Blood Debt: Feudal Familial Law in the Balkans

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  1. Cant say I blame them…if someone killed my brother on purpose, even tho we arent that close, I would certainly get my revenge if the justice system failed.

  2. In Scotland they call it tooth for tooth, In the Netherlands eye for an eye. Revenge is food for the ego. Destroy your ego or it will destroy you.

  3. imo, no problem is insurmountable. perhaps the rich cultural diversity of the Balkans needs to be embraced for all its value. it seems that what the Balkans needs to be able to do that, first and foremost, is support. being on the cusp of the west and the east can't be easy.

  4. Well…Croatia is not like this….in our country, you can walk everywhere at any time of a day, and you wont be harmed….
    Ofc, on some very rare instances, crimes like rape, theft and murder can occur, but that is just like in any other country…

  5. The blood feud in Albania sucks. Not only is it murderous but the perpetrators are completely breaking the initial Dukagjini Code. In that code Women and Children cannot be killed or by law the entire village manpower will pillage your house and execute you.

  6. This dosent belong to Serbia or other slavic countries but belong only to Albanians. It is called Kanuni i Lek Dukagjinit (the Kanun of Lek Dukagjini). Lek Dukagjini was an Albanian aristocrat and very famous from the Dukagjini family.

  7. This happens in Albania and Kosovo. Always has done. But you guys being non Albanians wouldnt know this. This law came a longgg time ago. Its even in a book. People still live by this.

  8. Doesn't matter where your from. Somebody murders an innocent family member, you have a right to take their life in return. Wether your willing to risk time for doing it or not is the question.

  9. For christ sake VICE are the only ones who do not voice over for north american release. It's not progressive, it's bad business and the numbers reflect it.

  10. Every seld-respecting man should adopt this custom .Fuck courts with their joke punishments and stupid human rights .If someone disrespects you or your family you ought as a man to chop him to pieces

  11. We are all so some othernpeople then fuckin fake west idiots…zub za zub,oko za oko….a ne debilnenspike ko tebe kamenom ti njega kruhom…Viva la Balkan

  12. I read about Montenegro being crazy but damn after seeing this I'm convinced. I'm a retired veteran teacher of 32 years. I thought my job was demanding working in inner city schools, I feel for that teacher in this documentary; that lady must do it all! She along with all the other good people trying to get them fools from killing each other I applaud their efforts.

  13. I've watched a lot of these vice videos.. this one is hard to follow without an understanding of Albanian culture…

  14. Women and children are off limits. When the last male is avenged the feud ends. Typically only on one side of the family.

  15. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind and the blind cannot lead the blind lest they all fall into a hole

  16. Given the financially and morally fluctuating history of Vice, it begs the questions of its uses. No wonder why they had to start WW1 from Serbia because it could be profitable. What the media has become today it is a manufactured farce that will not serve the crooked intentions of those diabolical manufacturers.

  17. Is interesting the fact that blood feuds are still relevant today in all parts where albanian lived or still living.

  18. Here in albania this used to happen a lot. I think it still happens. This happens all over the balkans were fucking crazy

  19. ubijte u americi.probajte.
    Dobit ce te dozivotnu bez mogucnosti pomilovanja.
    Jesti ce te najgoru hranu na svijetu
    Ja sam bio 20 dana u americkom zatvoru
    I nikada nikom ni najvecem neprijatelju ne bi dao da to jede.
    Amerika je super zbog pravde.
    Nakon tih malih 20 dana nikada u zivotu bi nebi palo na pamet napraviti nikakav prijestup
    Ne zlocin.
    Jer u americi idete u zatvor ako vozite pijani
    Drugi put kad vozite pijani mozete dobiti 6 mjeseci zatvora.
    I izgubiti vozacku na 10 godina.
    Drzava treba voditi racuna na ljude
    Jebes ono 10-15 godina za ubojstvo
    Gledam ove nase sudove koji kao rade svoj posao u vezi ratnih zlocina na podrucju bivse jugoslavije.
    Neki tip je dobio 15 godina za ubojstvo 5 civila.
    Tri godine za covijeka???
    Pa nije covjek pas
    Kakvi su to sudovi ??
    Kakvi su to zakoni ??
    Zamislite da vam netko ubije djete???
    I kakve su to price o crnogorcima i albancima kao nekim primitivnim plemenima koji zive nekim primitivnim zakonima??
    Da drzava pravedno zatvara ubojice i dozivotno im sudi nikada nitko ne bi trebao imati razlog za nikakve osvete.
    40 godina je maximum tu na blakanu ???
    Znaci ako ja ubijem 10000000 ljudi
    Dobit cu 40 godina.
    Jebes nase zakone
    To je naveci problem danas.

  20. Notice how the guy is wearing all black in the beginning of the video, the love he had for his son, when people wear in black in the balkans for a while, for the ppl that don’t know, it means they have gone threw a lost but they only wear all black for a year and this father probably was wearing all black for his life if notice him in the earlier video with the suit he was wearing a black suit during the court case.

  21. It's the fucking kids that end up suffering the most, every fucking time… God's busy lining up virgins for dead mujahideen, ain't nobody got time for kids.

  22. Omg, lol I am so sorry about this long rant but as I am an American and while I didn’t know the specific term for this practice I do know it was once common in many cultures. And blood debt is still in existence to this day in many others. Blood debt originates from the Sumerian law of an eye for an eye. Personally I believe that in certain cases of like rape and torture and abuse before murder, like if some one raped and killed my loved ones, would constitute as an instance where blood debt is justified! I would want justice and vengeance and that is my right as it is everyone’s.

    But I also believe in law and order so it’s a fine line, and I have thankfully never been put in the situation that may require this practice. Blessed be to those that have. Also blood debt should only be incurred if an innocent was killed or hurt that way. If your loved one was proven to be an evil ass then you get no blood debt. And if it was an accident or mistake you don’t get blood debt! Why not work into the legal system? With people to investigate the person who killed and the victim to come to a ruling of cold blooded murder or accident or justified homicide. That is also a time where blood debt should be void is if the person was killed in self defense which goes back to the evil asshole family member thing.

    For me, I would only have an issue with this practice when done thoughtlessly and with no regard to the context and circumstances of the event that initiated the blood debt. But just like I believe proved violent and cold blooded murderers should get capital punishment, I also think it should be publicized so as to deter others! And only those committing the most heinous and violent crimes should be jailed if not killed in punishment. We here in the USA waste so much time and money and space on jailing none violent criminals. It solves nothing and stresses the economy. Same with this false and failed war on drugs!

    Time for the world to wake up to practical and pragmatic and economic laws and practices. Time to change all our infrastructure to maintain harmony and continuity, balance and fairness, justice and a law we are all held accountable to. We need to recycle and conserve all resources for its all finite. Put back what we take from nature and the earth. Crimes and laws fall into the same traps of corruption and lack of foresight. We humans never think of the long term effects nor do we ever try to build in such a way as to account for and alleviate any and all issues that may arise! And we mess up even more by making things that are unable to change and evolve as time and people and society grows and moves on and changes and evolves!

    We really need to wake up and unify as one race on this planet! We have the money and knowledge and resources to make a United Race of Human Cultures that never forgets were we came from but is looking to better life and interaction for all and through out time. We have the tech. and time and power to make it so that everyone everywhere has a basic standard of clean water, food, basic shelter, clothes, and education and health care all for free! Then if you want more luxurious kinds of anything that is when you work and pay for it! But we all should have a base standard of the things needed to at least survive nature and weather and basic life for no cost cause we all need those things! We do not charge for breathing air so why charge for water or food? We are so ridiculous as a species. Blessed be my crazy human family.

  23. Poor kids ,it put me to tears 😭 this was sad….let kids be kids they have no involvement in this ,so why should they be accountable for someone else’s mistakes, so not fair !

  24. btw is not a rivality between the muslims or the catholics , we are the most religious peaceful nation in the world , we are all brothers no matter what religion , we have the same blood and same homeland catholic muslim or orthodox .

  25. If a person kills another person from another family, then this a process that will or can never be stopped.

  26. Stop acting smart and saying Vendetta is the same as Albanian/Montenegrin blood feud, they are far from similar. The rules are SO much different although revenge is the core of it.

  27. That's so sad that this day and age this kind of madness is still alive especially in Europe , such a narrow minded individuals lack of words to say .

  28. Amen that little sister was on some adult real stuff them kids are incenct they done nothing let them make it give it to God

  29. That older brainwashed retarded generation should fucking die soon so that the new hopefully not brainwashed generation can live an intelligent life in peace.

  30. i lived in MNE. vice really has no idea about the real world. they visit for two weeks and think they know everything. i hope vice gets murdered.

  31. The key to understanding the insane tradition can be summed up in one word: Tribal. Cultures that still suffer tribal thinking in 21st century serve only to limit themselves. Get beyond tribalism.

  32. This is NOT a Balkan tradition BUT mostly an Albanian tradition , the region you mentioned from the east of Montenegro to Northern Albania is Albanian or Shiptar inhabited and since they live in the dark ages (literally) like a f….n cavemen tribe it's no wonder that shit still goes

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