Celebrities React to Donald Trump Winning Presidential Election

You already owe
us all an apology The Donald, it was
all a hoax right? All the terrible things
you were saying, that was just to get elected and
infiltrate the Republican party. Dude, what the fuck? But you’re actually gonna
go back and kind of abide by, mostly, your
liberal perspective. I am really hoping
that is the case. President Trump, I just
can’t even believe that. So whack. These are scary times. God help us all. I’m moving I’m moving back to Canada Will you please just let
all of your people know that they’re all
welcome in Canada. I am really sad that
you’re our president and I’m probably moving
to New Zealand. I am extremely
disappointed in the American population
for voting the most unqualified, most
unhinged, craziest orange sentient anus that we’ve
ever seen in our lifetime. Please don’t plunge our
country into a nuclear war and kill us all Pack up lots of dry goods
and fresh water because Armageddon is coming. I’ve already lived through
twelve years of a guy named Bush in
the White House. I can take four years
of a guy named Trump. I would never ever
acknowledge you as my president. Trump, dig deep. It has nothing to do with
paparazzi or propaganda. Stop being a jerk It’s about people and
everybody needs you. We’re trying to birth
another generation. I, for one, accept our
new evil overlords. Take me with you. Good luck America!

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  1. I'm glad that all the shitty bands hate trump! music is supposed to be entertainment, and as a "public person" it is extremely unprofessional.

  2. I dont know any of these morons 😂😂😂these guys look like the people who work for celebrities

  3. Why are they still over here lol they all are fake asf lol Trump will win 2020 just to throw it people faces like them

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