Black Conservatives Debate Black Liberals on Trump, Obama, and American Politics

I grew up horn black in Akron Ohio I went to one of the worst schools in Akron Ohio I went to the military risked my life multiple times there is no reason that every single black kid on the block can do that same thing [Applause] by show fans who here voted for Donald Trump all day believing in Trump's rhetoric just morally I don't understand especially a black person three words or less what is your reaction when you see a black person wearing a mag ahead there's a story independent-minded brother bold confuse cringe you do you looks good on you I can't fit on my head I saw true hate coming from the left and it was white people calling me up with Tom pretty much white bouton I'm not black enough I just won't speak to me even now got onset don't talk to me because I'm I wanna be white the people that call me the necess all kinds of like Oh house and Uncle Tom like all this stuff I've been called a bed winch that's how racist elipse tool is for the black conservatives how do you align with white conservatives when they speak mal of black people how do you stand with them when they are um you know kids super predators yeah gonna be some races all over the place so now it's like okay yo watch him out believing in Trump's rhetoric just morally I don't understand especially a black person because just him as a person as a as an entity just seen it's just super corrupt I'm here voted for Barack Obama damn near everybody twice campaign formed in a week a semi personal question did anyone vote for him just because he was black not just but that was a big reason I vote the element it's really funny because I'm a conservative and I was so available to be used by all of the systems that made that person president this person was born and raised and wealth and privilege his entire life and the idea that this person was somehow more connected to me because we share the same skin color is crazy but I bought it that's the one reason one conservatives now because I was going to vote for somebody cuz of the way to look and look what it did for me absolu who is disappointed with the Barack Obama presidency I'm disappointed with President I mean I'm disappointed about all of it like we're never going to be led to liberation in a binary system a binary system for black people is literally always going to be choosing the lesser of two evils I'm always choosing my death either as a blunt-force blow or death by a thousand paper cuts I feel like the candidate to get being put up year after year after year keep hard lighting us we're saying we're choosing the lesser of two evils right well I think that is really important that we see candidates that come from our communities also recognize the historical debt that this country has to black people and to people of color so that we can move forward so we know that none of us are free unless all of us are free thank you so you voted for Donald Trump yes mind telling us why he won your vote in 2016 well first before most Donald Trump won my vote because I was not voting for Hillary Clinton at first I really didn't know much about what Trump was doing I'm looking at my Christian values and I'm realizing this man is really aligning himself with what he truly believed in you know and this is a chick who got a felony who had five years probation and so what I did was I made a choice to surrender my life to Jesus and live righteously I'm a businesswoman I have my own financial consulting company and the fact that he was trying to cut funding and he is cutting funding to welfare that is a very big thing people don't realize the more money that's spent on welfare it's coming out of our taxes the more you're allowing them to extend them their lifestyle in the project the more money is coming out of my pocket that's part of my problem with Donald Trump is he's literally making the rich richer and what happens with that the poor I have to get more when we talk about black people and the one-percenters in the rich and so where we always assume that black people are broke I don't need to start actually having like real conversations about reparations right and like what reparations actually look like or just recognizing that the trauma and the history that has been affected on black people like I think about like literacy right you can't tell black people for 200 plus years that you can't read and then give them books and be like why aren't you reading why aren't you reading without her address in that trauma I want to hear what your reactions are to black voters being synonymous with the Democratic Party we've been on the receiving end of about 50 years of an onslaught of PR it comes from our entertainers it comes from our ballplayers it comes from our singers it comes from the Democratic politicians who some what most of which are black and empty but are being used to sell us this idea of the Democratic Party being the home of African American it's not as much groupthink as people assume it is as much as it's harm-reduction who here believes that the black vote has been taken for granted Oh who here believes that the black vote should be courted more than that yeah of course why do you I don't trust when they start courting us like I'm always like oh god what do they want what are they trying to do and then we're gonna be left with nothing is it taking for granted of course should it be courted I guess I mean a person has to serve the majority so no matter who you vote for the majority in this country ain't me now if you want to talk about micro level politics and councilman's and sitting on the student board who's sitting as the mayor now we could talk about that all day I strongly agree with him when he says that we don't talk enough about local politics so that's where I'm at you guys I appreciate it

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  2. He doesn’t even know? Meaning what? Judging him for his sexuality now? Not very liberal and accepting

  3. Wealth is not a zero-sum game. I wonder how many people, besides the blonde in this video, harbor this misconception.

  4. Trump 2020 – Americans United.
    Separatism is evil.
    Help your neighbor.
    No more permanent victims.
    Nationalism is not evil.
    Change, comes from people doing together.
    Regardless of color.

  5. These african american leftist's are lost in hate, ignorance and racism. It pains me to see so many of them turn on anyone of there own color who have already liberated their minds. Bless these few and those out in our country who are right leaning and standing up for what is right and true. Trump 2020! All aboard XD

  6. Please would someone who is "Black!" PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME WTF TRUMP SAID! Now, I did hear "All by myself" with "my ears," and in the past, what H and B said and what came out of their own mouth(s); years ago about what they thought of "Coloured people! & (HAHA Jokes)!" I am still waiting to hear what WTF TRUMP REALLY SAID? So, Please, Please. someone …. What verifiable words did now "Pres D.J.TRUMP" He, Himself, say about being black??"

  7. Conservative doesn't mean Trump and Liberal doesn't mean Obama. Lets clear that up right now especially for the people in the front.

  8. I agree to. We can talk about the president being a pussy grabbing racist. We never talk about our local government.

  9. I'm sad that there are still some Americans regardless of their skin color that that believe the fake ass lying Democrats and fake news media it has been this way for quite a few years now you are all welcome in America and you can call it Trump's America or whatever but we are Americans he gave the country back to the people he donates his check two different organizations that help you the people he did not have to become president he was never a politician he just saw how bad our country was nobody thought he was a racist and a bigot before he ran for president think about that the fake news in CNN puts fake news in the ear weak minds and you are brainwashed if you do not believe Trump supporters love all people

  10. 4:50 😆 They get all mad because dude calling out ((their)) PR movement of victimhood that is for the most part, self inflicted. They cant cry oppression today because they've been oppressing narratives so long.

  11. These black liberals really need to do research on what the Democratic party has done to the black people. They need to go with an open mind and look at all the facts and then make their decision. These Die Hard liberals do not care about America we been believing a lie for to long and we are running out of time.

  12. You'd be able to tell who the Liberals are even if there wasn't any volume
    Chimp out