Body cam footage from protest

come on [Applause] so I'm guessing you guys want them gone right yeah I'm just gonna let these guys know hey we're just gonna wait for a few more just so you guys are aware we're not not doing anything we're just waiting for mark damn it well it's super easy right either you leave or you're arrested for trespassing right yeah literally like all the riding school trip we're gonna hear one for two just like hateful melons Beijing just there's my main portion of the office number six I don't think they're gonna be leaving anytime soon but we're just gonna get a group of officers you know their deal yeah we're getting a few more yeah fuck the inulin important yes I heard something about Court that's all I know so worried on this is that way yeah I mean all I'm off for protest but they're in the wrong spot yeah and I know how proud I've ever like come on yeah across the street is probably even the better spot right I mean I've even read verses a technique is it wrong or the right spot is I just simply told them hey I don't think you guys should be here they didn't want to listen that's suppose I can do that no they unfortunate it's not necessary once we get more we'll go in there try and talk to him yeah but we just wanted to come up and make sure that everybody was safe because our log said something about that people weren't safe so just two of us wanted to come up and make sure right well nobody's in direct harm right now so yeah welcome welcome welcome how many set the cuffs you got Bruce how many sets of cuffs you got [Applause] specific gentleman remembers and was there having a meeting in these guys yes it looks like there's something going across the street the shooting issue protest unions sounds like there's like people will be heard but they haven't been told by this guy that they're not supposed to be here so they're in the wrong spot kind of a people are in there I'd say 20 plus there's a couple it was quite a few thousands in the area and that's doing the people there somebody has size them I don't know how many we have coming but we definitely need let me down scary very initial one gentleman [Applause] you [Applause] six protesters on accomplish an entire swarm is coming up through the elevator [Applause] [Applause] they strike through the break room is where they oh well we were just talking there's a whole bunch more that just entered the building coming up there we go let's keep working this way let's go [Applause] that's the same group that was in here I think all right you guys part of this demonstration just here to help coordinate communication I know these failed coordinating communication means that everybody needs to leave or else we're gonna have to start arresting people okay so what we can do is going to indicate with that group excellent thirds they chose my salmon yeah okay first morning no there's no more people leave now before we start arresting people okay you guys done your thing major job okay the FLIR is the floor is clear all right we're we're all about our freedom of speech gaben this is a private property private offices private businesses people are trying to run a business right and that is being disrupted now so not only do we have disorderly conduct but we have trespassing okay which are both violations of Utah state law and people will be arrested for it if they don't leave voluntarily okay okay well yeah can you give us a chance we'll come back and tell you sorry you got about 30 seconds cuz I'm waiting on other guys to get here I do the officers hanging out downstairs I don't know if they're down there like preventing more people from coming in or what I don't know nope back down back down back down back down or go to jail try for one that's a good one any other floor ends up with an arrest [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] let's make sure that there's no more employees let's go [Applause] [Applause] let's go down let's formulate a plan let's come back we're not doing shit up here [Applause] here we go they don't like they don't want to go down there's not what are we gonna do today we don't we don't have communication with anybody because it on fucking radio go see go see if we can get like a rally point downstairs [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] many people up here not on the fucking Road [Applause] why do we have people on the streets here I guess [Applause]

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