Carisi Flexes Those ADA Muscles – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)

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  1. He could flex those muscles for the rest of my life & i wouldn’t even get tired nor bored of it. Long live our ADA Carisi🙇🏻‍♀️👨🏻‍⚖️

  2. When Carisi starts hearing and feeling the badgering of Benson, he will know what Barba and Stone felt like. Will he explain to Benson the nuances of prosecuting, will she finally listen, or will he fall for her like Stone and Barba?

  3. I actually thought he was leaving the show when they threw him a party 😭 but he’s an ada now. Ughh I can’t wait to see him in the courtroom winning cases 😇.

  4. The first episode I didn't like him for the new ADA…but I think I'll like him now he could be the new Barba. Stone was ok but he was better in Chicago PD.

  5. I’m just worried if he’ll stay on. SVU goes through ADAs almost as fast as Hogwarts does its Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers.

  6. This is all great and everything but can we please have Rollisi happen!

    edit: and make it proper endgame cause they both deserve the real deal

  7. Are we gonna just completely skip over the flashbacks of Liv's assault?? That should be a highlighted video. We all know what happened even though the show will not directly say it. Jesus she is an amazing actress! I was bawling 😢

  8. Parece que la serie esta saliendo muy costosa… Han ido reduciendo el equipo. Ya no es "Ley y Orden", pues la parte legal casi se ha ido… igualmente la parte forense y el psicólogo de la conducta. Como esta ahora, no me gusta tanto… siento que le faltan esos elementos, pero claro, así "brillan" mas sus principales protagonistas. Carisi es excelente, aunque me gusta mas verlo como detective, participa mas.

  9. That’s gotta be a fun challenge for an actor, performing two completely different roles within the same show.

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