Black Man Accused of "White Privilege" by CNN Liberal - REACTION

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  1. Loved the clip, and thanks for sharing. What I loved more was your emphatic, passionate speech after the video!

  2. She finally apologized for what she said but she didn't mean it. She was sorry because she got called out. Success is a perspective of self…skin color has nothing to do with it. This woman does a great disservice to black youth by promoting the idea that People of Color can never succeed.

  3. But but but she votes for the party that would've kept her in chains if republicans didn't fight to free her forefathers.

  4. The "leftists" are all Daisies after all… or as my friend Wyatt would say… "Are you gonna do something about it… or just stand there and bleed?"😱😵🤓🤪

  5. Thank you my brother. White Supremacy and white privilege are too much for white people to live up too. Only God can cause your successes.

  6. I'm conservative and was raised by a staunchly Republican father. However, I have been stereotyped and witnessed racism in corporate America and continue to witness it. White and Latino co-workers who witness it think I'm crazy for remaining conservative. I confront it when there is clear proof, stand my ground, and keep pushing, but I will not DARE say that it doesn't exist. Usually, the very people practicing racism are WHITE LIBERALS and I will not defend them. Anecdotal occurrences like this woman's stupidity are the very things people seek out to take away from truthful claims.

  7. This is the robot mind of the liberal, they only know how to say the same shit over and over and they spew their disease to college kids day in day out.

  8. I feel like black people in general are hindering their own development in an economic and social sense by trying to be victimised rather than striving towards success. Really pisses me off.

  9. you're talking like that because you have "white privilege" brandon.


  10. Sir, you have beautiful WHITE teeth , does that give you privilege, INSTEAD OF your hard work? Ha, ha ! I suspect that your hard work has had a LOT more effect than white ANYTHING!,


  12. "That's actually insulting" yes it is, when you are poor as shit like I am and yet I have this amazing privilege by virtue of being white lol yeah its insulting. Its like being treated like you are living it up large in a utopia when you live in a shit hole lol

  13. Anyone who isn't broke and complaining and asking for money HAS white privilege lol hahaha. You know you got it wrong when your own ppl are telling you to STFU!

  14. Yo brothers, listen yes, but follow through with actions. Condition your mind Daily with this truth. By the way, there is NO LONGER Institutional Racism in our country. That of course means we can do anything we prepare are selves to do. We are excluded from nothing.

    Now with that said, we know from our own people that personal dislike or racism is totally up to the individual, period! From time to time we interact with individuals that do not seem to like us, and that is not necessarily because we are black, so please don't let that be your default position as there can be any number of human reasons which have noting do do with racism.. The very few instances of bigotry/racism I've experience are usually because of the fear of violence which some of our young men have committed, and that mental picture can precede us. Last of all, you, me, we are not victims so don't act like one with resentment toward White folks. Nobody likes a person with a chip on their shoulder.

  15. You have hit the nail directly on its head! i've been saying that it seems for ever and what you say about our country is absolutely true!

  16. OMG! Kevin I just love you! A handsome black man who knows Americans all have the same chance of making the dream come true no matter race, religion, etc.! I always say, racism has no color!

  17. She didn’t do her job! Lol, I’m shocked CNN! I’m a 66 year old white male, when I got out of the USAF 40 years ago I went to tech school. From 8 to 3 everyday I went to school, from 3 to 8 me and a black ex GI mopped floors at the school. The mops didn’t know what color either one of us was! You are right young man, if ya want it, go to work!

  18. If you have 3 men or women of different colour doing same job and there's a chance of a promotion for one of them , then it should go to whom ever has proven themselves in that role , end of

  19. 1st thank you so much bringing this to light . Although It seems to me that you're not giving any thought to how it makes the white person look and feel at all. because it's saying the same thing about white people you got there because of your privilege not because you weren't the fact that she thought the guy was white yeah you turned it around quick. And you said we had to say about you know for the black side of things but what about the whole picture piano and the fact you use the term reverse racism I'm sorry but did you ever see Puerto Ricans and Mexicans. I was married to a Puerto Rican woman so I know they don't really like Mexicansband vise versa. I live at a place in Pennsylvania where there's longstreet's between each little town that

  20. Good to see a black man that thinks outside the realm of what democrats want them to. Keep up the good fight of common sense sir.

  21. That racist attitude and mindset tears this country apart daily. She shamed herself so badly, she won't recover from that episode for years. Why is she even allowed to be on the air?

  22. "My people gave me the wrong information". First off that is a lie to begin with but even if she is telling the truth she is still responsible for what her "people" told her, that is a big part of leadership. You don't throw people in your charge under the bus to save your own ass, this woman's behavior is disgusting. If you really believe "white privilege" is a major issue you are a white supremacist and you don't even realize it, meaning your whole existence is the definition of irony. I can't even imagine the mental gymnastics that are necessary to follow this far left nonsense. This is actually a really dangerous time in America as there are millions of us that would rather go to war than take the path the left wants us to take into the future. I honestly do fear for the future of the country when our next left leaning president is elected.

  23. You just made more sense in 5 minutes than the left wing establishment has in the last 5 years, society as we know it is going down the tubes and we all have a front row seat. Keep up your common sense reporting, great job, loved your video!!

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