appeal only eight of the republican senators would afford and fifteen of that and other opponent house
i was very it against you why can’t i mean what do you recognize the
has sent out earlier look you wouldn’t have had don’t ask don’t tell rick you know if
it weren’t for those republican votes and secondly worked as a whole range of issues
at night when i’m sitting at the table with my partner talking about the issues that affect
us surprise surprise those issues the same issues that affect americans all across this
country healthcare the economy jobs taxes retirement security an odd issue after issue
after issue the conservative movement offers policy fixes there are better for gay couples
you might not like it and lou rawls might not like it but that’s the truth that’s the
truth let chris legally alley video but you gotta
wake up men and two thousand four there and a whole national campaign against a team here although everyone kaay darwinian we are winning the conservative
movement where we are a problem part of that movement i a glove the luck to you that’s right effect thank you for joining us though chris we really do appreciate your time in your
thoughts here

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  1. Conservatives live in the most amusing dream world. I wonder if that guy is still saying that the conservative movement supports gays.

  2. LOL I couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably at Cenk! Him and I are both on the same page at how delusional these dumbasses are, and how they've been brainwashed by the GOP to do their bidding!

  3. This chump had to be paid a lot by the Kock brothers, because he seems too smart to believe the things that he's saying. Just like a republican with that unnatural attachment to the dollar.

  4. I ike TYT, and I like Cenk, but in this interview he really does seem to be acting like the Democratic equivalent to Bill O'Reilly

  5. I never saw this guy, Cent, on MSNBC. Now I know why he was marginalized. Many just don't want aggressive talk radio pundits on what proports to be "news" yelling over their guests. Let the freakin man speak! I'm intelligent enough to know whether his answers are genuine, or bullshit. I don't need some dude with a mic acting all Shawn Hannity on the left, or the right. This was supposed to be an interview, not a hostile prosecution.

  6. http://www.salon.com/2013/02/21/gay_republican_groups_shut_out_of_cpac_again/
    6 years later…
    They were kicked out of the CPAC for two years in a row now.
    This guy (Christopher) was clearly delusional.

    Cenk won this 'debate', although he did it in a kind of obnoxious way. Facts > Personality. Cenk presented the facts, which were spot on to show Republicans dislike gays.
    Reading the comment section, it seems many people are also delusional thinking Christopher 'won' the debate.
    Only morons base arguments on personality as opposed to the facts.

  7. Now I know why they fired him. He has no decorum or civility when he conducts an interview. He wen for sensationalism instead of letting the man talk and discussing with him the real issues that gay people face.

  8. "when me and my partner at night talk about the issues…" That's just gross! Not because they're gay, but because they're republican.

  9. I feel so bad for proud lbgt Republicans you guys are fighting for the wrong team 🙁 The Republican/conservative party hates and despises you its a sad and harsh truth.

  10. If Cenk wants to judge a party by its history, look no further than the anti-black anti-women views of the Democrat party from a hundred years ago. Democrats founded the KKK. Democrats voted unanimously against allowing women and black people to vote. This guy Cenk is pointing to public campaigns from 10 years ago as his proof that the GOP is anti-gay. His argument is rapidly losing steam. My point is, people can change and it seems the liberals want to perpetuate that all of us Republicans are anti-gay and anti-women so that the votes of certain people will stay firmly in the Left. It just isn't so. There are many gay republicans and black republicans and female republicans….have any of you noticed how they are ridiculed by liberals? Cenk cannot believe that a gay man would be a republican. Cenk seems to have forgotten that there are many more issues besides someone's orientation. Cenk, like many others, are scared that republicans have progressed on social issues much like democrats have tried to do. When liberal leaders cannot prey on the fears of certain demographics any longer, they won't be able to hide their incompetence in other matters either.

  11. "To go forward you put it in D, to go back you put it in R and to play in the mud you put it in the butt." Nice shirt Chris Barron, makes you look gay. You should burn it.

  12. "You wouldn't have had Don't Ask, Don't Tell repealed if it weren't for those Republican votes"
    Oh really?
    65 Yeas in Senate, 8 were Republicans = 57, easily passes
    250 Yeas in house, 14 Republicans = 236, easily passes
    uhh yeah

  13. "Thanks Chris. We do really appreciate your time and your thoughts here." Cenk was interrupting Chris as soon as he opened his mouth. Not forgetting that he was screaming at him, whenever he was expecting an answer for him.

  14. I get where Cenk is coming from but he took it too far, its like how there are black republicans I dont agree with them but I at least take them at their word when they sayits for reason x, y or z.

  15. What's wrong with this guy? Don't you realize you have to be a liberal if you are gay? Get with the program.

  16. This reminds me of that scene from the Newsroom HBO television show. Wonder if it was based off of Cenk's encounter with this guy.

  17. Barron MUST have been a paid, planned for, long-term Republican troll. Reminds me of a few episodes of #Scandal. He was either not gay or not conservative. Or just dumb.

  18. I'd love to debate cenik he's about as stupid as a bag of shit and just another liberal ass hole that you can't say no to because in his mind he's always correct.

  19. Hey cenk, still denying that Armenian genocide?;). Also if you love gays so much why do you support a group who actively kills gays?

  20. Cenk is a s** for bursting out laughing at a gay guest for saying he has issues going on to discuss besides being gay.  WTF.  Yet Cenk is from the "helpful" party.

  21. I like how Cenk can still engage in a meaningful dialogue with people he disagrees with and express his actual opinions while keeping things amiable between them

  22. 2 points: 1: conservatives are fine with gays they just don't wanna be forced to have to cater their wedding and 2: why does it matter? If he has conservative values that's what makes him a conservative. Not whether he's popular

  23. I love how Cenk can go off mercilessly against people trying to bullshit their way through interviews. Say what you want but a journalist has the right and the job to call people out if they're obviously wrong, which is exactly what happened here.

  24. I don't think Cenk did any homework. Showing up armed with only one point, and hoping beyond hope that mocking laughter will somehow win the exchange.

  25. Classic Cenk: talk about how progressives accept people's differences, while berating this man's differences. Pretty progressive…..

  26. I have watched about 5 videos of Cenk disagreeing with people and I never thought about killing myself more!

    Just scream and ridicule and disrespect, with a side of yelling and misrepresenting the other person's view.

    Make it stop, make it stop!

  27. "Why on God's green Earth are you even a republican?" Why can't he be? Why do you think all gay people have to think alike? Cenk's ignorance astounds me.

  28. I've noticed that Cenk never actually refuted anyone he was up against, just a bunch of personal insults with no merit or basis.

  29. Anyone who believes gay people can't be republican are morons. There is a conservative interpretation for gay marriage. Some conservatives have it some don't. This is exactly what identity politics. Grouping a group of people together in a box which is wrong.

  30. he needs to go back…or rather, msnbc needs him. i fear that democratic politicians will listen to those centrist hacks on that network and lose even more elections.

  31. Liberals hate it when they can't control gays and minorities by brainwashing them convincing them that they're such persecuted victims.

  32. It's funny when Cenk has these people on his show thinking he can't lose in a debate… then get's his ass handed to him. "they only let you in for the past 2 years". "We've only existed for 2 years." LOLLOLLOL. Priceless.

    Seriously, I would pay anyone $1,000 if they can find a debate that Cenk has won. LOL.

    He gets owned over, and over, and over. Dinesh D'Souza, Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, Sam Harris, Alex Jones, and on, and on, and on it goes. He get's his ass kicked every time. They aren't even close. Cenk just embarrasses himself then acts like he won. LOL.

    It would be like if in the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Finals when the Flyers played the Blackhawks, and when the Hawks won, the Flyers started celebrating. It would've been stupid of them just like it's stupid of Cenk to act like he does. If he didn't run TYT, he wouldn't have a job. No one would hire him. And they would never let him debate. In fact, I've never seen ANY TYT member win a debate. They all have IQs of like 80. LOL.

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