Cars Running Through Protesters on Hollywood Blvd

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Why do they stand in the middle of the road like complete idiots? It obviously isn't proving any points by the way people are reacting to it, and they're likely to be ran over.

  2. We kinda blocked a street for like 3 minutes ….great job everyone …the world has heard us loud and clear. …..Trump has resigned ….cats and dogs are living together ….we did it guys. …we did it .

  3. What if the guy in the white car had to go see their dying mother and they were blocked by some stupid fucking protesters

  4. The clowns in the film hate us every day Americans. They are going to force another Civil War. It will be awful. DRS / RVN Vet.

  5. Once they stop walking in a crosswalk, they are no longer pedestrians but targets of natural selection.

  6. In the UK we generally frown upon protestors that get innocent passers-by involved. If you're protesting it's usually aimed at the government, so what does it have to do with people trying to use the roads? The extinction protests in London, for example, are called "stupid" by many people in the UK, because although they have good intentions, their way of protesting gets innocent commuters involved in it all.

  7. The courts stood beside the cars that did this. You have every right to travel unmolested down the road and can take what reasonable steps you can to ensure it

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