Bush on Russian interference in US election

One other thing about Putin: I would have said a couple of years ago he’s not a direct threat to the homeland, except for the elections. (Laughter) And it’s problematic that a foreign nation is involved in our election system because democracy is really only as good as the people’s trust in results and, you know,
there’s pretty clear evidence that the Russians meddled. Whether they effected the outcome
is another question but they meddled and that’s
dangerous for democracy.

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  1. LOL so if he says it it really must be a fib.
    You what's dangerous, lying to get into a war George, go back to your amateur painting career.

  2. Another instance where we have been shown no evidence and we're just supposed to take their word for it or be labeled a Russian agent.

  3. Why was it not stopped by the Obama administration…oh, that's right, his intel departments were busy spying on the opposition Presidential campaign and an American citizen that was not charged with nor committed any crime.

  4. This is a thing of the past – It is too late to lock the stable-door when the horse is stolen … We do not know what to do with clever and dangerous Russian boys. That is Russian roulette with five bullets in the chamber … and It is always darkest before the dawn.. Did you ever engage in a drinking game called Russian Roulette? Now a new play will be called 'New elections: Democrats against Republicans under full control of Russian hackers' …

  5. Hillary wrote this for him and paid him some petty cash she got from Russians to serve as her jester. What hypocrites… She still trying to hide money she received for selling American lands to Russians…

  6. Evidence??? it's been 1 1/2 years…. the only evidence of any kind of "collusion/medaling" etc. is the Clintons and Obama. Time to stop talking and start acting. Anyone guilty of any crimes need to be prosecuted! LOCK THEM UP!!!

  7. BREAKING NEWS: Democrat Senator Mark Warner texted a Russian oligarch lobbyist stating his desire to meet with the "dossier" author. Warner also said in texts that he/Warner did not want to have a paper trail. The democrat's chickens are coming home to roost.

  8. George W. Bush is in no position to talk about anything. The position he deserves; horizontal at the business end of a guillotine!

  9. EVERYONE that wanted Mr. Trump to lose, claims the russians interfered and there's "ample evidence", yet NOBODY has produced it. Where's the evidence?

  10. This unfortunately, is partially true, in that it serves its purpose to "exacerbate social and political divides in the United States". Perhaps within US are those who may lack intelligence (aka common sense), yet have found a scapegoat for their own insecurities.

  11. So…Russians created fake personas to distribute material in the US election….

    …and Obama came to the UK and DIRECTLY TOLD the UK people that if THEY vote leave in the EU referendum they will be at "the back of the 'queue' with any trade deals with the US"…..

    …So, sorry, who was meddling in countries voting topics/elections again?

  12. Out of interest…is it so bad if the US and Russia actually become allies FFS?? Have any of you been to Russia? It's a very interesting place and they're quite fond of their heritage to some extent but out of all the people in the world, Europe, Russia, North America, AUS, NZ, SA sort of contries..we're all pretty similar, would be nice if we all learned how to hold hands instead of behaving like children..

  13. What is this sockpuppet, who can hardly put together a complete sentence, supposed to know about anything?
    I'll believe the Russians Interference Fairytale when proof is publicly presented and not one second sooner.

  14. What about when you and your father wined and dined Putin directly? Then had him come party up close and personally in your own estate war criminal?

  15. The truth is, the Trump administration is the biggest unexpected threat to you, your father, the Clinton's, Obama and all the trash you and your cohorts pulled on this country and the world abroad.

  16. Using the US military on the world theater for your own war profiteering, along with that of your partners, while tens of thousands of US Soldiers and Marines returned home maimed or KIA. Then you all pull out and fail to complete the mission and tie their hands, the one part that would have actually benefited the US and NATO? What about that? These last wave mongols are despicable pieces of trash.

  17. Al Gore should have been President after the 2000 election yet somehow George W Bush got the job. Maybe Dubya could tell us who was meddling that time.

  18. Please! Enough already. All this fluff about interference by Russia in an American election. Why were the Russians, and Putin in particular, so hot to trot in this issue.

    Reason? Anyone? It is because when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State she willfully interfered in the election of Putin in Russia. Understand now? All this holier than thou nonsense about Russian interference. Not a peep about American interference.

    Oh, I forgot. America doesn't do that sort of thing. It would not dream in interfering in the elections of other countries. Like Central and South America. For example. But only for the noblest of reasons, of course. Please spare me the hypocrisy!

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