Black Liberal MELTS DOWN On Radio Show Over Black Conservative's Opinion!

now as your one you know must be good dude yeah you doing James alright James Anthony look first of all Kamala right I don't know if you know or that was DJ MV who said she said she was smoking weed and he put the two parking on it in our mouth or whatever you know but then oh man I'm not voting for no Kamala Harris look on Jessie right she knows him personally yes now well he put that stuff out I don't believe that stuff man I don't care I hope they throw the book at him yeah I hope they give them as much time as they possibly can but now see I'm for the law right so when Donald Trump Jones you know mullah he's gonna drop his report when Donald Trump jr. get indicted and all the people around this Russia thing I will hope they throw the book at them too cuz I maybe we gotta have law in this country we can't have this fakeness okay so you're right I mean you guys see when the indictment comes up was going to be in it because right now I don't even know what they would be charged with like do you know what they'll be charged wait right now well if they were in that room talking about um you can alright help you know if you give up the Russian sanctions we will do you know do this for you know this this the quid pro quo you know this and I'm not saying Prager now if he was involved he got to be brought up on charges – now I'm for justice brother I'm just for justice I'm not against nothing now this justice Mullen I hope they give a lot of thousand years in prison but we got to prosecute everybody to say we can't sit back and say we Republicans or the Trump supporters we're gonna make excuses for crop well how about this though like the thing about the whole Russia thing is that there's been no evidence the Senate committee can roll the ball wait a minute the Senate committee came out and said there's no evidence against Trump in this whole Russia the situation that's the government come on said there's no evidence so if there's no evidence coming from the actual government itself and the government is the one that is investigating the whole situation then how would there be an indictment that would involve Trump or anybody really around him because of Trump jr. involved with some kind of Russian collusion or something like that then descending but in the city there's no evidence against Xiang they now go get Donald Trump jr. on collusion they don't get him on lying he went in there and he lied a lot about that when he said the meeting was about adoption and it turns out they got other people they put their arm they put Sarah Sierra Sanders under the gun you know and she could she fetched up and you got manna for it he's fast stuff you got a lot of people there you have Michael corn crop and Giuliani tried to threaten him via Lee you know Trump tweeted about his daddy and tried to distract me with all y'all he did this but see he's about to confess up yes sir what was meeting about it was not about adoption what was meeting about it was about payments about them getting together said okay if you take these sanctions off us we're gonna get on in and then we're gonna do things to try to help you win because we gotta be right now so do you have do you have a source of anybody has anybody said that in the media was just what you're saying right now yeah I saw actually I thought somehow Fox knows about it stone no no put stone in jail no okay is this what I'm asking you about the Russian meeting the you know with Trump jr. whatever in the White House has there been anybody that has said what you're talking about as far as what was being said in the meeting aside from the adoption yes or no support report so what you're saying is you don't know what was it in the media but nobody knows all you know sir Sir hey wait a minute all that we knows what we have been told so far which is that it was about adoption do you have no way of knowing if that's true or untrue so you can't no I mean do you think justice should pay if he's now if he lied because we don't even know if he done it because he's innocent until proven guilty just just in life do you think justice should be punished for sure okay so sure Donald Trump and the people that's in his campaign you know if they're guilty I mean right buddy I mean if I like that I should be put in jail and you Tory wait a minute why just focus on Shawn why not just say anybody there lies my focus on Trump when there's no evidence for that sir you don't have their evidence because you've not been able to tell me that you have the evidence so I gotta finish you have no evidence of that I don't have any evidence either so you don't know sir sir I gotta be at the finish my sentence now y'all much so let me just talk and then you be able to respond since you don't have evidence for that and I don't have evidence for it either then you should just say anybody that lies anybody that breaks the law should go to jail it shouldn't be focus on knowing Trump because you have no evidence for or against nobody does because we don't have to report we don't have anything all we do have is the Senate coming out and saying there's no evidence of Russian collusion with trunk as all we have anything else you don't know you don't have it just focus on anybody rather than strong agree you're right and the Mullen report drops next week and we'll see what he's got but we do know that how many people have been a lot how many people in jail right now who work for Trump how many were eight people this is a few people people people right now are in jail okay but why are all of them in jail for things related to trunk sorry the questioning sir you meet it right now nobody can hear you the question that I ask you is are all of them in jail right now sir sir I gotta be what I thought now did you oh my show I'm trying to be a comic I host the question I actually was dis are all of him in jail for things they did under no they're not you're lying or you just don't know cheating them do it all Kaiser sir sir Sir Paul metaphor is in jumper things he did before he got involved with Trump it doesn't matter okay what if Lane do I didn't say I asked you what he did I don't know I don't know what he did what did you do okay so what did you do Stalin's that been convicted of anything because of no more so now come on so as you make as much money why you can Kamala Harris will win the President and the Vice President will be old see change up right now here you know get him no money only don't start them out with noise hey I'll say this I don't have to be vice president she'll never be vice president yes she is okay so why is she going to win why do you like a OCA Kamala Harris that's the vision of America that's the new America the right supremist the white trash the top supporters the biggest erasers who are the Trump supporters there's a Maya biggie in the races now you want to be on a team though you can go and give them soup and you can wash you can shine their boots okay so that's all right why do you say gosh the toilets and the boots okay okay so why do you say they're good you know you know you are Uncle Tom your sellout you know what you are making don't make your money money off these sellout awkward zone what you say why my Uncle Tom how do I hit on black folks you just said that black folks won't vote for a white man who's Joe Biden Joe Biden white is it is Addison who you say Jewish but you know what I did not say I didn't I say I did not say black folks stop lying on me sorry I said I said there left I didn't say black I said there left not black folks to left I want to wear right now put it on my head go mess with a nd it why would I do this you might get I'll need to make a fake stuff like you man Jesse do you know what you know the weight the weight the way you talking right now are you talking right now you mediate anybody hear you the way you talking right now is reason why I left or left because the stuff like this man like you know you see all calm and nice side then the whole town you over there screaming how lucky like you don't get no sense it's like you owe to Santi bought my older and my father what you over there have a nice night okay hey you know that's why I left to live because stuff like that that's that's come in to get antsy you know what I'm glad he called thank you for the call sir this is why we got to have plexi do y'all do like does anybody that's not black do with that did like that's that's that was my everyday experience for a long time don't know what people like that people on your family be like that like that do right there yeah your drunkle that's this that's cousin that's your cousin drunker right there acting the fool 16 years old and can't get yourself together yes I will clip that ha ha ha uh it was hilarious even kind of build up to it and I kind of fucked you come in that was I anybody just start blowing up just get into a rage and then here he comes I'm a ho see uh fofão see what come how the hair is I'm asking questions why sir why Sir and just kept going and going you know hey it's fun to me eh Jolene I have I have a blast with guys like that you know at a certain point I might have kind of got offended by stuff like that but now man you see I got a big smile on my face man that's fun to me so so that's an uncle uncle I thank you for your car man definitely appreciate you

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  1. well this is one of the most uneducated person ive ever listen to am sorry that youtube keep idiots like this spread stupidity, and ohh yea you will have lots of white people behind you because you fit the agenda they spit. Anthony B hogan your an idiot

  2. I wonder if this guy will call back now. Be funny if he called back and just say "Muller came yeaterday, Trump is guity, because Muller came. Muller dont come unless you guilty"


  4. How do you stay so calm. I’m an old white woman who would have had to shut him down! What an idiot. That has nothing to do with color. He’s just an idiot.

  5. We need to get law and order back into our society. The truth is this: current laws only apply to conservatives; liberals and those on the left constantly break laws and suffer no consequences – in fact rebellious acts are often rewarded. The liberals and left listen to liberal and left news and close their minds to truth and reality AT ALL COSTS. You are wasting your time attempting to reason with them. They have depraved and reprobate minds.

  6. The caller was as dumb as a doornail and wouldn't answer questions because he was backing himself against the wall. In typical liberal fashion when they lose the debate and they can't make enough points they get triggered and then pull the race card and pretend that they're alternate reality is reality when in reality Harris and ocasio don't stand a chance of ever being president and vice president barring any rigged elections of course.

  7. Lol. Collusion is not a crime, however, Democrats along with the FBI and DOJ staging a coup against a democratically elected President is.

  8. He sounded like that gay black dude that debated those children in DC. Just came off as an idiotic line pusher.

  9. Kamala Harris is descendant of slaves owners from Jamaica, do your research. It was published by The Blaze 2 days ago.

  10. Wow this libtard is a nasty big mouth racist . He calls Anthony Uncle Tom when he is the one being used like a puppet .Listen to Anthony instead of yelling over him and stop watching CNN and the other disinformation channels . Liberals work on hate and incorrect information ,they tend to be people that are easily manipulated and unstable with emotions .

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