Blame Social Justice Warriors for Donald Trump

Donald Trump is winning big-time unless something totally unexpected happens he is going to be the GOP nominee I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this point last summer pretty much every commentator including myself said oh that Donald Trump Easter is entertaining but got my joke I guess the joke was on us who is the blame many people but do not forget social justice warriors how dare you yep social justice warriors bare responsibility for Trump success for years social justice warriors the politically correct police have been bullying everyday Americans into submission you can't say that that's a bit sob off the census heavily trained with you bigot now clearly the KKK David dukes crowd should be shamed but the PC police have targeted normal people who do not have bad intentions we've been shamed intimidated and censored for expressing our views people are tired of being told to shut up this has given rise to movements fueled by spite and resentments Trump is a part of that people love seeing somebody stand up to the bullies and not succumb doesn't matter what he says because his whole campaign is a big middle finger to the PC police Trump has even said himself he could shoot somebody and now lose voters he's probably right social justice warriors you created this backlash by pushing people so far that they went overboard everyone else don't pick your candidate out of spite it won't in Japan

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  1. Julie, sadly the same thing has happened here in Australia. In Australia a Aussie tv personality Sonia Kruger has Muslim trying to sue here for saying that she wants all Muslim migration stopped into Australia a year or two ago. And don't worry, those left feminazis who say they support women are not supporting her. Wayne from Sydney, Australia.

  2. Trump is the man. I love watching him tell these snowflakes where to go. He's the next best thing to Ronald Reagan. I hope Trump starts a war with NOKO and we open up the draft again. Start with all the colleges and send all those progressive libtards over there to fight.

  3. Wow – I completely agree. When you push your agenda so hard that grade school kids are getting arrested – you have gone too far. This push-back, in a nation that is based on freedom of speech and expression, should have been known to be coming. All this ultra-sensitivity went so far as to restrict people from expressing themselves, whether civil or not. SJW have only themselves to blame for this and need to just accept it, put down the protest signs and go home.

  4. Well, I for one refuse to vote for that idiot just to spite the sjws. I refuse to take a side!
    However, the only way I see us solving this problem is to flat out avoid voting- and stop anyone else from voting as well. We would have to occupy the voting booths!
    Actually… maybe there's something to that idea. Not sure if this would work, but it would hopefully force the government to pay attention to the people in the middle, who refuse to pick a side in this pointless "PC war." What do you people think?

  5. Considering how terribly Trump is doing in the polls against Hilary, I'm sure SJWs would love to take credit for him wrecking the GOP.

  6. Trump wasn't even my fourth choice and I voted for Carson in the primary (I still think he was the best VP pick) but here we are. The protesters kept protesting, the Social Justice Warriors wouldn't shut up and we all wound up on the same dam–d train. TRUMP 2016!

  7. I'm voting for Trump because: (in no particular order)
    1. He happens to have 30+ years experience building tall structures, like a wall for example.
    2. Getting Mexico to pay for it, is funny–even if they only pay for a fraction of it.
    3. He called out the media scum
    4. American hating protestors crawl out from under rocks to violently protest him
    5. Snowflakes are triggered by him
    6. He is real, not a puppet to lobbyists
    7. He supports the 2nd Amendment
    8. He wants to strengthen our military= peace through strength
    9. He has potential to work with Russia to defeat ISIS.
    10. He predicted trouble in Brussels before the bombings
    11. He calls out Crooked Hillary
    12. He likes efficiency-would clean up waste, fraud and abuse of programs that suck our tax dollars away for inefficient, expensive programs. VA is one example.
    13. He would direct Border patrol to actually do their job.
    14. He did not support the War in Iraq or Bush, even though he took heat from Republicans for it.

  8. I never really liked Trump, but every time you express legitimate concerns for what is going on in society you are called a racist, a xenophobic, a misogynist, an "islamophobe" which is a ridiculous term, and a bigot. I'm going to have to support Trump, not because I'm for him but because I'm against the people who accuses him of the same things they accuse me. I want to f*cking die.

  9. My first time being able to vote for president, and it has to be one of the most controversial votes in United States history. There's no one candidate I absolutely back up. So no matter who I choose, I have little to gain, and something to lose. I might as well move to Canada.

  10. Spot on commentary. I use to be left wing however all this political correct bullshit has made me run. I wont be voting any liberals into office anytime soon.

  11. TODAY Trump is the most libertarian republican presidential candidate in most young peoples lifetimes if your a fan of umm i dont know being free maybe you want to go out and vote for him

  12. This is like blaming Jews for Hitler. If we're playing this game I blame YOU for Trump, you're American you get to vote to STOP him yet you blast Hilary and you slate Sanders. What's it going to be Julie? Either vote to stop Trump OR become part of the ignorance you allegedly purport to prevent. Who will you vote for Julie, let me know.

  13. If you attack an undeserving group of people as viciously and virulently as the left has attacked white people, for as long as they have, nobody should act surprised if it doesn't bring out the worst in them. Hence, Donald Trump.

  14. You're basically saying you're smarter than anybody who would vote for Trump because they're only doing it on "Spite". Since they are all immature children incapable of selective reasoning. But Hillary Supporters, Berny Supporters? Really, which of them do you honestly think is the sanest candidate?

  15. You're acting like a SJW using reverse psychology to convey the same dislike for Trump that they have but in a weird and convoluted manner. You just made more people like Trump. My question for you is why are you making as if he is any worse than Berny or Hillary?

  16. I wonder… Who did Julie root for? I mean… Has there been any candidate better than Trump? I really dont think so. We may see him as a media clown, but really, he isnt.

  17. Julie,
    I love your videos!
    I agree with you completely. Here in Brazil the same thing it's happening. People are idolizing a conservative candidade (who claims to be economically liberal) because he mocks the left all the time in congress and say "fuck you" for the pc police. But here things are more serious, the left is in the power for 14 years and have alliances with dictators of South America (Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia) with the dream of making a big socialist union (Foro de Sao Paulo conspiracy). He really seams to be the only person that can take the left out of the power. Even with the impeachment of the current president, the chances are that a new leftist will win in the next election. Althought he is an estatist, he is still some kind of change.
    Our country is getting in a serious economical crisis because of the crazy left "money for everybody" administration. Americans should run from the left while they can.

  18. I came to the conclusion of voting for Trump without making it a 'spite vote.' I truly think he is the best choice, I doubt any of them can get a whole lot done, but he has the highest chance in my view.

  19. If you want people to ignore the call for Revenge, you are going to have to offer a better alternative.

    Justice would be nice, but lets face it, we both know there is none to be had as long as Social Justice Warriors exist.

  20. You're a fucking idiot if you are seriously blaming liberal "social justice warriors" for Donald Trump. Truly an idiot. I'm trying to process whether this is a parody video. I find your view to be almost insulting to GOP voters. As if GOP voters are that stupid and childlike that they cannot think like adults and will vote for someone only to get back at "social justice warriors". Are they adults or not?

  21. Agree, SJW kept bullying everyone, but i support Trump. Dont agree with all he says, i think that wall is stupid, but he doesn't belong to the establishment, and wants to release the missing 28 pages of 9/11 Report, wants to to go against the TPP, china trade deals, and genuinely get rid of corrupt politicians. Where as bernie is too much a socialist, which equals poverty for all, and hillary, well with all the mysterious deaths surrounding the clinton family, her own secret service saying shes involved in those killings of women who announce being victims of bill, i dont know why women support her.

  22. julie if you think david duke is KKK or a racist you never listened to the guy! he was in the kkk for 3 years 40 years ago… there is an inteview with fellow youtuber sotomayor (and he's a black man and they both treat each other respectfully)

    they say horrible shit on him on national television only because he has many points… race realism is science, the media are spouting antiwhite male propaganda and they are all controlled by one group…. david duke points out this things by quoting original sources so they try to ruin his reputation by controlling the media

  23. Trump has appeal because he is not PC but he is no different. He is a bully and frightfully uneducated. He knows only two things. How to game the system and how to score on immoral women.

  24. Kind of, but remember that the right-wing has awful people too, probably worse.

    Surely they put people off too?

  25. i understand why trump voters are supporting trump i don't think they are dumb, angry and frustrated sure without a doubt 100 percent (hell i am too, but im not a trump supporter). I think the main reason as you mentioned is to spite social justice warriors to say fuck you, you are not getting any of those rediculous demands. However trouble is he is an authoritarian which bothers me (and i dont mean that in the derrogitory way, i mean he supports gun control, government healthcare, and things like eminent domain which are authoritarian practices).

  26. As a self-identified social-justice warrior, I feel vindicated! I am ready to blow this whole political system up with mah TRUMP NUKES!!!

  27. So… wait. If you take to the internet to criticize and complain about how people talk and what people say in a political context, aren't you imposing your own "political correctness" on everybody else? Are you the PC Police who's patrolling the PC Police?

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