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the release of previously classified surveillance applications our so-called FISA warrants by the Justice Department over the weekend set off a new round of political fighting over the FBI's monitoring a former Trump campaign advisor Carter Paige the FISA applications were appropriately put before the court and they were appropriately approved the information that was used in part and the FISA application came from a trusted source Christopher Steele someone who was a respected member of British intelligence we finally have a copy of the FISA warrant application that allowed the Obama administration to spy on the Trump campaign in 2016 that document is heavily redacted but certain facts are clear the clearest of all the Obama administration argued with a straight face that Carter page was a secret agent working for the Russians this is absurd and yet it was widely believed in Washington watch this there was a very clear belief that Carter Paige was conspiring with Russia to in ways that that were nefarious there was overwhelming evidence to have probable cause to do surveillance on Carter Paige it would have been a dereliction of duty for our FBI not to have sought a surveillance warrant as you say it makes a compelling case that there is probable cause to believe that Carter Paige was acting as an agent of a foreign power a compelling case really well if it's so compelling why aren't we hearing that case in court a Carter pages treason trial well because it's total nonsense it's a bad joke the FISA application doesn't even begin to prove that Carter Paige betrayed his country in any way but the application does prove other things we now know for example conclusively that the discredited steel dossier was central to the Obama administration's request to spy on the Trump campaign former FBI director Jim Comey has publicly denied that perhaps assuming the actual request would never be released Comey claimed that the dossier was not a significant part of the government's request and that turns out to be a lie not only did the Obama administration used the steel dossier as the basis of its spying request it appears the FBI did essentially nothing to verify the claims of the dossier despite the fact they knew it was a partisan document paid for by political operatives the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC it was too good to check apparently instead of sending its own agents to run down the facts which of course it could have done in fact it exists to do the FBI instead cited a Yahoo News article to prove that the dossier was reliable the only problem with that the yahoo piece was itself unhhhh leaked information from steel you'd have to be utterly incompetent to do something like that or totally dishonest meanwhile the man identified by the Obama administration is a Russian agent walks free tonight he is a living rebuke to this whole grotesque hoax he is Carter page and he joins us live tonight Carter page thank you for coming on thanks traffic so this application repeatedly describes you as an agent of the Russian government repeatedly are you aware of any criminal charges pending against you do you expect to be charged for working for the Russian government not only I'm not aware of it Tucker there's also the fact that no question I've ever been asked by the FBI in terms of any of these fake theories related to the dossier as you're alluding to not none of those made any sense whatsoever so there's not even a premise by which I could even conceivably be charged so it's absolutely it's there there are specifics from the dossier apparently this comes from the dossier but the application accuses you of meeting with two Russian officials both named Igor Igor Sechin and even or did yakun did you meet with either one of those men I never met with them and in my life ever yeah do you believe that that allegation comes from the steal dossier absolutely it's funny in July of 2016 two months before the Yahoo news article came out I started getting these calls from various news reporters you know what Wall Street Journal New York Times Washington Post CNN all asking me about these same two names of people I've never even heard of in my art of section I've never even heard of the Aiken and so it was obvious you know and some people told me from the media that they heard about it from the Clinton campaign etc but you know so finally they found someone to put it out and 45 days before the election in Yahoo News one of the reasons I find this choice so fascinating is because you are an actual person an American a Naval Academy graduate and you're willing to talk in public your government on the basis of no actual evidence has accused you of treason in spite on you as a result I mean how does that is someone who served your country in the military as a naval officer how does that make you feel my bigger concern is the complete failure of the US intelligence community in terms of looking at this Russia issue if this is what their users like they sounds like they succeeded actually I don't know if it's a failure they had a very specific goal in mind and they've achieved it that's why we're talking about it today yeah they've hamstrung the work the workings of government for a year and a half Carter page you're a lot more forgiving than I would be the Department of Justice released a heavily redacted FISA Court request by the FBI asking for permission to surveil or listen into a Carter page I know you read this months ago but it's the first time one of these kind of documents is out in the public domain Oh even heavily redacted what what is your take on this my take is that corner page is more like Inspector Gadget than he is Jason Bourne or James Bond I know it's easy for mr. gowdey to try to diminish Carter page but he was a one of only five of Donald Trump's foreign policy advisors during the campaign here's what we'll never know Brett we'll never know whether or not the FBI had enough without the dossier the unvetted DNC funded dossier because they included it and everyone who reads this FISA application sees the amount of reliance they placed on this product funded by the but by Hillary Clinton's campaign and the DNC you called the dossier unverified salacious why did you use that to the FISA Court to ask for surveillance for Carter page not only use it but you led with it a bulk of that FISA application deals with that dossier why yeah that's not my recollection Brett my recollection was there was a significant amount of additional material about page and why there was probable cause to believe he was an agent of a far power and the dossier was part of that but was not all of it or a critical part of it I think Congress ought to ask the people who drafted the Pfizer response why they deliberately left out the fact that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid for the steel dossier and I think they did it because number one the Pfizer stuff is classified and number two they were sure Hillary was going to win and no one was ever going to be any the wiser I have not seen one scintilla of evidence that this president colluded conspired Confederated with russia and neither has anyone else or you may rest assured Adam Schiff would have leaked it in a series of tweets President Trump said the release confirms that the Justice Department misled the courts in order to spy on his campaign President Trump should sign a note completely eliminating the redactions and release the paper there is no reason for him to not just go ahead and do it get it over with the president needs to declassify these documents the American people need to know the truth and the FBI the the CIA and our intelligence apparatus needs to be overhauled they need to take a look at this this needs to change and this abuse of power needs to stop congressman I also get rid of the Attorney General of the Attorney General is there a name only I'd like to have sessions when he was the senator but as the Attorney General he is non-existent from any of these discussions and until the president puts in an attorney general who actually do his job I think the deep State is going to continue to to move forward and work as well the only thing that is going to clean up Washington here's the fresh air of accountability transparency and honesty I'm struck by the treatment that Carter page has received in the press here's a guy who's not been charged with any crime there's no credible evidence he betrayed his country he's been accused of treason by his own government and spied upon and yet the reservoir of sympathy for him seems very shallow no one seems to care why is that because in our partisan world the presumption of innocence only applies to your side not the other side Democrats and people on the left forget the presumption of innocence they're prepared to argue that a search warrant is proof of guilt or an indictment is proof of guilt for example the indictment of the 12 Russians who will never be brought to trial is taken as containing the truth they're just allegations it may very well be that they're guilty and we know there was intrusion or an attempt to intrude on the election but we have to remember the presumption of innocence it doesn't only apply to your side of the political spectrum that's exactly right

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  1. FISA is unconstitutional. I think the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 hasn't been ruled as such because of a flaw in our judicial system. You must show "standing" (a party must show sufficient connection to and harm from the law). In many cases the people that could show standing aren't even aware of the harm that's been done to them. Courts acting in secret is tyranny. It's the damn definition of tyranny.

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