Blame Republicans

Does this changes your views on the gun situation in America? The Second Amendment right to bear arms is to help ensure that we always have a republic. But we’re not going to get rid of freedom of speech
because some people say some really ugly things and hurt other people’s feelings. These rights are there to protect Americans, and while each of them has a
negative aspect to them they are fundamental to our being the greatest
nation in world history. So no, I’m not changing my position on any of the
rights that we enjoy as Americans. Too often, when tragedy strikes, Democrats and the liberal media blame Republicans for the death of innocents and use it as an opportunity to take away our Second Amendment rights. They blamed Sarah Palin
for the Gabby Giffords shooting. They blamed the NRA for the murder of innocent children at Sandy Hook. But what happened when President Trump won? The liberal media and left lost their minds. Fight? They rioted presidential inauguration. They fantasized about murdering President Trump. And who could miss this? So, by the left’s standards,
who has blood on their hands now? When Democrats and the liberal media
invite violence to undermine our Republic and try to take away our gun rights, we need tough, true conservatives
who will take them on. That’s Mo Brooks. Send him to the Senate, and send
a message to the liberal media: Our Second Amendment rights are not up for debate.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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