Campaign Ad William Taylor for Congress “Demo Republican Party”

Hi, I’m Senator William Taylor. As Election Day nears I’d like to say thank y’all for your support in my bid for reelection. I know a lot of people are questioning if I’m right for this job. I know my opponent Bradley [?] Gortierez doesn’t seem to think so, but I crossed party lines. I’m a Demo Republic. You might ask, “How’s that possible?” And then I ask “Are you an American or an Al-Qaeda terrorist?” It’s not that neither party would accept me, it’s that I below both parties are right. I believe we should lower taxes. I believe we should have more government programs. How’s that possible? I have a comprehensive plan for that. I believe we should tax the rich more while making them pay less to stimulate the economy. I believe we should all be free to do as we please. Free, while adhering to the guidelines I set forth. I believe in America. I believe in the Demo Republican party. I believe in William Taylor and you should to. Speaker 2: Paid for by the committee to moronically support Senator William Taylor for Congress. Captions by

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