Call of Duty 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Russian Campaign - The Winter War

you 19:39 the armies of Nazi Germany begin their conquest of Europe first of all is Poland then Denmark Norway France Belgium Luxembourg and the Netherlands now the year is 1941 with an army over seven million strong the Nazi war machine turns to the east and begins the invasion of the Soviet Union using blitzkrieg tactics they advance quickly smashing relentlessly through the Soviet defenses and arrive at the capital city of Moscow in under four months desperately short of reinforcements the Soviet defense of Moscow now falls to thousands of raw recruits who must hold out against the well-trained German forces in the freezing cold of the Russian winter welcome to basic training comrades if you wish to survive you will do exactly as I say now walk over to that table and pick up those who happens you will have to move faster than that comrade you will need a real weapon if you wish to kill the fascist look at your compass the star on the compass shows the location of your current objective now go to the storeroom and get a pistol and the rifle move the weapons are on the table covered good now go back and report to the committee very good comrade always remember to use the star on your compass to reach your current objective ok bacilli let us see how good your aim is amber one of those two teddy bears now fire good now fire at the other one these tools and submachine guns might be good for short-range comrade but for long-range targets our rifle is better step up to the shooting range Reni comrades shoot those bottles and plates imagine that they are the enemy aim down your sights but see you will be much more accurate that way a good comrade very good combat fashion of a silly now let's see how well you can do under pressure you are 15 seconds to shoot the helmets ready go good combat now come over here and bash this mannequin with your rifle that's enough comrade come over here to pick up a grenade these are potatoes come on Commission why are we using potatoes instead of real granite because real grenades are valuable in fact they are worth a lot more than you are you're of course come on come inside a fly my mistake now throw a potato until each of those marked target areas not bad not bad good throw well done commissar come on i commissar we've got the prisoner come take a look Vasily come with me burnsy off-budget girls amis least ones are talking tell me sir he says nature he is moving behind our lines to the southeast moon caring and they are supported by half tracks and the understood mobile today sir there's a journal attack for me to the southeast it looks serious listen comrades there is an armory to the east in the basement of a house go there and load up on ammunition and supplies I will stay and take care of our guests remember what you have learned good luck move it we're going to take a present a submachine gun and make sure you make sure you have a full magazine before you go to battle let's go cover it up the lighter let's daily wait to consider with me stop it more go let's go is the second floor answer we need to find a way around this game kill those fascist shit Raika I thought we were in training there is no better training comrade than fighting to survive governess it's about that time you showed up this way comrades attack yourself go Knights we do feel we cannot stay here they will overwhelm us stay where you are we will hold this position until help arrives die afraid is enough to stop defenses study coming it's Wendling close I'm for your club you sure sustained themselves on the other words shouldn't we ask them to surrender comrade lastima blown them to hell cut the explosions appear now right away comrade you can't we need engineers up here get the explosives I've got some TNT I'll get started all here the sillies switch powers from the engineers and plant them where they will do some good here you go goat it said these chances on the main supports quickly the charges are set a safe distance thank you the building thanks grant

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  1. I remember when I was a kid, I just went to the bathroom to take a piss, and when I came back I just saw my character fallen and the commissar screaming at me, I was so confused πŸ˜€

  2. The most boring campaign.I like Russian people dissatisfied with this autumn campaign.Boring monotonous winter.Reveal the secret you, the Americans,the USSR in addition to winter, a summer,spring and autumn.Instead of boring not realestichnogo level "Battle of Moscow" (which is also not as large-scale as in life) could be put "Battle of the Caucasus" or the battle of Kursk (the biggest tank battle in the great Patriotic war) or for example the battle of Rzhev (where your American "Day D" known for many deaths,just Smoking on the sidelines).And even more insulting that did not even add the "Liberation of Berlin"-if you were Americans and liberated Berlin (which of course is unlikely),you would have spat everywhere that you alone won the war and would have released hundreds of films about this event,and the Soviet Union was limited to some stupid screensaver.Yes, "Battle of Stalingrad" is more important than "d Day" and the entire American campaign.Yes and no cranberry, no cost-training centre by the evil Commissioner,potatoes instead of grenades is stupid American propaganda.

  3. For Xbox One players, this game is available via backwards compatibility. Much better and cheaper than COD WW2.

  4. British Soldiers: kill those JERRIES!!!!!!
    American Soldiers: kill those JERRIES!!!!!!

    Soviet Soldier: Kill those Fascists!

  5. Russian campaign was the best fun fact if i remember correctly if you refused to shoot the targets during the tutorial the commander turns on you and kills you.

  6. 12:45 Soviet Union: HOLD DOWN THE LINE!
    13:26 Nazis: FALL BACK!!!
    Soviet Union: (Blows whistle) CHARRRRRRRGGGGGEEE!!!!!!

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