Boris Johnson v Jeremy Corbyn: who won final TV election debate?  | FT

Good evening and welcome to
Maidstone Studios in Kent. Wherever you live, whoever you
vote for, one of these two men will be prime minister
in a week’s time. Welcome to the Media Spin
Room for the last debate of the UK’s general
election campaign here in sunny Maidstone. Boris Johnson has been
going head to head with Jeremy Corbyn on the
question of who should be the UK’s next prime minister? It comes just a couple of
days before the country is set to go to the
polls and answer that question for itself. So who won then? You have made that quite clear. The point is… the point is… Well, according to
the pollsters, YouGov, 52 per cent of viewers thought
Boris Johnson was triumphant, compared to 48 per
cent for Jeremy Corbyn. Yes, we are curt as a nation. It seems that ratio is going to
define everything forevermore. On different topics
of the debate, different candidates
fared better. On the issue of Brexit,
Boris Johnson’s clear message of “get Brexit done” seemed
to connect with the audience and got the most applause. Whereas, Jeremy Corbyn’s
stance of staying neutral came under much
scrutiny and criticism. You cannot be neutral on
questions like this any more, in my view, than you can try
to lead this country and be neutral on the issue of Brexit. But when it came to the issue
of the economy and the future of public services, the
Labour leader scored better. He made the strong case for
socialism over capitalism. And Boris Johnson? Yes, he did struggle. Your party has
presided over cuts in our NHS, increased waiting
times and waiting lists, record number of people delayed
in getting appointments, and a social care system
that is in crisis. But the debate became
rather testy at moments. Whereas Mr Johnson and Mr Corbyn
clashed on the issue of racism and anti-Semitism, things got a
little heated here in the Spin Room, particularly between
Labour’s Barry Gardiner and the Conservative
Matt Hancock. Do you know the
answer to the question that has held in limbo British
politics for the last three and a half years? No, no, you’ve held it in limbo. No, parliament has
held it in limbo. No, no, you had a
majority in parliament, and you threw it away. You had a majority… Are you saying
that parliament… You had the majority. You’re are agreeing with me
that parliament’s blocked it. No, no, I’m… But the question, Barry, is… You see, you were
the government. For three and a half years,
you were the government… We tried. …and you failed
to get it through. No… We failed to get it
through because parliament kept blocking it. No… But the question of who you want
to be the next prime minister ultimately comes down
to one of leadership. Who is the person people
want to run the country? And according to YouGov. and according to what
the audience said here, it was Boris Johnson
who fared better. He was the one who seemed
more prime ministerial and had better answers
to those tough questions from the audience. Let’s look at this at the
state of the campaign. The Conservatives
are 10 points ahead. That means that with
nothing changed between now and next Thursday, then Boris
Johnson will be prime minister. And this wasn’t the
game-changing moment Labour needs. Jeremy Corbyn is still way
behind in personality ratings. And it seems almost
impossible he’s going to be able to make that up
between now and next Thursday. So if everything stands
as it did tonight, then Boris Johnson
is set to win. And the country will vote
for a Conservative majority next Thursday.

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  1. yes it's all a waste of time. just as brexit is. what you people need to know is why they're wasting time NOW. it's because a massive climatic emergency is about to hit & they want us all to be distracted & unprepared to meet it. the Grand Solar Minimum. go & watch "Solutions For The Grand Solar Minimum w/ Guest David DuByne" as soon as you can

  2. I think FT have been extemely bias, stating that one of them will be the PM i guess they have forgotton there are other large partys that are in with a significant chance while there 2 kids are arguing

  3. When 3 out of 4 of the BBC’s top political correspondents were registered members of the Conservative party, you know where the bias is!

  4. Aslong as Corbyn is the face of labour we're safe. Only a fool scared of losing their dole will vote labour this time round, luckily 52% of us work by the looks of things!


  6. Tories have destroyed this country and our services, all the dickheads by where i live are talkibg ukip, uneducated racisr oiks, the tories look after themselves and big corporations, vote labour.

  7. I watched this in full. It was pathetic and devoid of facts. Johnson spouted more misinformation and seemed to concentrate on maligning Corbyn, whereas Corbyn was far too timid and failed to challenge Johnson on much of the garbage that uttered by Johnson. Robinson was fairly hopeless in bringing any semblance of a proper discussion of facts to this so called debate.

  8. Using YouGov as the poll discredits this very bias report because every single other poll has JC as the winner all the way.

  9. It amazes me that all these people are saying what the government has done to public transport, NHS etc. When, if i'm not mistaken, Boris wasn't Prime minister at the time. They are all the same, keep on about was has occurred and not what needs to occur.

  10. Jeremy Corbyn? Why is that commie scum even in that debate? Surely there are smart people in the country who are capable of saying smart things, consistently, unlike these two wastes of space?

  11. Wow, full of Labor crybabies here. It's useless, people don't like a socialist party leader that says Britain should hate herself and her history and always seem to support anybody but the British people. Even the part about the NHS is crap, it's enough to look at NHS budgets to see they have been systematically increased EVERY single year, ever! The NHS is failing because half the planet goes to Britain to exploit British healthcare on the back of the British taxpayers, and data clearly shows it all: when you look for data on NHS budget per year, data on population growth per year and data on access to the NHS per year even the dumbest person will see that it all comes down to the mid-nineties, when the British govt opened the borders and literally everybody started to come! You know why people come to Britain? Because english is an easy language, and so you don't need to study hard to go to Britain! I know it first hand as a European, I see the lowest common denominator of people from my country going to Britain just because of the easy language and because they know welfare is easy to exploit. And mind you, those are Western Europeans, civilized people. With people from the Third world going there for the exact same reasons it's no mystery that the NHS is in the state it is now and why Britain is so damn unsafe.

  12. Why do people continue to vote for such greedy, self-serving party; intentent on destroying free trade with the EU and the NHS for their own agenda? Media manipulation and lies are the only thing keeping this 'Conservative' government in power. They are way past conservative, even members of their own party do not like what it has become.

    Boris is absolutely useless and has not done anything for Britain , only a pack of lies and allowing corporations gain more control

  14. Yes Tom P , but if his playing the fool is part of some cunning Baldrickian plan, what does that say about his view of the people, you and me, that he seeks to persuade?

  15. Don't worry like that! With Corbyn as PM the City and millionaire will loose only 10% in new taxes ,they will survive, I'm sure, don't you ?
    Corby will be a very little Roosevelt, remenber: Roosevelt put taxes up to …92% , check if you want it's true…And Corbyn will save many millionaire whith a serious regulation …don't worry the City will pay normal taxes for the first time ,that's all…..

  16. election … and what ? traitors and rats Conservatives will be on the bench, Red Corbyn with idiots Labour, personal math advicer Diane Abbot will be on the bench, rest of degenerates like Libs, Dems, Labs will be on the bench but Brexit Party fate – the same like UKIP for selling seats to Boris – Endless EU slavery !

  17. So, even the financial times can't get a proper grown-up to speak-up for them..? Just a mindless hypnotised drone reading a script… it's like some kinda fucked up religious cult, the whole Tory vibe..!!!

  18. Corbyn would win hands down,if he honored the Brexit vote.Being that the establishment and media are against him,is reason enough to vote for him.

  19. I urge every person to get on social media and back Labour and Jeremy Corbyn. Visit the sites you normally would not visit and post vote Labour support. There are millions to persuade. Fight against the bias of the press and media and the self interest of the establishment.

  20. Labours mass migration overwhelm the NHS & put up waiting times, overwhelm housing market and allowed 10 million into the country, making the streets more unsafe?????

  21. 5 million Labour Leave voters poised to take their revenge on the party that has turned their backs on them . Roll on December 12th when Commie Corbyn will find out that Betraying Brexit has serious consequences .



    The Conservative Party means SICK CHILDREN on HOSPITAL FLOORS..!!

  23. A summary of Labours manifesto. Please read it before you vote and ask yourself what kind of country you want to live in. Torie’s austerity or Labour’s investment.
    Ask yourself who will make your life better. (link below)

  24. Sorry but the UK does not want Corbyn, a terrorist sympathiser as PM. A PM that would welcome child killers, rapists, sex offenders and other non desirable's in to our country with open arms. Anyone that votes for this vile odious little man must be severely brain damaged.

  25. “I’ve learned that I need to get used to having the choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich because that’s always the choice I’ll have.” Stan Marsh, 2004

  26. Here's the type of people who vote for Corbyn:

  27. Easy Read Labour Manifesto

    (Just a few points copied straight from their manifesto)
    Please read it for the country's sake.

    -Free travel on buses for everyone under 25

    -Free broadband for everyone by 2030 so we can all use the internet

    -Give people free dentist check ups

    -Keep the cost of medicines low and stop people in England paying for prescriptions

    -Make hospital parking free

    -Give adults and children mental health care when they need it

    -Give free education to everyone all through their lives so they can keep learning new skills. This includes free university education

    We will make sure that older people get:

    -Enough extra money every year for their government pension

    -Some money to help pay their gas and electricity bills in winter

    -A free TV Licence and bus pass

    We will give workers much better rights.
    And we will stop low pay and unfair working rules. For example, we will make sure that:

    -All workers over 16 are paid at least £10 an hour

    We will have better rules to make sure that:

    -People don’t pay too much rent

    -People can rent a home for longer

    -All rented homes are good and safe to live in


  28. Anyone still thinking of voting Labour ask yourself one question. In the 40 years Corbyn has been an MP why has no Labour Leader offered him a position on cabinet or shadow cabinet😲

  29. Ezzz win, well done BoJo, and well done to an overwhelmingly majority of the UK that voted for him. Couldn't be prouder..

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