Boris Johnson calls for general election on 12 December

Now we’ve got a great deal on Brexit, as you
know, for the first time in three and a half years, parliament voted to endorse a way out
of the EU; the deal that I was able to do with our friends and partners. But unfortunately, they also voted to delay
the final approval of that deal that they’ve endorsed and what that means, I’m afraid,
is that if this parliament is anything to go by, that delay could go on for a very long
time. I’m afraid it looks as though our EU friends
are going to respond to parliament’s request by adding an extension, which I really don’t
want to at all. So the way to get this done, the way to get
Brexit done, is I think, to be reasonable with parliament and say, if they genuinely
want more time to study this excellent deal, they can have it, but they have to agree to
a general election on 12 December. That’s the way forward, because this parliament’s
been going on for a long time without a majority, it’s refusing to deliver Brexit, it’s impossible
to deliver legislation. It’s frankly that the opposition summoned
up the nerve to submit themselves to the judgement of our collective boss which is the people
of the UK.

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  1. Tories" "Let's have a general election"

    Labour: "No"

    Tories: "Why… Because your approval ratings are bad and you'll lose?"

    Labour: "Errrrm no… Something else."

  2. I'm disabled and I'm fed up with being terrified all the time so Boris piss off and take the conservative party with you

  3. In November there will be a new mandate as Boris' had made the pledge to be PM would be solely on the grounds of delivering Brexit by 31st October. No ifs or buts, do or die. He repeated this statement and promise throughout the summer and until today. He said he'd step down if this wasn't achieved. So I expect that in November he'll be in a ditch with a new conservative leader on the horizon.

  4. Real Bosses are dictatorship from Brussel,Macron and Marcel. UK need just to walk out no deals,no 39 bilions….

  5. Now its known that the deal is very much the same as Mays, its clear Boris is trying the old 5card trick!!–now we can see that his stuttering style is used to blusster his way to convince people its a great deal!!—At least he hasnt said we will leave on the 31st oct 112 times——————-i think!!!!!

  6. Next time around Stephen Barclay for Prime Minister, intelligent, eloquent, no scandals and great looking on top of it all.

  7. PM Johnson's boss is the Tory members who chose him in the summer leadership contest. PM Johnson tries to sound reasonable, but that contest was sickening.

  8. He doesn't have the numbers in Parliament to bring an election about though, does he? I thought that Labour were intent on voting a general election down, as are the Lib Dems?

  9. The muppet can't control the length of extension or when a GE will be. The young people who didn't realize how this will affect their future, will be more aware for how naive they were first to promises on the side of buses.

  10. A general election – the sooner the better – with a Tory/Brexit Party non-aggression pact there'd be a landslide victory. Failing a non-aggression pact, Nigel Farage will win seats up north and do just enough to split the leaver-vote down south, such that the Tory Party will not win a majority, thus making Nigel Farage "the king maker". So go on Boris, go with a non-aggression pact; you know it makes sense !!!!!

  11. I live in Stoke for uni – notoriously far right winged – but I refuse to vote for a right wing party, is there any hope?

  12. What a bizarre situation. A PM in a total mess and HE'S the one calling a gen el. It's like being challenged to a fight against a cripple and you STILL run away!

  13. The EU should give the UK an extension until Jan 31st on the condition that parliament holds a general election. Its possible that this could force Labour out of hiding.

  14. Sad!…My England continues to be a divided society…Never happened before David Cameron's referendum..Before that we could change the government every five years or less,, Parliamentary democracy.. Brexiteers want their vote to last forever….Is that democracy?………I think not…Could it be a dictatorship supported by the ignorant?…Germans did this in the 1930's…Didn't end well!…Anyway…Have a nice day…….

  15. There is only one dead beat journalist in this country who enables a continuous flow of totally unchallenged lies, deceit and disinformation down our channels – and that is, ladies and gentlemen, Laura Kuenssberg the Downing Street's vomiting vessel.

  16. 😂😂😂
    Essentially this is the SAME agreement offered to May in October 2018 that YOU & others resigned from the Cabinet over 😏

    IF THIS is the fantastic agreement you NOW claim it is the TORIES could have delivered it in 2018 so DON'T blame OTHERS for your own failure.

    1) Take away the conditionality for a General Election
    2) Take No-Deal OFF the table
    3) Get an extension from the EU long enough to hold an election
    YOU GET YOUR GENERAL ELECTION on the 12 December.

  17. Boris Johnson to ask MPs to back election on 12 December ►

  18. May's deal is dead as a dodo. Boris's deal is a great, new deal. Boris's deal is based slightly on May's deal, but with significant changes. Parliament can vote through Boris's deal quickly because they've already seen May's deal.

  19. The media puts out yet another smokescreen to keep the anesthetized horde, terrified. At this point, you have to ask yourself, does this sandy haired, trumpeting old world corporate mouth piece REALLY care about you? Does he care what happens to your family, or friends? He's out for himself, like we all are 'apparently'. That's the message here.
    Don't buy into the wedge issues. Don't buy into anything that feels artificially imposed to cause division.

  20. A " socialist confederation of countries " will hi – jack and hold to ransom a " rich and proud nation " headed by a greatly loved and respected Monarch. A large contingent of "socialist sympathisers" in trusted positions of power will "turn and rebel" against their "grand and aging monarch" , and , demonstrate the greatest "disrespect and discourtesy." The "enfeebled leader" of the Monarch will be humbled by deceitful , dishonest , and manipulative oppressors who will stop at nothing to bring ruin . Their nation will be ""bankrupt"" and , against " hidden all powerful " Karmic Law " will find themselves held " liable " to pay a king's ransom to the socialist confederation of poor countries. Should this ransom be paid ; great woe will come to this proud and rich nation. Within a short time water will become their greatest enemy . Incalcable loss will follow and , large tracts of land will become "inhabitable" causing great loss off life and its peoples to "flee."

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