Bongino praises House Republicans who stormed impeachment hearing

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  1. These opinion hosts over at Fox News are grasping at straws trying to defend and protect the criminal we have in the White House. It is a useless effort. Donald Trump will be impeached… GET OVER IT

  2. Why don't all of the Supreme court Judge's take a stand and say enough is enough stop jacking with the constitution even if they don't have any pull it would still be powerful but hey looks like our constitution is going to be torn page by page by the Dem's and if this don't work they have the assassination option think they won't do it I bet they have talked about it.

  3. That was against the law and he is advocating lawlessness. He's an anti-American that only cares about his own power and influence.

  4. This so called impeachment investigation is unconstitutional and is nothing more than a “Star
    Chamber” conducted by a bunch of hate mongers.

  5. Wow. The constitution is doing EXACTLY what the GOP passed laws to accomplish in 2002. Standing behind a crook you are a crook.

  6. My vote's goin 2 the basket case of deplorable, delusional HRC. 2nd choice, Mad Maxine Waters. 3rd choice, Nany Pelosi.

  7. Bongino must think his audience is very stupid,the dems are not impeaching anybody that will happen in the senate,they are having an enquiry and gathering evidence and the Senate will impeach or not,it will be presided by a supreme court justice and trump can have all the lawyers he wants and cross examine witnesses,I live in Ireland so why do I know more about what is going on in america and the laws that apply to impeachment hearings,bongino is wrong in what he said and Americans who believe him should find out what exactly happens in their own country's impeachment inquiry,stupidy is never something that should be worn as a badge of honour and even worse when a TV pundit believes his audience is simply stupid.


  9. We are in an existential war for freedom. The future of our country is in the balance. Either we stay a free Constitutional Republic, or slip into a leftist Marxist totalitarian ruled hell. This is a fight we must not lose, our posterity needs us now.

  10. Ask where the bio toxins are that were stolen from Russia when th bio labs caught fire them you know what they don't want you to know

  11. lol I don’t get it. Many of the republican guys storming were already part of the impeachment hearings. What are you complaining about? Both republicans and democrats are in the room in the interviews. And the impeachment process they’re following is literally the one republicans created in 2015. What in the world are you so angry about? You hate schiff? So what? He hates you I’m sure. What’s that have to do with anything? xD

  12. Hahahaha he said the fail attempt to take down Trump Down.
    Hahaha are you serious you guys are insane
    It's not a secret inquiry there is republicans in the room
    And those that stormed in the room are ALREADY IN THE ROOM
    If you haven't heard a fake laugh well now we have.
    Just for the record Trump is right now commiting crimes and has done in the past
    Specially during this embarrassing presidency.
    HahahahahahA even his staff are coming out and not LYING. They serve the American people not a corrupt narcissist like Trump.
    We're building a wall in Colorado hahahahaha
    Now that's something to Laught about..such an EMBARRASSMENT he is

  13. This was an attempt to obstruct justice, and witness tampering plain and simple. Republicans protesting their own house rules for Trump.

  14. Federal judge just ruled that the impeachment inquiry is constitutional and the White House has the next week to turn over documents. Who’s laughing now fake Fox News 😂 Bye-bye Trump and please take Fox news with you.

  15. Republicans must vote to investigate the state of Schiff's mental health. Schiff's mental fitness to hold public office should be held in question.

  16. Everybody keeps saying that Hillary won the popular vote. There are almost a dozen states that do not require a photo ID to vote. They are all "democrat" states and they refuse to be allowed to have voting fraud investigated there. They know that under these conditions that illegal immigrants can vote and some participants even vote multiple times. So when someone says "popular vote" I would like to know how they can prove it….

  17. With all due respect to all aspiring lady presidential candidate.
    The US not yet ready for having a lady president.

  18. Personally I'm particularly proud of the 13 republicans who sat on the committees.
    It takes balls of steel to skip out on a deposition they had a responsibility to attend, in order to then force their way in and pretend they were being shut out.
    Fox news heros!

  19. Honestly, Fox is not a news station. Fox is an entertainment station. What kind of News show is this! This show only entertains and feeds into the misinformation of the less educated!

    I’m not saying not to support the Republican Party, but we have a President that’s a cruel, crooked and corrupt! It would be better to support a person who is a Republican and a statesman! Someone who is honorable!

    We need someone that can bring the country back together, not split us apart! It’s clear that Trump has been bad for America! He has been bad for our alleys. He is not Presidential but and entertainer!

  20. You’ve never seen an impeachment investigation like this never before, BECAUSE, it has only been since 2015 that the Republicans changed the rules. YES, the Republicans, they passed a closed door rule to do their investigation of Benghazi. Trey Gowdy even came out on the news claiming that this was the most effective way to uncover evidence.

    Second, there are FORTY SEVEN Republican members sitting in on the closed door hearing! YES, 47 GOP members!

  21. Maybe the Democrats would do better if they replaced Adan Schiff with a person with a likeable personality. Poor Adam is so creepy it is hard to take anything he says seriously.

  22. Republicans must vote to investigate the state of Schiff's mental health. Schiff's mental fitness to hold public office should be held in question.

  23. These fools are unbelievable! In what universe is it possible that they thought they could get away with this??? I hope they all go down but the whole thing smells like theater to me.

    These days, the Milken Institute is a leading proponent of a new federal tax break that was intended to coax wealthy investors to plow money into distressed communities known as “opportunity zones.” The institute’s leaders have helped push senior officials in the Trump administration to make the tax incentive more generous, even though it is under fire for being slanted toward the wealthy.

    Mr. Milken, it turns out, is in a position to personally gain from some of the changes that his institute has urged the Trump administration to enact. In one case, the Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, directly intervened in a way that benefited Mr. Milken, his longtime friend.

    It is a vivid illustration of the power that Mr. Milken, who was barred from the securities industry and fined $600 million as part of his 1990 felony conviction, has amassed in President Trump’s Washington. In addition to the favorable tax-policy changes, some of Mr. Trump’s closest advisers — including Mr. Mnuchin, Jared Kushner and Rudolph W. Giuliani — have lobbied the president to pardon Mr. Milken for his crimes, or supported that effort, according to people familiar with the effort.

  25. Lies lies and more misinformation…… Liberals don't have a tough time with English. The right has a tough time with FACTS….In 2015 Brennan and the Rep. made the rules Dems are using now. Even Trey Gouty did it during the Benghazi saying on live TV it open hearings would be circus. Lastly they are having depositions and depositions are done private so witnesses can't corroborate their testimony ….the trial will be public. Learn your Constitution and the laws followers of Fox. Stop letting these people mislead you……

  26. Bill clinton time is up. He's away to die. They will say its his illness. But the are taking him out. Then fake grieving Hillary will use the sympathy to run for president

  27. All Republicans who did not have clearance to “storm” the secure areas should be arrested. Those that had clearance and whose job it was to be seated should be ashamed at creating the illusion that they were banned.

  28. Dan Bongino. He's lost. The House of Representatives is doing discovery to build their case. They're not impeaching him yet. This is just an investigation.

  29. The wicked witch, (Hillary) called in the favors owed to her.She made them all rich. And if there wallets are going to get lighter, then thy will be screaming the loudest.Follow the money…

  30. The real question is, what bills have Democrats passed, last three years nothing but get Trump, it's time to vote them out ,put them in jail, Trump 2020!

  31. Since the intelligence community is part of the military then adam schiff should get the firing squad for treason.
    Thumbs up if you agree.

  32. THAT WASN'T secret Hearing, that was a Desperate Survival Meeting by the left, looks like they run out of Kitchen Sinks to throw at Trump. And now he's fighting back throwing them back at the left

  33. These politicians or democrats should be very afraid……they ain't gonna put this toothpaste back into the tube…..civil war coming soon to a town near you….get the gallows ready!!!!!!!

  34. How about how stupid the Amer Gov is by fighting Crypto Cur’s.
    adoption while China is embracing it. Ame keeps falling behind in tech to fill the
    Corp Greeders, Banksters, Politicians pockets as they keep Ame down. China will soar and
    end up being the wealthiest country in the future because we don’t embrace and lead
    in the direction the world is heading .


  36. Evan if Hillery ran against , lets say , Donald Duck or Goofy , it would be an election too close to call , but would be her best chance to win !

  37. You dumb cocksuckers just wait till Orange genius is gone you see how funny things are. Going to watch all you cry babies just fall apart. See you in 20 20 bitches!

  38. A stunt that actually proved nothing. Republicans in the house committee are allowed in these interviews/investigations. News flash it’s not a hearing, it’s not a trial, that stuff happens in the senate. If there’s anyone to blame it’s 2015 republicans for setting up these rules. When the law and facts aren’t on your side complain about the process.

  39. I agree with Trump if he says the laws change then they change because he says they do he’s a direct descendent of Jesus Christ and we should obey his word

  40. Storming the hearing room was not only an unprofessional PR stunt, unworthy of members of Congress, but also violated the oat these individuals took when they were sworn in. In a world that relied on facts, they would also be impeached and thrown out of office.

  41. Do these morons know there are 47 GOP members involved in the investigation hearings? Apparently not, otherwise they wouldn't be on FOX giggling like frat boys.

  42. When my puppiess poop in the House, I rub their noses in it.

    Which is what I would love to do to these Republican dogs.

  43. Bongino is forgetting that the Dems are playing by the rules the GOP enacted under John Boehner’s leadership….

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