British politicians urge new Brexit vote: ‘Put it to the people’

-Prime Minister, members across
this House don’t want your deal. The EU don’t want
to renegotiate. Isn’t the only way to break
this deadlock to put it to the people? -Yea. -Surely we should go back
to the public and ask them
if that is what they want. -Your Prime Minister has changed
her mind about the vote, and she’s changed her mind
about whether or not the backstop can be amended. So if she can change her mind,
why wouldn’t she just check whether the British people
have changed their mind? -Does she honestly think that is we were to have
a further referendum and it came out
with a different result, people wouldn’t then say we
should have a third referendum to find out
exactly what the result was? -The thing that is changing is
the view of the British people. -No it’s not. -Young people are entitled to
have a say about their future. We have found impasse
in this House. It’s time now to take this back to the people
and have the people’s vote. -She’s conceded this afternoon
that she can’t get this House to support her deal, so if she really believes
in the deal, why won’t she have the courage
of her convictions and put that deal
to the four nations of the UK? -Put this deal to a vote
in this House. And if she’s not prepared
to that, put it to a vote of the people. -Isn’t it time, now that we know
what Brexit actually looks like, as opposed to some
fantasy version of Brexit, let those people get the chance to actually vote
on Brexit reality. -I have spoken to many
leave voters in my constituency. I deeply respect and understand the reasons
why they voted leave in 2016, but many of them
have changed their minds. And they’re looking at this,
they’re saying to me that they want to have a chance
to have a say on what is before them,
Brexit reality. -She talks of the will
of the people, but the will of the people
cannot be under minded
by a vote of the people. -The Prime Minister says a
people’s vote would not reflect the will of the people
and it would be divisive. But we do not know what the will
of the people is in 2018. -If she’s so sure that
the majority of our country wants this actual deal rather than the false promises
that they were mis-sold, why doesn’t she do
the most democratic thing and take her deal
back to the country? -I should say that we should
not, once again, be boxed in
by our own red lines. We should,it’s not Parliament
frustrating the will of the people, the general election produced
an outcome that cannot lead to a clear decision,
in which case we should not be afraid
to give it back to the people. -What will it do
to trust in politics, when they’re feeling the pain and they’re subjected
to what she’s negotiated and they’ve been given no say
over it whatsoever? If she believes that this is
in the national interest, and it commands public support,
why won’t she ask the people? -Prime Minister?
-People voted to end the jurisdiction
of the European Court, to end free movement,
to end sending vast annual sums to the European Union
every year, and that is what this deal

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. By "Put it to the people" do they really mean STICK IT TO THE PEOPLE? As I recall, the good people of Britain voted to leave. That decision should stand, if there is any honor and justice left in their leadership.

  2. I don’t understand why the exact terms of leaving weren’t a part of the Brexit referendum. Kind of dumb to ask if they should leave when no one even worked out what it should look like first, so that the people would have voted on the exact terms of leaving or staying.

  3. What an enlightening concept the pols have come up with. Vote on it again and if they do not get the vote they want then go for it a third time. This concept could be applied to all elections. Keep voting until they get the result they want?

  4. Only in this position because of of Theresa May's dithering, deliberate or otherwise. Should have acted quickly and decisively soon after the referendum. All she has done is allow opportunists to continually call for people's votes, referendums and general elections by delaying Brexit.

  5. The argument here is not "vote till we get what we want". In 2016 people voted to leave the EU, the problem is they were being promised different things. we voted 48% reamin to 52% to leave. 48% wanted to remain, simple. The 52% percent however, were promised different things from different parts of the same government, canada+, norway+, chequers, those who support no deal… as well as variations on the same themes (for which there are many). Now we know what leaving actually means for the country, May's deal or no deal, should we not vote again?

  6. When Ireland had to ratify the Treaty of Lisbon, as required under E.U. rules, the Irish rejected it, to some consternation across the rest of the E.U. We had some issues which we weren’t happy with – and accordingly, the Treaty was presented to The People for a subsequent second Referendum, which was passed on that second vote.

    Cynics may mutter about voting again and again until the desired outcome is reached, but having a series of referenda is ultimately democracy in action, and as such our British friends should follow suit. The Irish were unhappy with the initial Lisbon referendum; when our concerns were taken into account and we were asked to vote again, we voted for it the second time round. A straightforward, democratic process of engaging with voter concerns, adjusting the framework until the electorate was likely to be happy, and then presenting it again for the people to vote.

    It’s clear that nobody much in Brexit had a goddamn clue what leaving the EU would mean – ask any of the most ardent Leavers and Brexiteers what they’d do about the Northern Ireland Border problem, and you may as well be asking a monkey to explain particle physics, Such is the complete disinterest in the North, and all it implies. It’s clear that there’s massive internal division over Brexit either way, so it would seem a practical democratic thing to ask them again, now that much, Much more is known than they knew at the time.

  7. Put it to the people? We did in 2016 remember? Stop drinking the flouridated water and stop with the globalist politicians westminster.this makes a complete mockery of democracy in all fronts.
    48% remoaners opinion does not matter…you lost get over it.

  8. What is the big issue over negotiating a "deal" with the EU?

    When the U.S. declared independence from Britain, there was no "deal." There was independence.

    To all of you thinking that negotiating a "deal" is imperative to independence… well you clearly don't quite have a concept of what independence is.

    This is why terrible things are happening in Europe. Because Europeans have lost their strength. They aren't strong anymore. Take away our values and laws with the Immigration Crisis, ok. We need independence, but one that must be "carefully negotiated", ok. Sigh, hate to say it but these Europeans deserve whatever is coming to them. You stand for nothing, now you will fall for anything. You literally don't deserve the freedoms and graces of your society, because you have taken them all for granted.

  9. Simple result from the 2016 'in or out' vote. We cannot have another vote without implementing the result of 2016. Another vote would show that voting doesn't count and would be the end of any resemblance to democracy.

  10. Very interesting that people can with a straight face say "Why should we have a second referendum, the people have spoken" and then Parlament can vote two times on May's deal. Why is that??
    Could it be that the circumstances have change or more clarity on the issue.
    Why not just have one election to Parlament and then that's it why vote every other year??
    1. People change their minds2. The people change, old folks die new get to vote, important when there are thin margins.
    Why implement a decision made by dead people affecting the living??
    Old people voted leave young remain.

  11. This is not May's fault or the EU's fault, it does not matter who negotiates since there are certain restraints that "can not be broken" and are contradictory.

    The EU will NEVER compromise on "The four freedoms" they are a pillar of what the EU is and have been around since the treaty of Rome 60 years ago

    The UK do not want the "free movement of people" meaning they can not accept  the four freedoms.

    The UK do not want a hard border between NI and RI and it is against UK law to have it since it violates the "Good Friday Agreement"
    The EU does not want a hard border either.

    Only way to fulfil the "Good Friday Agreement" is for the UK to accept "Free movement of people, which wont.
    The UK could break the Good Friday agreement (although illegal) but the EU won't accept that.

    So what will happen is a hard Brexit since that is the default solution since all other options are irreconcilable.

    "Funny" that a hard Brexit will break the "Good Friday Agreement" anyway.

    In my opinion a new referendum would not make any difference since the same problems exist.
    Only solution would be, as some say, and I do agree, keep voting until Brexit is cancelled.
    THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE UK CAN NOT LEAVE THE EU the only thing it means is the UK can not leave without consequences.
    Consequences created by its own doing by the "Good Friday Agreement" joining the EU and leaving the EU.

    These  irreconcilable circumstances/facts was well known long before the referendum and should have been the core question then.

  12. I love the way that apparently we know more now than we did then.
    Yes, we have learnt that with our supposed friends like those in Brussels, who needs enemies.
    But we do have enemies and they reside in our own Parliament.

  13. Maybe the last chance to get it right, let the people decide now that they really know what they are deciding on. this could be a win, win instead of a lose, lose.

  14. Put it to the people? There's already been a referendum. What now the people's voice matters but It didn't matter during the last vote? I'm from the USA and it looks like you're liberals are taking a page out of our play book. Let's just vote once a week until we get the results we want. We will say all the bad results don't matter and when we finally win one then we will say "the people have spoken'"!

  15. These people will willingly throw 39billion of publics money away on nothing after …Voting austerity on the same public crying they need to save money …. Policy that as killed … Starved children … Made people homeless ….But still talk as if the represent the public …. Call a Election

  16. yellow vest yellow vest yellow vest yellow vest make your stand now if you voted out of the EU make your stand now make England great again if France can do it we can do it so get your yellow coat on and make your stand make it work

  17. "Vote until you get the corresponding result" – definition of Fascism. Left Liberals are not stupid, they know what they are doing.

  18. What happens when politicians spin tales of a utopian future based on lies and a fear mongering nationalist agenda. You can’t put the Globalist Genie back in the bottle. Give the people the truth and a vote based on that truth. UK Brexit = Trumpist MAGA. A con job on uninformed, non-critical thinking people.

  19. They are in contempt of their own laws. Parliament said they would honour the result of the referendum, there should be no other referendum until the honour the last one.

  20. Another BREXIT vote???? That is flat out undemocratic!!! It should not be that you must keep voting until the globalists are happy.

    There should not be another vote, and there should be a good deal or no deal with the EU.

  21. The only reason Brexit won was because like Trump no one took it seriously.

    Like Trump it was secretly backed by Russian Intelligence, supported by Nazis, and championed after the election by brainless Conservatives who have no clue how economies work.

  22. They want to put it out again to “the people” so they can voter fraud it. How about letting effing referendums stand? Wonder if GB is paying attention to what’s happening in France…

  23. The EU and remoaners want us to keep voting until we get the “Right” answer.
    Respect the referendum result and give us Brexit which by every definition is hard Brexit.

  24. Huh the way the editing is that it looks like its theresa may versus the parliament lol. Wheres her party. Yes pls have a new refrendum… gosh uk in a big mess these few years

  25. I don't care whether the UK leaves or stays in the EU. However, it seems to me that the mindset of Theresa May is one that reminds me of the laws of the Medes and Persians which changes not. Chuckle. Cut her nose off to spite her face because the Brexiteers are the racist bigots who believe they are privileged above the rest of the EU. As a citizen of the EU I am incensed that May claimed EU citizens should not be allowed to jump the queue ahead of East Indians and others outside the EU. She forgets that Brits are afforded the same benefits in other EU countries because they are EU members. Grrrr.

    Leave now please! You will be voted out at some future time because the UK is nothing but an entitled troublemaker seeking preferential treatment. It's not "Great" Britain anymore! Chuckle.

  26. I cheer for a second vote. Now at least the British people know all the parameters that ensues their vote, not based only on lies printed on the side of a red bus. Remember Farage tucking his tail in an interview saying 'the claims on the bus where indeed incorrect but an error from the campaign team'
    This is how hitler came to power as well. Trough lies and populist slogans. Democracy is based on transparency!

  27. A 2nd vote would be a mockery of democracy. We have an elected parliament to work out the details but the part "stay or leave" has been decided.

  28. Yo Parliament is savage af, lol. Folks openly agree or disagree when they have their debates. I kinda like that in comparison to Congress.

    Here here!!!!

  29. It's amuses me when people say we had a referendum and that should be honoured/upheld. You clearly don't know that Referenda aren't legally binding.

  30. Politicians can't sort this mess out because they don't want Brexit.
    If they can't sort it what makes them think the people know the answer if they vote again,the reason they want to give us another vote is so we knock the nails into our own coffins,they can then say"we gave you a vote and you the people decided to stay in don't blame us it was a democratic vote.
    And Anna Soubrey wanting to give children a vote is just about numbers,plain and simple,what interest have kids got in politics!
    Out!(No deal) WTO rules.
    No losers vote under any circumstances!

  31. You cannot undermine democracy with more democracy. That is a pathetic cry from those who lied their way to this impasse and are desperate to keep hold of it. Parliament is in deadlock – there is no deal May will consider that will pass in The House. Referendum v2.0 is the ONLY way out of this, and despite the flat denials from Maybot – it will happen. There is no alternative.

  32. A pure example of globalists controlling the people
    They control our governments
    I can’t believe the brits put up with it
    Revolt ffs

  33. The only time they actually go with what the people vote for,is when it's what they wanted to begin with..helps keep the facade believable

  34. its been voted on TWICE already and both times we said leave .. NOW LEAVE … may will no go down as the most hated and treasonous pm in british history … and if she does not leave i suggest the cons party gets rid of her fast or in the next election dont bank on been in existence .. you will be voted out of almost everywere …in the refurendum we said leave .. may fought an election on the ground of leaving .. she was elected .. thats twice … your bullshit arguments about oh well we need to do whats best for the ppl .. or well ppl didnt really understand what they were voting for … thats irrelavant .. you are in parliment by mandate of the ppl .. the ppl told you to leave .. what reasons no matter what do not matter ..if you go against the will of the ppl that is Treason … do as your told

  35. This what I call bad loser, a vote to leave had been cast and now they said, " many people didn't know what they voted for and thing changed" and we to vote on ii again. Aren't loser
    shifting goal the post and changing rule in mist game? Europe is heading to a pit and dragging any idiots with them.

  36. People started seeing the conciquenences of leaving the EU and they dont like it, I believe that they should have another wote because they havent been thinking of the conciquenences, now they have seen what it would be like… And they dont like that… Just my opinion…

  37. Brexit exposes the disingenuous nature of EU supporting politicians, certainly since the quisling Edward Heath PM onwards to this day.  EU collaborators, moles, double agents, call them what you will, can never be trustworthy for UK.

  38. Vote of treason … The people voted … Election is what the people need to Vote of and hold every member of Parliament libel …afterwards …

  39. This is all BS, the vote was to leave. A deal is ok, only if it's good for the UK, May's deal is a turd sandwich. WTO is fine.

  40. Hmm, does Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have a sister and brother in the UK. Looks like “You the People” got hoodwinked?

  41. once again the CABAL, EU, ONE WORLD ORDER PLAN is being forced on the people. We voted out and out it is. democracy must be honored. no more fear mongering, no more cheating by changing the rules, only to benefit the remain brain washed sheeple who lost. so OUT we must go. MAYS, deal is totally giving the satanic, EU leaders full control of the UK but this i am happy to say will fail. so NO DEAL is the only option that should be taken, and we work on it from that point. corbyn would turn the UK in to a disaster zone, and have every English person wearing a burka, he is totally corrupt and just wants to destroy any form of ENGLAND,S sovereignty. he has had so many secret meetings with the EU behind the back of MAY, leading me to think he is working with them to stop brexit, TRAITOR . 75% OFF THE GOVERNMENT ARE TRAITORS, lets hope the 25% that are good can pull it off and get us out. strange how the remain seem to get more media coverage than the leave side , all fixed by the SATANIC CABAL.

  42. Just leave this diabolic EU! All the hysteria is created out of NOTHING. Countries were fine for thousands of years on their own and now after 20 years of EU all of a sudden an empire like Britain can't make it on its own, that is absolutely ridiculous!


  44. go for a no deal. or a general election, the Tories need to de-select those MPs who would not accept the result of the first referendum

  45. Never mind all this getting a deal pile of crap. We will survive a no deal and other countries won’t stop trading with us. Yes things will change and there will be nitpicking consequences but we can persevere. As for the second referendum shite you can’t replay a football match because you didn’t anticipate the other team being better or more determined. Same applies here. The people spoke and the majority that won what they wanted might have to endure for a few years but things will level out. They knew that might be a consequence.!!