Can Liberal Democracy Exist Without an Independent Justice?

the topic that in many parts of the world is not even an issue nowadays but in Argentina for end of the world it's like a kind of topic trend nowadays we large antennae will labor on the market democracy survive in Argentina without an independent judiciary as you all might know this is the Supreme Court of Justice the court in a Brezina as you might know our Constitution which was copied from the United States Constitution states three branches that agility the executive and the judiciary branch which is supposed to be independent and strong and for me the most important branch of the government but unfortunately during the last ten years but I would rather say most strongly the last two years our president who happens to be a lawyer but seems to have forgotten what she studied it set out quite a wide range of measures that tend to cripple down independence of judiciary and really jeopardize our daily work I mean judges and prosecutors first of all she started by changing the way the council of magistrates is is formed so now we have a man most of them are representatives of the political parties so of course if you are from the party you are going to have a very good job and if you're not and moreover if you try to investigate a random corruption around the president and her family members and political allies you're going to be immediately a sanction or moral more worst of all removed from your from your position this has had outrageous examples for example I have a very good friend of mine who won't twenty one times several positions for judges and he was not called for occupying that because he's not his of course is a political his as we have to be I feel we have to be required after that she put in the position of general attorney a woman whose only merit was to be loyal to the president and to the president's wishes she has no background and of course all prosecutors now if you don't belong to her line to political line our work is really interpret nice as you might have seen the worst thing of all was the death of a prosecutor after he denounced the president for having subscriber an illegal deal with Iran he had to present himself at rehab and her Commission of the Congress and he was found dead the night previous to that at his home shot with no suicide note of course we went out of the streets lots of people but eight months have passed and we still don't know what happened to him this is all of us it says silent March we were going through the Congress and then to the to the to the house of the president-elect our White House which is pink in fact after that she said in E I Commission within the Parliament to try to prosecute the oldest member of the Supreme Court of Justice which is a judge fight eighty three-years-old one of the most brilliant judges we have with had in our history and ruling out what the Constitution said she settler an illegal Commission again incredible she doesn't care what the Constitution says the worst thing of all is that she created the what is called a an organization within the judiciary branch called Hootie's a legitimate or legitimate justice as if the ones who don't belong there are illegitimate and if you don't belong to that okay your daily life is gonna be quite stressing this is a the AMIA building with weather was a bombing attempt 20 years ago and this prosecutor had denounced the president because of hajji with a run it's very long story and I don't have so much time but I can talk about later so that's the picture it's a very dark very stressful picture I have a long career I'm not gonna tell how long because they are going to make numbers about my age but it's more than 20 years and I've never been such a diverse in such a dark picture never suffered what prosecutors and judges are suffering nowadays believe me it's very very difficult so how do I deal with it with this how do I work every day and in fact I wanted to quit several times I sometimes I will feel very tired of this ironically when they appointed me in charge of the cybercrime unit this gave me a like a new breed because being in charge of of those crimes which most of them are related to child pornography gave me like a new start because child pornography is one of the worst human rights abuses I have ever seen in my life believe me I have a long career and witnessed a lot of so sexual assault robbery murders but dealing with trial abuses it's very hard my team has a psychological support which I ask them especially for because this was not they hadn't think about that so every day when I think that I can go and prosecute people who commit these horrible crimes for me it's like I feel ok this is very bad we are doing very bad things but I can still believe that my work is important I can still believe they can make the difference every day this for the victim who is with me at court it's gonna be like a new start thank you very much

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