Bun B’s Rap Coloring And Activity Book | REVIEW

Good day, Youtube world. My name’s Evelyn, and I’m here to review a piece
of literature. For you. In this video. I have no idea what region that accent is
coming from. Thought I’d be a little scholarly. Throw them
specs on. Bun B’s Rap Coloring And Activity Book. *music plays* Here’s the back with all the rappers. It got
grease, hand fingerprints — I was eating Whataburger or something. So I had this on pre-sale back in the summer,
and it was officially launched, released, available for purchase or whatever in September,
so I had a good two months with this coloring and activity book. I don’t even think it was $15, I’ll leave
the link in the video description box to amazon.com where I got it. It’s about 50 pages long, chock full of different
rappers. You open the book, and there’s Bun B — it starts off with Bun B. I colored him
already as you can see– is it in focus? You get Bun B, you get B.I.G., you get Queen
Latifah, you get Talib lyrics stick to your rib. Riff Raff — Big K.R.I.T., Joe Budden, Macklemore — I mean
I guess the children love him. Jay Z, Childish Gambino, B.O.B. whose career
has taken just an interesting turn! Big Sean — “ohhh god!!” Then it ends with Pimp C, and you know what?
I respect that. One of the things I really liked about this
coloring book is that, like the title says, it’s also an activity book, so you can break
out your peach colored pencil so you can draw Drake. Color in that light skint. And you can also break out a pen and do a
word search for E-40’s popular slang terms like “scrilla” and “po-po”. I just love it,
I just love it, Youtube. You could draw Ludacris, which I thought I
did a fabulous job given the circumstances that I am NOT a drawler. Be as creative as you want! What I liked about the illustrations in here
is that they are based off of actual photos. So for example, Queen Latifah is in here and
it’s a very iconic photograph. Without even seeing it colored in, I know what album cover
or what photograph that this is, so I know what to color here if I wanna stay true to
where the photograph is from. But for example for Wale, I don’t know where
Wale’s picture from, so I kinda freestyles his Cosby sweater and I threw in a lil bit
Ankara fabric cuz he is from the west side *gun shot* Of Africa. May I direct you to page 38, ah, B.O.B. I did a little thing here. I cut out some
foil paper — you might call this ghetto, I call it CRE-A-TIVE — and I taped some foil
to his earrings and his grill so it’s ya know mixed media, you nawwmsayin, you don’t wanna
be so one dimensional, you feel what I’m saying? You can collage this heaux! You can cut & paste
this heaux! You can ya nawwmsayin mix it up with paint and markers. Permanent marker and
ink, ya nawwmsayin. Crayon if you got crayon in yo crib. You can really do a myriad of things, Youtube,
and that’s the beauty of coloring books! I will say that this did awaken some of my
past complaints as a child about coloring books is that they often make you choose. There are gonna be a couple pages that make
you choose between two activities. I have the choice on page 23 to color Big
K.R.I.T. I love Big K.R.I.T! I don’t wanna be another nigga *sings* On 24, on the back of Big K.R.I.T.’s page, you
have the chance to cut out Joe Budden’s features and glue them onto his face. I wanna do that,
but I don’t wan–that means I have to cut up Big K.R.I.T., and I don’t wanna make that
decision. Why couldn’t they have made me decide between Joe Budden and RIFF RAFF, I would
have easily chosen Joe Budden! I liked that they gave a song recommendation
for each rapper, so what I did was as I was coloring them, I was listening to their music
and like, soaking up all their vibes. Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity Book is
basically the perfect gift, whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, Christmas, um what
else? Just an “i love you”, a care package for the hip hop lover in your life. Or you
can treat yourself, ya nawwmsayin, like I did because we deserve it! Because I love you, Youtube world, I bought
two. One for me, and one for one of YOU! Crisp, new copy of Bun B’s Rap Coloring And
Activity Book complete with a new, crisp, sharp Crayola 24 pack colored pencils. WE
DON’T DO ROSEART ON THIS CHANNEL! Remember that? When you were a little kid
and your mom would give you Roseart you’d be like “uhhh! What is this, mother? You couldn’t
spring for no Crayola?!?” All you have to do is share this on social
media with Bun B. *read the video description box for giveaway
details* Boom! Bun B’s my uncle, and you might get
a free coloring book, so it’s really a win-win, right? Let me know who’s your favorite rapper? Just
let me know in the comments! See you on the internets somewhere, bye! “Top notch hoes get the most, not the lesser.
Riveting. Riveting stuff!”

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  1. LOL,Girl I have to no words!  I'm over here practically convulsing from laughter…at work! I cannot watch you at work anymore.

  2. Lmao @ [This is not a sponsored video, I purchased these books myself, Bun B has no idea who I am, and I still have a ton of student loans.] 

  3. Top notch hoes get the most, not the lesser! I reviewed Bun B's #RapColoringBook  for all the hip hop heads who also dabble in the crayola arts. 

  4. My favorite rapper is OLD Lupe Fiasco. Food and Liquor, The Cool type Lupe…not this new new wtf Lasers and I can't even tell you the name of the last album but I bought it anyway Lupe Fiasco. Yeah…

  5. You is a damn fool!!!!  Girl you have me dying. I'm getting this for somebody. I don't know who or why…but someone is getting this for Xmas. Sooooo…what did you choose.

  6. O…mg. lmao you totally sold this coloring book. By the end of the video I was thinking of how many ppl to buy it for, for Christmas. I saw him talking about it on Wendy Williams & completely forgot about it so I'm glad you did this. I just bought 5 copies. This was the best review ever. My favorite rapper from that book, Krit & UGK!

  7. you mam' have allowed me to die A THOUSAND DEATHS by making B.O.B.'s picture mixed media….. #lostallabilitytoeven #itscooltho #bunbmyuncleinmymind   #bigkritmycousininmymind LMao!

  8. Go read a book you illiterate son of a ** and step up your vocab — Bun B has inspired the best of my ability to throw shade. Lol.

  9. I love this!  My favorite is Nas – is he in there?  And I must applaud you for giving away that Crayola…top notch. That's whats up!

  10. Hysterical!!!! I have no idea about Rap but I just had to comment. I will repost on a page just because really really really talented !!!

  11. Great Giveaway! Please Enter Me!

    Girl you are so funny!

    I shared and tweeted this giveaway to my FB, Twitter and Google+
    I hope I can help you get more subbies!

    Go to my pages and see for yourself!
    My FaceBook: jewell.davis.562
    My Twitter: JewellDavis12

  12. My Bun B #RapColoringBook  Giveaway is closed! Thanks so much for watching y'all. Winner will be announced this week (week of 12/9/13) 

    don't be a lame, you know the game and how it goes  — WE TRYNA GET CHOSE! 

  13. My Bun B #RapColoringBook Givaway is now closed. Winner will be randomly selected and announced in a video week of 12/9/13. Good luck. Thanks for watching!

    don't be a lame, you know the game and how it goes — WE TRYNA GET CHOSE

  14. Umm just love that this is something diff we rent and I xan think of about 6-10 friends right off the top of my head who would love this! Thanks for sharing. Just love your videos! Oh and favoritebrapper is Too Sort or Plies yeah I'm a lil rachet lol

  15. You so funny girl 😩😭
    Love you!

    Questions; how do you colour your hair? Is it damaging? How do you keep it healthy?

  16. Very nice video, funny and entertaining. Loved the foil addition to his grill for the
    'multimedia' effect! I am an Abrams publishers rep, and always like to see a good book review video like this.  Thank you!

  17. I realize I be hella late on this video, but I find it hilarious that one of my friends gave me this book for Christmas around the time you posted this 😀

  18. I wonder if I comment on this, will it force you to watch this again? I really want to know how you feel about this present day fam.

  19. Riff raff & Macklemore ? Lmao 2 of these ppl don't belong. Yes shade edit just now realizing this is from 4 years ago idk how it showed up in my recommended feed 😂

  20. Yay!! They sell these at American Rag in LA. I just bought one for my brother for his birthday but it's in June so I haven't seen what's inside it yet. So I'm glad this video exists. Lol. Very cool.

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